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Latest Stories
Muscle Dude Gets Shorn, part 3
by Alex  29 Nov 2015
Brandons Birthday
by Moc  27 Nov 2015
23 to 63 - part two
by Titan  24 Nov 2015
My cousin shaved head
by Kuan Lee  23 Nov 2015
The Transformation
by David Cavendish .  21 Nov 2015
Jake gets a forced haircut my his mom
by Lalo  18 Nov 2015
A Horseshoe, while I still have hair
by Ken  18 Nov 2015
Short Back and Sides i didn't ask for
by Jim Lovell  17 Nov 2015
A Singapore Adventure
by Snipped Sam  15 Nov 2015
"Barber's Choice"
by Thebarbered1  14 Nov 2015
Karl Cut 10
by Andrew Cluer..  14 Nov 2015
Karl Cut 9
by Andrew Cluer..  14 Nov 2015
At Manny's - Juan to the Rescue
by Manny  13 Nov 2015
Mark has such a mean Barber
by Snipped Sam  13 Nov 2015
Karl Cut 8
by andrew cluer  12 Nov 2015
Karl cut 7
by Andrew Cluer  12 Nov 2015
From 23 to 63
by Titan  12 Nov 2015
by Buzzcut Paper  11 Nov 2015
At Manny's - The Old Man's Legacy
by Manny  11 Nov 2015
My Haircut Mentor
by Snipped Sam  11 Nov 2015
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Gym Haircut
by Hairmo  31 Dec 2006
V Cut
by Hairmo  31 Dec 2006
My New Hair Style
by Authorharj  31 Dec 2006
Robotic Discipline
by Authorharj  31 Dec 2006
A Matter of Etiquette
by Jay  31 Dec 2006
Neighborhood Shoe
by Logan  31 Dec 2006
A More Than Generous Tip (Extended)
by Jay  31 Dec 2006
Surprise at Work (Translation)
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Surprise at Work (Translation)
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Dr. Wilson
by MandyGP  31 Dec 2006
Trabajo Sorpresa
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Shawn and His Memorable Year
by Lox  31 Dec 2006
by Jack  31 Dec 2006
Reluctant Jay
by Ted  31 Dec 2006
Just Like Any Other Day
by Gayswimmer  31 Dec 2006
Marv Finishes the Job
by Lox  31 Dec 2006
Mike and his Lucky Day
by Lox  31 Dec 2006
A Total Surprise Induction Cut
by Stephen  31 Dec 2006
An Authentic Brush Cut
by Brady  31 Dec 2006
Every Three Weeks
by Kevin  31 Dec 2006
Random Stories
John's New Trademark
by A.J.  31 Dec 2006
by Paul  06 Feb 2012
Part 2: Giles' Boss Bruce Gets Flattened
by Manny  02 Nov 2013
A Coach Connor Special - part 4
by JB  10 Feb 2014
What! Are you Blind?
by Dave  31 Dec 2005
Shaved head and fashionable school II
by ChrisHeadshave  17 Nov 2014
Un corte de pelo ye-yé
by Barbero Militar  07 Mar 2012
The Haircut Incident
by Deke Cutter  20 Apr 2013
What Goes Around
by Deke Cutter  04 Mar 2012
Level-Headed Man (P 4): Permanent Change
by Lee  03 Nov 2015
Ed Executes an Extreme Makeover
by Manny  20 Jul 2013
Sean Gets Shorn
by Manny  23 Jun 2014
Matt's Salon Inspiration
by Manny  10 Sep 2012
souvenirs, souvenirs
by Pierre  11 Oct 2015
Those Deep Blue Eyes
by Skinned21  15 Jul 2012
by Jerrod  31 Dec 2006
A Returning Customer Part 2
by Mike V  20 Feb 2012
Dad not in Control
by Bud  31 Dec 2004
Hi! (A Dream Come True)
by Skitch  07 Feb 2012
Dad Happened, Part 1
by anonymous  21 Sep 2013
Recent CommentsPosted By Date
Muscle Dude Gets Shorn, part 3 by Alex
I really like this series, thank you for continuing!
burrlypup29 Nov 2015
Muscle Dude Gets Shorn, part 2 by Alex
Per your request, Burrlypup, I have at last submitted Part 3, and it's barber's choice (although Brad isn't by himself).
Alex29 Nov 2015
My cousin shaved head by Kuan Lee
Thank you very much !!! Cute boy
Kuan Lee29 Nov 2015
Brandons Birthday by Moc
Nice to see a Mohawk story now and then. You have a good writing style- except for the obvious copy/paste of the 2nd haircut description (with a few changed words). Would've been better with more variety; maybe one of the guys gets a 1" Mohawk (or shorter). Still, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks.
JB28 Nov 2015
My cousin shaved head by Kuan Lee
A very good sensual story about two boy friends fulfilling each one's fantasies. The only drawback, Kuan is the translation (was it Google translation?) Try to improve it!
Cute boy27 Nov 2015
23 to 63 - part two by Titan
Really good! More please.
Anon26 Nov 2015
my honeymoon head shave by shamit
Why do you let him shave your head anisah? That's sooo wrong!
#thetruth26 Nov 2015
23 to 63 - part two by Titan
Very good !
hairycueball25 Nov 2015
From 23 to 63 by Titan
Excellent. I'm going to read part 2 immediately !
hairycueball25 Nov 2015
23 to 63 - part two by Titan
what's not to like? awesome story
baldie_jr24 Nov 2015