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We've been Watching by Dave

I’ve been bombarded by my friends, for a year now, to get rid of the ‘girly look’ as they called it. My hair is quite thick, really blonde, and curly. The hair covers my forehead, ears, and collar. I have had this look for as long as I can remember. Yes! It does take some time to care for my hair, but it is worth it to me.

I was on my way to my barber to get my semi annual cut. I can tell when I need a haircut when the hair is covering my eyebrows. That is the indicator I use.

As I was approaching my barber’s shop, three men came up behind me. You couldn’t miss them. They were huge in size, bald headed, and wore nothing but black leather. I didn’t think anything about the three of them. At the last minute, I changed my mind about getting my hair cut. I looked in and Burt, my barber wasn’t there. If he is out of town, for whatever reason, he has someone come in for him. I didn’t want to trust the sub.

Just as I turned, the three guys stepped up, blocking my path. I said, “Excuse me gentlemen.” They wouldn’t let me pass. I told them that I decided not to go through with a haircut that day. One of the guys said, “You’ve come this far. You ARE going to get that mess cut.” The other two grabbed me by the arms and turned me around. They picked me up and the third guy opened the door. I was carried in and put in the waiting chair.

The substitute barber came to me and began to put the cape on me. He was told to sit. He objected but the spokesperson for the three said, “If you don’t want the same treatment, you will sit there and watch and don’t open your mouth.”

With that the same guy picked up a pair of clippers and turned them on. I figured that they were just role playing and it wouldn’t be long before they would have their big laugh and then let me go.

Much to my surprise, I heard the buzzing clippers coming closer and closer. “Hold him boys, while I take care of him,” said the biggest guy. I later found out his name was Bruzzer! Just as Bruzzer spoke those words, he plowed right into the front of my hair. I began to fight the clippers before they entered the hairline. The clippers had taken away some of my hair that covered my forehead. Bruzzer said, “If you continue to fight me, I’ll remove your eyebrows as well. What is it going to be?” Just when I thought the two assistants were being lack with their job, I tried with all my strength to get away. Needless to say, I didn’t succeed.

Bruzzer pulled the clippers away from my forehead and I thought I had won. Before I knew it, he had removed one of my eyebrows. He turned the chair towards the mirror and I could see that one eyebrow was missing. It really looked bad. I made some remark about what he did and while venting my anger, the other brow came off. Bruzzer let me there facing the mirror and he began to clipper shave my head. I still was protesting and he said, “If you don’t stop this instant, you are going to loose your manhood fur as well.” What’s it going to be?

I didn’t want that to happen and I knew he would do it. I sat calmly while all of my beautiful hair was removed from my head. Then I was shaved two times. After the 2nd shaving, the brows were shaved also.

I was let up and had to pay for all of this mistreatment. Bruzzer said, “That’l be $25.” I looked at him and he then said, “Oh! My Mistake! I should have said $65. . . . 25 for me and 20 for my two friends here.” I refused to pay and Bruzzer said, “Well! Boys! I guess this gent wants to lose his manfur as well.” I said, “I’ll pay.” Just as I got my money out, Bruzzer said, “That will be $80 dollars now.” I knew that if I objected, two things would happen - more money and/or I would get another part of my body shaved. I paid and was escorted out. Bruzzer said, “Son. I want you back here a week from today and I will clean you up. Don’t make me have to come and get you.”

A week later, I called Burt and found he had heard about what happened to me. It turns out that his Sub. informed him and Burt was later to find out that his sub was part of the gang. I went in and Burt was waiting for me. My hair had grown quite a bit in that one week. To tell the truth, I really enjoyed the bald head. It was so comfortable and really lots of fun. As I was approaching Burt’s shop, I was torn between a head shave or a trim. I liked the long hair, but then I found that I was more aware of things around me when the head was shaved. I could feel the sun’s rays on my head, the air movement, etc.

When I arrived, Burt was sitting in the chair. He got up and welcomed me. He said, “Jim, you sure do look good with your hair short, just like I have been telling you.” I sat down and Burt put on the cape and then said, “Well what’s it going to be? Shaved of let grow?” I looked up at Burt and smiled. Without another word Burt began cleaning me up. In no time, I was stepping from the chair with my head shining like never before. I reached up and felt my head and said, “Yep! This is for me!” I just then realized that I had resigned myself to the bald look. I was really enjoying it.

As I left, I heard this familiar voice, “Well! I see you decided to go with the shaved head. Good decision.” I didn’t have to look around to know who was talking. The next week I went to have Burt shave my head again. I had a plan. I called the police about what happened and wanted them to be there to pick up the gang! The police said that they had a number of calls about the same thing happening at different barbershops.

I went in to have Burt shave my head and when I came out, I again heard the familiar voice. The entire area around the barbershop was surrounded by police and they were able to nab all four of them, including the make believe barber. It seems they were wanted in other areas for the same actions in addition to some felony offences. Needless to say, the four are going to be away for a long time.

YEP! I am still bald and loving it. I have even talked my best friends Bill and Stewart to go bald. It did take some talking and convincing and now that they are bald, they are loving the head shave as much as I am. YES! The brows have grown back in and I must say for the better. I didn’t realize how much the brows add to the overall affect until they were gone.

I have told Burt that I am hooked on the bald look. He smiled and I suggested that he might want to try the cut sometime. He said he hadn’t had the head shaved, but might get there sometime. I let Burt know that I would be happy to get him there any time he wished. So far I haven’t been asked.

I wonder what style my four ‘buddies’ are enjoying in prison?

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