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Recent CommentsPosted By Date
Hello fans of the site.
Hola a los seguidores del sitio. Soy de Cordoba ( Argentina) pero hace un mes vivo en Avellaneda ( prov. de Buenos Aires).
Busco una peluqueria antigua ya que soy de usar el pelo a la media americana y no me sientan los nuevos estilistas. Todas las peluquerias que he localizado son unisex o bien modernas atendidas por jovenes y prefiero los viejos peluqueros. Si alguno sabe de alguna por la zona , favor de comentar.
Luego contare mi experiencia . Gracias . Miguel
Tranlastion by google
Hello fans of the site. I'm from Cordoba (Argentina) but live in Avellaneda (prov. Of Buenos Aires) month.
I'm looking for an old hairdresser since I am using the hair to the American middle and not feel me new stylists. All you have located hairdressers are unisex or modern serviced by young and old barbers prefer. If anyone knows of any in the area, please comment.
Then tell you my experience. Thank you. Miguel
Miguel17 Apr 2015
Bald lover by BaldboyTH
A very sensual and sexy story. I loved all the exotic haircut descriptions + your both love story!!! It was hot for you both in both meanings (=: Your grammar and language are great,BaldytoyTH. You don't need to appologize!
Cute boy17 Apr 2015
The gay headshave by abhishek
hahahaha !! thank you zoro ..i would move forward to write more such stories
Anon17 Apr 2015
A Matter of Etiquette by Jay
One of the best stories on here.
Thiel17 Apr 2015
21 recovered stories
There are 21 newly recovered stories from 2006 just been posted in the 'recovered' column
add16 Apr 2015
The gay headshave by abhishek
so hot. I wish i was the first gay.
zoro14 Apr 2015
Punished Twice by BaldSurfer
Good story but the punishment is not strong enough. He should have been left with the reverse mohawk (the line carved just in the middle).
hairycueball14 Apr 2015
Bald lover by BaldboyTH
Removed by admin for PG guidelines? Since WHEN?
?14 Apr 2015
Bald lover by BaldboyTH
Please continue your story..... I want to hear about you getting your eyebrows shaved off completely....
baldskull14 Apr 2015
Bald lover by BaldboyTH
hot story :)
PaulB14 Apr 2015