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Recent CommentsPosted By Date
11 by Jack
Omg I can relate, but it was my uncle. My dad lives with me and is still together with my mom. I will post a story about it sooner or later
trey03 Aug 2015
@Yes, mother – I’ve caught another one", by Thebarbered1
What happened to the second part of this story. It was posted a few days ago and then disappeared. Just wondering.
Kaleb McKinley02 Aug 2015
Papere's Home Barbershop by trey
Mean Papere? Nice Papere? Oh the conflicted feelings! LOL
I like a good # 2 haircut. :-)
Barber Mike02 Aug 2015
Papere's Home Barbershop by trey
super Story, gefällt mir sehr.
Kurzhaarfreund02 Aug 2015
At The End Of The Day- Part One by Kingfordian22
Love a man with a quaff. That's sad
Anon01 Aug 2015
Papere's Home Barbershop by trey
This story is a true story of what happened to me
Trey01 Aug 2015
Like the subtle innuendo in last paragraph, in reference to what 'happened' to Paul during his haircut. :-)
Barber Mike01 Aug 2015
Oh, God...please tell me her next "victim" in the chair is a cop complete with uniform and black tactical boots on the footrest with his head pushed forward needing a haircut and shave! You'll push me over the top! Lol
Great continuation!! I had to catch my breath when I saw you had written another story!
Kaleb31 Jul 2015
This was awesome. :) Now, next time David should go a bit shorter.
Alex31 Jul 2015
Great continuation! Now David needs to go in for a shorter cut. :)
Alex31 Jul 2015