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let's see who can grow his hair longer by Kevin1197

My name is Danny and i will tell you what happened when i was 13
My hair is black and straight, i usually get it cut kinda short with clipper #7and in the top about 1 and a half inches i got it cut every 2 months and it grows about 1 and a half inches long I've never had it more than 3 inches long.
One day in may my friend Arthuro and me were walking to our houses, he lived next door
"Lets bet who could grow his hair longer" he said
"Ok" i said "but what will that be about"
"Well the loser will pay 30 dollars plus the other's person's haircut"
"Nice" i said "but we'll get it cut as short as possible and the person who losed with that will get it completely shaved in his next-generation haircut"
"Ok I'm sure I will win"
"Yeah right"

We both grew our hair long, our last haircut had been in February and it was the same length, it was august almost the begging of classes and we didn't had it cut i convinced my parents to let me have my hair long

Two days beforefirst day of school out hair was still long (6 inches in the back and sides it reached the collar and 7 inches in the top it reached our nose and covered our eyes) the fisrt day of 8th grade i still had my hair long, in the bus stop i saw him, he had cut hos hair it was from 7 inches to 1 and a half in the top an cut with number 5
"I think I won" i said
"oh my world i thought you were going to get it cut too"
"Where's my 30 dollars?"
"When will you get it cut?"
"2 weeks probably"

September passed and on October 13 exactlyy 8 months after my last haircut my dad said
"It's time for a haircut i will drop you off in the barber shop and yoj will get yourhair cut"
"Ok" i said
He dropped me off and i got in and sat down in the chair
"How wouldyou like it?"

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