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Andrew's Haircut Adventures
by Andrew Smith  22 Jun 2014
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by BaldSurfer  22 Jun 2014
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by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
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by Lee Beriis  31 May 2012
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My First Razor Shave - A True Story
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by Tim  31 Jan 2001
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by jonnyboy  31 Dec 2004
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by John Cooper  11 Sep 2011
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by A Recruit  30 Sep 2002
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Sucedió en los años cuarenta
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by PB  31 Dec 2006
El Profesor
by Juan Pablo  11 Jun 2014
For Her
by Deke Cutter  30 May 2012
Recent CommentsPosted By Date
Paul Goes Male-Pattern Bald (extended) by Recruit & Pharaoh
For quite some time now I've had a fantasy about getting my hair permanently removed. Reading this story again got me all excited about how great it would feel to have a completely bald skinhead without a trace of hair left.
I used to have long wavy hair, and started to shave my head years ago before it became trendy. To get my pate as smooth
and as naturally bald looking as possible, I sometimes have to lather up a couple of times before I can hardly feel any stubble left. I think I'm ready now to commit to the long and somewhat painful head waxing process and eventually become truly bald. I don't think I'll miss the ritual of shaving my head, because what really turns me on, is the ultra smooth and shiny look and feel I have when I'm oiling up my freshly shaved skull. Totally bald, all I'll have to do is keep my scalp oiled and I'm ready for action !
Like I said, this story is an inspiration for me, unlocking a deep desire for true baldness. Would love to hear from anyone who has accomplished the hair removal process. Any
regrets ? Also would like to find a sympathetic buddy willing to help me with my transformation. As in the story, I would consider first getting a male pattern baldness look.
I hope my comments are appropriate to your website. I get off on your head shaving stories, and on occasion have had
some wild hot head shaving scenes. Keep up the good work !
jack28 Jul 2014
You gave me the liberty to do whatever! by Chappy
Great story... No other cut like a flat top
flat4ever26 Jul 2014
Craig: Relaxed and Renewed at the Resort by Manny
Anyone else ready for part 2? And just how will dear Craig react when he sees the virgin white scalp contrasting dramatically with the deeply tanned face?
Anon26 Jul 2014
Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 5 by Andrew Smith
Hope Andrew grows back his beautifully long hair.....
Barber 125 Jul 2014
Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 4 by Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - We have similar parallels in our experiences. There are elements in your stories that resonate deeply with me.
burrlypup25 Jul 2014
Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 5 by Andrew Smith
Love this continuation, please keep the stories coming.
burrlypup24 Jul 2014
Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 4 by Andrew Smith
Thanks for the compliments, burrlypup. Next part has been posted. There's more to come. As mentioned earlier, these are 'based' on my real-life adventures. And I have had a few more adventures that I will be writing up.

hairshavingita, thanks for the compliments. There's more to come. Glad to know that people enjoy them. Encouragement helps in writing more.
Andrew Smith24 Jul 2014
Craig: Relaxed and Renewed at the Resort by Manny
Manny I know this was written in 2012 but please can you write a part 2,3,4 etc I think this would make an amazing continual story and I would love to read it more!
matty23 Jul 2014
Andrew's Haircut Adventures, Part 4 by Andrew Smith
I see that you've followed my advice! Poor Andie Baldie! I think about his past adventures...in the gym, with that latino guy...and now... The bald guy is him! What an humiliation! Now he's so far from dying his lock!
Please don't stop writing this stories, I love them!
hairshavingita22 Jul 2014
Truth or Dare? Haircut Edition by Mark McKarty
Feel so bad for Daniel! Real jerk move by Brian cause he knew that the hair won't grow back well!
Anon22 Jul 2014