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The Urge by Tim
This is a excellent story. It is so well written you are never really sure if it took place or not.
Anon27 Feb 2015
my honeymoon head shave by shamit
Besharam, Both are idiot
Anon27 Feb 2015
Trying to find a story by Thebarbered1
This site isn't a message board! Can we not clutter it with posts like this, and surveys, etc? These could go up on the buzz board or msh.
JR27 Feb 2015
Justin's Unexpected Discipline part 4 by thadeusz
I just want to say thank you to thadeusz for your fair and reasoned reply, I suspect, to my particular comment about your continuation of the story “Justin’s unexpected Discipline”, which I apologise to you for being quite harsh. Actually, you make a very good point about the “slow process of uniformisation, and the fact that we accept to be put “into little boxes”, and our dreadful but fast entry into a “Big Brother” world, and all the elements you described could easily be implemented in a very close future.
I think what alarmed most people was the smooth transition from the original story by Steveboy20, into the school you portray in your story, and certainly me, having been to an English boarding school myself, which, although not reflective of them – but could quite easily be in another country, or under an imaginary oppressive regime here, maybe in a parallel world or something like that. This story does have potential, and this is reflected in what you say about having our own vision of the world”, the right of each of us to act freely in the limits imposed by the respect of the liberties of others, are the essential liberties we must always preserve and defend. I think your stories, of which I still have copies of myself, do have potential as I say, and, if toned down just a little, and at the beginning, you make it clear that this is not representative of how boarding schools were in England, Bedford School is ficticious and this scenario, is or what could happen in an oppressive regime, it could be quite acceptable here. You sound as if you have some very interesting views here, and I would like to hear from you, and think I would be very interested in discussing it with you, or anyone else interested here… my name is David (strangely enough (and not Justin!) and my email address is dav.ryder91@gmail.com
Thebarbered126 Feb 2015
Jonny by A Recruit
Yeah, but what will happen when he gets home with a new look? Won't Archie's parents somehow remember him from the dance when they see Jonny again?

Either way, I would love to have a friend like Archie.
Anon26 Feb 2015
Justin's Unexpected Discipline part 4 by thadeusz

I want first to specify that the imaginary “Bedford School” I describe in “Justin’s unexpected discipline 3 and 4” has nothing to do with the school envisaged by Steveboy20 for parts 1 and 2, except the initial situation : the reduction of a happy, free and unruly 15 year old American adolescent to a frightened, restricted and disciplined 13 year old English boy.

I realize that I have shocked many readers and I apologize to all of them. In fact my purpose was simple : show the tremendous danger we are facing by the slow process of uniformisation, the fact that we accept to be put “into little boxes” (as Pete Seeger would have said) and our dreadful but fast entry a “Big Brother” world. All the elements I described existed, or still exist or can easily be implemented in a very close future. The shocking aspect of my stories was due to the fact that all these elements were presented simultaneously, and in the framework of an English school (world I have known in the 60’s … as a happy pupil in uniform). Once again I apologize for that, and I realize that by doing this I missed my aim.

In fact, I want each and every of us to understand that the respect of privacy, the right for each of us to have “his own vision of the world”, the right ofr each of us to act freely in the limits imposed by the respect of the liberties of others, are the essential liberties we must always preserve and defend. These are also the liberties we must offer our children, including their right to keep us in the ignorance of what they are doing.

thadeusz26 Feb 2015
Justin's Unexpected Discipline part 3/4
I regret that due to a large number of compliants, both here and directly by email, these two stories have been removed. I can still sent them to anyone who wants them. Just send your email in the contact section.
admin25 Feb 2015
Justin's Unexpected Discipline part 4 by thadeusz
Oh look, the board hates an interesting story. I'm shocked. I love this and is rather read it than 99% of the stuff here. Seriously the readers here are rude and judgemental.
Just25 Feb 2015
Justin's Unexpected Discipline part 4 by thadeusz
It is becoming less and less of a haircut story, and the writer to me, simply seems obsessed in seeing his character in the story suffer. I actually went to a boarding school myself in the 1970s, and have first hand experience of what they are like, and the message this story is sending out, particularly to our American friends here is certainly not representative of what British schools are like. The pyjamas he talks about, made in one piece, with the only openings being on the shoulders, controlled by 3 buttons is ridiculous. We wore normal pyjamas. Yes, there were cold showers sometimes, but this was not “regulation”, it was just the luck of when you had a shower. Obviously, we had to have one after games and PE. As for the “disinfection” process. Of the uniform. This is totally over the top, as is this keeping your hands above the blanket it bed. I’m afraid the mind of the writer of this story is going well into overdrive.
Finally, shaving of heads? No. Yes, there was a strict haircut code, and we all had to sport smart and sensible short back and sides haircuts – we weren’t even allowed, crew cuts, it had to be the school standard. Shaved heads did not happen.
The writer of this story is depicting schools to one of a borstal like regime. I really don't like the way they are going. have to agree with you, disappointed, here. I'm sorry.
Thebarbered125 Feb 2015
I’m sorry thadeusz, but I have to say I’m disappointed with this is as story…. My reasons? I actually went to a boarding school myself in the 1970s, Yes, we had to wear short trousers for a while – yes, there was strict haircut code, with regular haircuts at the school (as in another story here I’ve done), - and yes, the school did have the cane (although certainly not however, with trousers dropped). I myself was on the receiving end of this once myself, and boy, it jolly hurt, however, it was generally the slipper I received, which like many boys, happened many times. I can tell you, the way you depict Justin / David being made into a “ English schoolboy” just wouldn’t have happened like that.
Turning a 15 year old into a 13 year old like that would destroyed his self confidence. Extra tuition would have been considered in this case if he was behind, certainly not “changing his age”.
An American boy coming into an English establishment like that, would never have got continual threats of the cane and other punishments either. Even if a boy was in borstal (Youth detention), this wouldn’t happen. He certainly wouldn’t have been given the cane immediately he had just started like that.
Being referred to as “boy Pembroke” like that is also something that didn’t happen either. We were referred to by our teachers and staff by our surnames, with it being a little more relaxed at evenings and weekends, with our first names being used. The teachers and staff however demanded absolute respect at all times, including addressing them as “Sir” or Mr so-and-so - and woe betide any boy that didn’t give that respect.
We did have school numbers. My number was 066. I’m sorry however, but an identification collar like that with your number coded in a small chip emitting its position, is like something from the novel “Nineteen Eighty Four “ and things like that just did not happen. Finally, boys would not be “enlisted” in the Army Cadet Force like that, if it was not their wish.
I’m sorry to spoil this for you, but the way poor Justin / David has been treated here, it wouldn’t have been like that. It was strict at boarding school yes, and we were taught respect and discipline, but not to the severity you have depicted here. If it’d been in a country with a repressive regime, maybe, but not in the UK.
thebarbered125 Feb 2015