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A trip to Victors
by Snipped Sam / shorn lad  18 Mar 2015
First Skinhead
by Stillcropped  16 Mar 2015
Mr Pearson
by Snipped Sam / shorn lad  16 Mar 2015
A haircut with Aunty Barbara
by Sean Closer  14 Mar 2015
"and I do mean short"
by Snipped Sam / shorn lad  14 Mar 2015
Bumping into my former Headmaster
by Snipped Sam  13 Mar 2015
Strip Poker
by Ethan  13 Mar 2015
A Visit to a proper barber
by Snipped Sam  13 Mar 2015
Peluquero de barrio
by Java  12 Mar 2015
Everything In Its Right Place
by Digitalshave  12 Mar 2015
A man now part two
by John  10 Mar 2015
Marine against his will
by thadeusz  01 Mar 2015
A man now
by John  12 Feb 2015
The barber's assumption
by Thebarbered1  04 Feb 2015
“You’re only 11” and Peter and Simon
by Thebarbered1  03 Feb 2015
Cross Country Clippings
by cjd30101  31 Jan 2015
Twin Barber Part 1
by holyvenom  30 Jan 2015
Ronny Goes to School
by longhairboy  21 Jan 2015
Short back & sides for a year - then two
by Thebarbered1  20 Jan 2015
My AfterSchool haircut gone wrong
by holyvenom  20 Jan 2015
Recovered Stories
The Worm
by A recruit  15 Dec 2005
A Fantasy Relived
by Chaucer  30 Jun 2001
My Hair is Gone
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
A New Look for a Special Day
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
by A Recruit  30 Jun 2001
No Title
by Unknown  30 Nov 1999
The Pineapple
by A Recruit  31 May 2001
NY Experience
by A Recruit  31 May 2001
My First Razor Shave - A True Story
by A Recruit  30 Apr 2001
by A Recruit  30 Apr 2001
Finally We Meet
by Chaucer  30 Apr 2001
I'm Free
by A Recruit  31 Mar 2001
The Bald Prank
by Eagle  31 Mar 2001
Jake's Cleanup
by Shanon  28 Feb 2001
What A Change - I'm Bald
by Gil  28 Feb 2001
Team Tryouts
by Tim  28 Feb 2001
No Average Son
by Geoff  28 Feb 2000
French Shave
by Chris  28 Feb 2000
by A Recruit  28 Feb 2000
Beware of Cell Phones
by Geoff  28 Feb 2000
Random Stories
by Manny  14 Jan 2007
Teenage Pop Star becoming a Man
by Tall and Sexy  27 Jun 2012
Yorgos: Change of Image, Change of Job
by Manny  31 Dec 2006
Never short enough
by snipsnip  09 Mar 2012
Barber's Choice
by Ryan  28 Jun 2014
Buzz Cut at Home
by Edward  27 Mar 2014
by Buzzedgreg  23 Jun 2014
My Sisters Friend
by VSBaldy  17 Apr 2013
To Each His Own
by Jerrod  31 Dec 2006
El Profesor
by Juan Pablo  11 Jun 2014
Daniels Wedding
by Brent  31 Dec 2004
Yup - That Just Happened
by Yup - That Just Happened  26 Sep 2014
A More Than Generous Tip
by Jack  20 Nov 2006
Recon Redefined
by Recon Recruit  20 Jan 2001
My BK Adventure
by "Barber King"  10 Oct 2013
A Greaser Always
by Jim  31 Dec 2006
Capital Gains
by Jay  28 Jan 2008
I Do Not Need It
by A Recruit  31 Dec 2006
Paul Goes Male-Pattern Bald
by Recruit  31 Dec 2004
I Forgot
by Dave  31 Dec 2006
Recent CommentsPosted By Date
Old stories
on the old site there were some stories with different ending that you would choose does anyone know how to find them? in particular im looking for the one where a sister takes her brother to the barbershop.
ymon26 Mar 2015
First Skinhead by Stillcropped
hi can someone help me try to find a story where a guy is getting his head shaved by female barber and in the story the guy is looking at the lady barbers hair and the hair is super long thanks
gman23 Mar 2015
A trip to Victors by Snipped Sam / shorn lad
Now a story where he goes even shorter, please. :)
Alex23 Mar 2015
A Proud Dad by Ray
realy amazing and good story
joy22 Mar 2015
A Head Shave Haiku by BaldSurfer
Barber Mike21 Mar 2015
A Haircut Limerick by BaldSurfer
Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one. LOL
Barber Mike21 Mar 2015
Paul Goes Male-Pattern Bald (extended) by Recruit & Pharaoh
This is one of my favorite stories here. Jack, I would definitely recommend going the male pattern baldness route first. I wouldn't do it overnight though- just take it gradually, over a period of at least several months, so it looks totally natural. A lot of guys I know choose to shave their heads at that point- to show that they're in control, not the alopecia. That would be a perfect time for you to do it too, and it would be considered a totally natural reaction to the "loss" of your hair. Whether you'd want to make it permanent at that point, perhaps with the assistance of repeated waxing treatments or electrolysis, would, of course, be completely up to you.
Anon21 Mar 2015
A haircut with Aunty Barbara by Sean Closer
to see Aunty Barbara grinning proudly as the barber mows thru your hair like it was nothing , only she can stop it , but you know she wont
barber victim20 Mar 2015
Bill by Seamus
great story!
DFlat19 Mar 2015
Head Shave Fantasy by Barbie Girl
Great story , many years ago my wife took me to a barbershop while on holiday and ordered in Spanish shave him bald! Fantastically erotic watching her in the mirror as my hair was removed.
Anon19 Mar 2015