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help me
i want to shave my head but i am afraid of i will be ugly and my family don't let me to do it , i really love shave my head whit razor , plz help me to know how can i shave my head that my family think it is accident and i force to shave my head ? have you mind for it ? i want my family and friend think it is completely accident and i don't want it and i have to shave my head
martin29 Aug 2015
About shackles and haircuts by thadeusz
Here guys. I rewrote it so it was less political, and less depressing. You're welcome. :)

Once upon a time, I went to prison. I had dreadlocks, but that had little to do with my disorderly conduct charge. The guard then marched me to the barber, where all the others were already waiting. I could see how the barber was using his clippers with the others and I hated clippers. The barber was not only shaving the heads, but also the face and beards were promised to a sad future.

When it was my turn, the barber made me sit and “my” guard told him:
“Strap him!”.

It was thus completely strapped to the barber chair that I received my first prison haircut. The barber apparently had orders to cut my dreadlocks. He did this with a real pleasure. He first took scissors and cut one dreadlock near the front, then he pushed my head to cut one in the back. He really got hold of my head, moving it in all directions in order to cut my nice dreadlocks one by one. I had the impression that my head was now this barber’s punching bag. At times, he hurt me but I was so afraid that I did not even think of protesting. When the barber was satisfied with his “dreadlocks-cutting” business, he took clippers and again took possession of my head, moving it in all possible directions. The other prisoners had had the possibility to adjust the position of their body to these forced movements of the head. Being completely strapped, my head only could move and it had become a “thing” in the hard hands of the barber, who was laughing. My guard seemed also to like the game. The barber and my guard made it last as long as possible. Then the barber shaved my face moving my head towards his razor instead of doing the contrary. In the end, the straps were taken off and I was told to stand up. Since there was no mirror I wanted to touch my head to evaluate the damage, but my guard stopped me. Raising his truncheon he said: “Prisoners do not touch their head unless told to do so.” I immediately stopped moving my hand.

The guard kept me standing there and after a long time minutes he suddenly said: “Touch your head with both hands.” Then he waited again and finally said: “Touch now !”
Without a word I did what I was ordered to do and I realized that my head had been completely shorn. That's how I went bald. The end.
Anon29 Aug 2015
About shackles and haircuts by thadeusz
I think the story highlights some important political issues. Which is great. Except this is a website about haircutting, and it feels like the story is a backdoor way to advocate for a political agenda. I am not sure anyone here comes here for that reason. Correct me if I am wrong. Anyway, I sort of feel spammed.
Ted29 Aug 2015
Making myself MPB by Ken
I actually really love this story!!!!
Anon29 Aug 2015
Making myself MPB by Ken
I smiled a lot while reading this excellent story.
I find it funny that nobody noticed it was not a real balding process.
hairycueball28 Aug 2015
Making myself MPB by Ken
Great story, love the idea of being made male pattern bald.
Anon28 Aug 2015
About shackles and haircuts by thadeusz
the story hardly has anything to do with haircuts
fireblade51228 Aug 2015
Making myself MPB by Ken
Good obsessional story. More detail on look change as the hair is plucked would fill out story. Ears, facial hair, clothing change, etc. A follow up not out of the question. Tats, piercings, wig all possibilities. Part 2?
seamus28 Aug 2015
Death Valley Shave by Chris
Despite the inaccuracies, this was a good story. I'd like to hear more!
Alex28 Aug 2015
Making myself MPB by Ken
Stupid man,
Anon27 Aug 2015