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A Healing Haircut
by Flat4Ever  24 Jun 2016
Lesson Learned, Desire Fulfilled
by Kosu  24 Jun 2016
Auburn Initiation Part One
by joelsweet  23 Jun 2016
a gusto del peluquero
by Java  23 Jun 2016
Pete, the Mall Barber
by burrlypup  23 Jun 2016
Shorter than I wanted, but hey.
by Ken  22 Jun 2016
A New Service, part 2
by Ken  21 Jun 2016
Haircut by Mrs Lloyd
by nigel stephens  19 Jun 2016
Uncle Clive,
by Sean Barnet  18 Jun 2016
Listening, an Underrated Skill
by Ken  14 Jun 2016
coiffeuse à domicile
by   12 Jun 2016
Oscar - Hair Cut, Status Cut
by Manny  10 Jun 2016
Oscar's I.O.U.
by Manny  09 Jun 2016
Back to the Future with Jack
by Manny  09 Jun 2016
not what i asked for
by Dudley   05 Jun 2016
by Daniel  05 Jun 2016
Not Expected
by Stillcropped   04 Jun 2016
Matt and the mistake
by Stu  02 Jun 2016
We're Chopping It All Off
by drummer16  30 May 2016
All of My Haircut Works Part Three
by Joelsweet  28 May 2016
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Gym Haircut
by Hairmo  31 Dec 2006
V Cut
by Hairmo  31 Dec 2006
My New Hair Style
by Authorharj  31 Dec 2006
Robotic Discipline
by Authorharj  31 Dec 2006
A Matter of Etiquette
by Jay  31 Dec 2006
Neighborhood Shoe
by Logan  31 Dec 2006
A More Than Generous Tip (Extended)
by Jay  31 Dec 2006
Surprise at Work (Translation)
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Surprise at Work (Translation)
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Dr. Wilson
by MandyGP  31 Dec 2006
Trabajo Sorpresa
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Shawn and His Memorable Year
by Lox  31 Dec 2006
by Jack  31 Dec 2006
Reluctant Jay
by Ted  31 Dec 2006
Just Like Any Other Day
by Gayswimmer  31 Dec 2006
Marv Finishes the Job
by Lox  31 Dec 2006
Mike and his Lucky Day
by Lox  31 Dec 2006
A Total Surprise Induction Cut
by Stephen  31 Dec 2006
An Authentic Brush Cut
by Brady  31 Dec 2006
Every Three Weeks
by Kevin  31 Dec 2006
Random Stories
Dad Happened, Part 1
by anonymous  21 Sep 2013
Just a Trim
by Joelsweet  30 Mar 2016
Second Chance
by K. Kringle  16 Dec 2000
Finally Did It!
by Matt  19 Apr 2016
German el seguridad
by Yami  01 Jan 2014
shaved Zero !!
by liam  14 Feb 2013
Forward Flat Top
by Max  26 Nov 2012
23 to 63 - part three
by Titan  13 Dec 2015
From 23 to 63
by Titan  12 Nov 2015
The long haired officer
by thadeusz  11 May 2015
The Old Man
by Jimmy  31 Dec 2004
“You’re only 11” and Peter and Simon
by Thebarbered1  03 Feb 2015
Father's Day
by Dad/Son  17 Jun 2000
Forcing Myself Into It
by Ken  28 Nov 2014
Never thought
by storm  09 Mar 2013
skinhead after dad moves out
by Deacon   16 May 2015
El aristócrata sevillano
by Barbero Militar  06 Mar 2012
by Bald K  22 Apr 2016
Buzz Cut at Home
by Edward  27 Mar 2014
One Hot Saturday
by BaldSurfer  23 Jul 2013
Recent CommentsPosted By Date
Pete, the Mall Barber by burrlypup
This was really hot
Anon24 Jun 2016
Pete, the Mall Barber by burrlypup
Great story!
Alex24 Jun 2016
a gusto del peluquero by Java
Buenisimo! yo vivo cerca de Lomas, me podrás decir donde queda exactamente para pasar por esa peluquería?
Ezequiel24 Jun 2016
For Crying Out Loud by Deke Cutter
I love this XD
Kosu23 Jun 2016
a gusto del peluquero by Java
Un cuento inteersante, pero los estilos latinos no traducen a ingles, pues yo no puedo comprender completamente que significa "peledito a pibechorro" o "flequillilito o wachiturro, etc.
Deke Cutter23 Jun 2016
Searching a story?
Finding for a story where its a barbers point of view and a customer point of view story about their haircut
Baldvenom23 Jun 2016
The Scary Moments at the Barbershop by Andrew
Excellent story!
Barber22 Jun 2016
Shorter than I wanted, but hey. by Ken
Excellent !
hairycueball22 Jun 2016
Shorter than I wanted, but hey. by Ken
Yes a great haircut!
Buzzcut22 Jun 2016
Shorter than I wanted, but hey. by Ken
Excellent story
thadeusz22 Jun 2016