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Latest Stories
nunca mas
by eze5  22 Jul 2016
The Holiday by Raldo
by Raldo  20 Jul 2016
El amigo que hizo lo que había que hacer
by Julian  17 Jul 2016
Short Back and Sides
by John Grant  15 Jul 2016
No estaba en mis planes raparme
by Java  12 Jul 2016
The Destination (Part 2) by A.J.
by Gator  12 Jul 2016
The Destination (Part 1) by A.J.
by Gator  12 Jul 2016
Late night haircut
by nigel  10 Jul 2016
You Know What We Have to Do
by Part  09 Jul 2016
tiempo de esquila
by srapado  07 Jul 2016
Finally Did it
by Ken  07 Jul 2016
Sales is my Life
by Ken  06 Jul 2016
Sgt. Russ' Barber Shop
by Gator  06 Jul 2016
Layn flopped
by me  06 Jul 2016
Graham's Story
by Gator  06 Jul 2016
peluquero a domicilio
by Charly  05 Jul 2016
The Forty year Journey
by Snipped Sam  05 Jul 2016
cada uno sabrá
by hugorapadito  05 Jul 2016
Returning Home: The Horseshoe
by burrlypup  03 Jul 2016
Ex peluquero militar
by Ezequiel  02 Jul 2016
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Gym Haircut
by Hairmo  31 Dec 2006
V Cut
by Hairmo  31 Dec 2006
My New Hair Style
by Authorharj  31 Dec 2006
Robotic Discipline
by Authorharj  31 Dec 2006
A Matter of Etiquette
by Jay  31 Dec 2006
Neighborhood Shoe
by Logan  31 Dec 2006
A More Than Generous Tip (Extended)
by Jay  31 Dec 2006
Surprise at Work (Translation)
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Surprise at Work (Translation)
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Dr. Wilson
by MandyGP  31 Dec 2006
Trabajo Sorpresa
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Shawn and His Memorable Year
by Lox  31 Dec 2006
by Jack  31 Dec 2006
Reluctant Jay
by Ted  31 Dec 2006
Just Like Any Other Day
by Gayswimmer  31 Dec 2006
Marv Finishes the Job
by Lox  31 Dec 2006
Mike and his Lucky Day
by Lox  31 Dec 2006
A Total Surprise Induction Cut
by Stephen  31 Dec 2006
An Authentic Brush Cut
by Brady  31 Dec 2006
Every Three Weeks
by Kevin  31 Dec 2006
Random Stories
12 (sequel to 11)
by trey  03 Aug 2015
good bye curly hair
by aarroonnv.b.  21 Sep 2013
Se desta el pánico
by Barbero Militar  02 May 2016
Julio - Teacher Learns a Lesson
by Manny  04 Oct 2015
Auto Mechanic
by Bard of Craig  31 Dec 2004
Un castigo ejemplarizante
by Barbero Militar  12 May 2016
Flattop John 2 (Part 4 of 4)
by JB  26 Mar 2016
by RISHI  25 Feb 2012
by Joelsweet  17 Apr 2016
Barber Chat: Why We Love a Shaved Head
by BaldSurfer  11 Sep 2015
Japanese super short buzzcut
by Baldvenom  11 Jul 2015
15 again
by Germon  13 Aug 2013
by santo  15 Mar 2013
Justin's Unexpected Discipline
by Steveboy20  01 Apr 2012
The day I won
by Liam  01 Apr 2012
by A Recruit  30 Sep 2000
Moving Violation
by Bill C  09 Nov 2002
Sonias traditinal gents barbers
by Clippered  28 Feb 2016
The Bully - Reposted.......
by Thebarbered1  21 Nov 2014
This is my mistake
by Bonny  23 Mar 2016
Recent CommentsPosted By Date
my honeymoon head shave by shamit
A shaved head for the honeymoon, that's a great idea!
hp23 Jul 2016
Mr. Sig and Alexander, the New Trustee by Manny
When will Mr. Sig meet his match?
Anon23 Jul 2016
Hobson's Choice, by Sean Barnet
When I was about 12 years old, my barber complained to my dad that I needed to say yes sir and no sir instead of yeah or yes when answering adults. My dad was embarrassed by this and from then on I was forced to answer all adults with yes sir, yes ma'am, or no sir, no ma'am at all times. This really made me mad but I was given no choice but to comply. I'm 32 years old now and I still sir and ma'am my elders including my parents.
Tyler22 Jul 2016
A full short back and sides by Snipped sam
I so wished I was Mark, very jealous of the treatment he received.
Anon22 Jul 2016
The Holiday by Raldo by Raldo
Great story! Next time, Raldo should be taken down a bit further. Maybe down to the wood.
Alex22 Jul 2016
Changing Style by Jerrod
nice story
cool21 Jul 2016
Short Back and Sides by John Grant
I think it was very wrong to keep punishing you John over a 5yr period.
Ok you did deserve the strap but to allow you to be punished publicly with your clothes removed was so wrong.Plus why the short hair cut I don't follow that at all.
Plus what did keeping you with a short hair style do???
Anon20 Jul 2016
cada uno sabrá by hugorapadito
La peluquería es en Galicia esquina Mendoza, Avellaneda. Vayan, yo fui y no me pasó la máquina pero si me acuerdo que cortaba sin parar con las tijeras.
Ezequiel20 Jul 2016
My Haircut Mentor by Snipped Sam
Re-reading this I think the dialogue between Mr Peterson and Mr Turner is particularly good.
Sean Barnet19 Jul 2016
El amigo que hizo lo que había que hacer by Julian
Así te cortaré el pelo si vienes a España. Yo fui barbero militar durante mi servicio militar. A todos los reclutas los rapábamos con la ropa interior reglamentaria (calzoncillos blancos altos de cintura, camiseta blanca de media manga y calcetines negros finos y de canal). Llevaban los zapatos. Yo también fui recluta y me pelaron así el día de mi incorporación. Julián, me gustaría hablar contigo. Envíame un mensaje. Soy discimad@hotmail.com
Barbero Militar19 Jul 2016