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Latest Stories
Muscle Man
by burrlypup  27 Jun 2015
Matt Goes Shorter
by burrlypup  27 Jun 2015
El médico
by Juan Pablo  18 Jun 2015
No volver atrás
by Juan Pablo  16 Jun 2015
Even more shorter
by Baldvenom  13 Jun 2015
"The shortest haircut I’ve ever had".
by Thebarbered1  10 Jun 2015
@Yes, mother – I’ve caught another one",
by Thebarbered1  10 Jun 2015
Don't cut it short part 1
by Stillcropped  09 Jun 2015
How we got together
by Anders and Xavier  08 Jun 2015
Private Alejos
by JGusmc  07 Jun 2015
una locura
by Bruno  30 May 2015
un momento deseado
by RicardoD  28 May 2015
Short as you Can
by stillcropped  26 May 2015
el primer cliente
by juampa  24 May 2015
we want to shave head
by Hung  23 May 2015
My First Butch Pays a Bonanza
by Manny  22 May 2015
The Education of Doc Anderson
by Manny  22 May 2015
One Less Hippie
by BaldSurfer  22 May 2015
Mr Dice part 1
by Snipped Sam / shorn lad  22 May 2015
Mr Dice part 2
by Snipped Sam / shorn lad  22 May 2015
Recovered Stories
Gym Haircut
by Hairmo  31 Dec 2006
V Cut
by Hairmo  31 Dec 2006
My New Hair Style
by Authorharj  31 Dec 2006
Robotic Discipline
by Authorharj  31 Dec 2006
A Matter of Etiquette
by Jay  31 Dec 2006
Neighborhood Shoe
by Logan  31 Dec 2006
A More Than Generous Tip (Extended)
by Jay  31 Dec 2006
Surprise at Work (Translation)
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Surprise at Work (Translation)
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Dr. Wilson
by MandyGP  31 Dec 2006
Trabajo Sorpresa
by El Pelao  31 Dec 2006
Shawn and His Memorable Year
by Lox  31 Dec 2006
by Jack  31 Dec 2006
Reluctant Jay
by Ted  31 Dec 2006
Just Like Any Other Day
by Gayswimmer  31 Dec 2006
Marv Finishes the Job
by Lox  31 Dec 2006
Mike and his Lucky Day
by Lox  31 Dec 2006
A Total Surprise Induction Cut
by Stephen  31 Dec 2006
An Authentic Brush Cut
by Brady  31 Dec 2006
Every Three Weeks
by Kevin  31 Dec 2006
Random Stories
The Intern, Part 1
by Jack  02 Mar 2014
"Good" Friends
by BaldSurfer  14 May 2012
by BaldSurfer  30 Jul 2013
Jason and the Car Wash
by RJ  30 Nov 2000
by A Recruit  31 Dec 2006
Chrome Dome
by Jerrod  31 Dec 2006
Behind The Chair:The Life Of A Barber #1
by Kaleb McKinley  31 Dec 2005
Two bald heads
by Thebarbered1  10 Nov 2014
My Sexy Barber Wife
by BaldSurfer  20 Jun 2012
Tales From the Clipped, New York, New Me
by Clip Tales  31 Dec 2006
Behind the Chair: Kyle Gets Clipped
by Kaleb McKinley  24 Nov 2014
Three in a Day
by Buzzboy  31 Dec 2004
John's New Trademark
by A.J.  31 Dec 2006
by Deke Cutter  15 Jul 2012
Gym Haircut
by Hairmo  31 Dec 2006
Out of the Blue
by Dave  31 Dec 2006
uncle Cat
by c.g.devermond  14 Nov 2014
Every Direction
by Dave  31 Dec 2006
A fair deal
by yash  28 Jul 2014
Just Like Dave's
by Bald Surfer  13 Mar 2012
Recent CommentsPosted By Date
Hair Master by Trev
write sth hot..oow..
zoro28 Jun 2015
Muscle Man by burrlypup
Hugo is evil. I hate him.
zoro28 Jun 2015
The Summer when the Clippers Slipped by Skinned21
Great story!
BuzzedTo228 Jun 2015
The little boy part 3 : a man now by thadeusz
Hi. Really great story
How I could get in contact with you to talk about these stuff?
guri28 Jun 2015
Three in a Day by Buzzboy
I asked for something short also and the barber without asking just ran the clippers right down the middle and shaved me bald-I caught a lot of grief
gman27 Jun 2015
Matt Goes Shorter by burrlypup
hairycueball27 Jun 2015
Don't cut it short part 1 by Stillcropped
please finish
gman26 Jun 2015
Hair Master by Trev
Should I write the next section??
Trev25 Jun 2015
Hair Master by Trev
i'll shave the nape of hairmaster boy by zero buzzcut. Ggzzzzz...oooofff ..hot
zoro24 Jun 2015
Moving Violation by Bill C
Very sad story, didn't like it......
Barber 124 Jun 2015