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by Moc  26 Aug 2014
First Flattop Part 1
by htflatnc  24 Aug 2014
caught chatting with gf
by abhishek  24 Aug 2014
unexpected headshave
by Yash   24 Aug 2014
Johnny hits a double
by Deke Cutter  17 Aug 2014
Bennett Bails from the Corporate World
by Manny  16 Aug 2014
Lee's Vintage Car, Vintage Haircut
by Many  16 Aug 2014
Marco, Age 16
by BarberTyler  16 Aug 2014
by Seamus  13 Aug 2014
...Sunday night...
by seamus  11 Aug 2014
A Brig or a Ship
by Walter  05 Aug 2014
Unwanted Buzz Cut For Vacation
by Louis  04 Aug 2014
The Stranger
by Barbie Girl   01 Aug 2014
sunday afternoon tv
by seamus  31 Jul 2014
The roommates force me
by yash  30 Jul 2014
Short, shorter, shortest.
by Caped Crusader  29 Jul 2014
A fair deal
by yash  28 Jul 2014
The gay headshave
by abhishek  28 Jul 2014
The south Indian orthodox ritual
by abhishek  27 Jul 2014
Shaving my friends head
by abhishek  27 Jul 2014
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The Worm
by A recruit  15 Dec 2005
A Fantasy Relived
by Chaucer  30 Jun 2001
My Hair is Gone
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
A New Look for a Special Day
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
No Title
by Unknown  30 Nov 1999
The Pineapple
by A Recruit  31 May 2001
NY Experience
by A Recruit  31 May 2001
My First Razor Shave - A True Story
by A Recruit  30 Apr 2001
by A Recruit  30 Apr 2001
Finally We Meet
by Chaucer  30 Apr 2001
I'm Free
by A Recruit  31 Mar 2001
The Bald Prank
by Eagle  31 Mar 2001
Jake's Cleanup
by Shanon  28 Feb 2001
What A Change - I'm Bald
by Gil  28 Feb 2001
Team Tryouts
by Tim  28 Feb 2001
No Average Son
by Geoff  28 Feb 2000
French Shave
by Chris  28 Feb 2000
by A Recruit  28 Feb 2000
Beware of Cell Phones
by Geoff  28 Feb 2000
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A returning customer
by Mike V  08 Feb 2012
Father's Day
by Dad/Son  17 Jun 2000
Colin Cans his Pomp
by Manny  17 Aug 2013
by Recruit  31 Dec 2004
Air Clipper
by Pharaoh  31 Dec 2005
State Champion
by Jack  31 Dec 2006
Back to Bald
by Max  10 Mar 2013
Making a Return
by Jerrod  31 Dec 2006
Happy New Year
by Dave  31 Dec 2006
One Hot Saturday
by BaldSurfer  23 Jul 2013
Head Shave Fantasy
by Barbie Girl   30 Jan 2014
Always say what you want!
by Caped Crusader  26 Apr 2013
Shorter Every Time
by Matt Cegelka  31 Dec 2006
The Groom Gets Groomed
by Manny  13 Apr 2012
headshave bymistake
by karan  20 Jul 2013
Grimm's Hairy Tales: Skinderella
by BaldSurfer  22 Jun 2012
Head Count
by BaldSurfer  09 Oct 2012
No Extra Charge
by Jack  21 Dec 2006
real headshave for college
by skinhead   04 Sep 2013
The Neighbour's Son
by Arthur  31 Dec 2005
Recent CommentsPosted By Date
unexpected headshave by Yash
Very good story, love a good head shave best at college as your parents dont freak out - hope you keep it shaved like i have!!
Anon28 Aug 2014
Johnny hits a double by Deke Cutter
Nice transformation: First Johnny almost escaped his doom, but then came Murphy's Law" and almost all his hair was gone. Good story, Deke Cutter! I love your stories!!!
Cute boy28 Aug 2014
caught chatting with gf by abhishek
Sad story about a boy punished by his father for just chatting with his gf. The father in his cruel way wanted to stop the friendship and punished his poor son and took away his beautiful hair from him. Btw, the boy got a turn on by the haircut, but still the punishment - his gf left him - was very selfish: A father is envy of his son's beauty.
Cute boy28 Aug 2014
My first haircut by Vasu
This story is very short but that's not a reason for telling that all Indians are awful at storytelling...
Why keep a racist comment ?
hairycueball28 Aug 2014

Mr Sam --I could add u up on Facebook I don't read mails . .. Could I know ur I'd ... Or u add me its headshaved Abhishek on fb
abhi27 Aug 2014
Self Haircut Fail to Barbershop Fail by Mark McKarty
nice story and fyi girls don't have sideburns. I love long sideburns and I am proud of it.
Sam from india27 Aug 2014
caught chatting with gf by abhishek
I like your stories. would like to chat more about it.
please add me on sam_haircut@yahoo.com
Sam from india27 Aug 2014
caught chatting with gf by abhishek
that father was jealous of his son's good hair. and he should have something important to him strip away so he can hurt.
Anon26 Aug 2014
First Flattop Part 1 by htflatnc
Can't wait for part 2
RJ26 Aug 2014
First Flattop Part 1 by htflatnc
Sounds a lot like the thoughts going through MY head at that time, at that age. Scary and thrilling! Never did have the nerve to get the flattop though. Looking forward to part 2.
JB25 Aug 2014