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summer buzz by scalabrine rafe

while sitting at home with my girlfreind(now wife she turned and asked if i needed a haircut. I wondered why but i did need one as baseball season was over and my current moptop was quite frustrating to keep up with. I was always hot and sweaty and i just felt that i needed a change because summer was coming up and i would soon be working outside in the hot louisiana heat.
I asked if she thought i needed one and she replied "yes..and if you let me do it you will be rewarded.". Playfully i said "are you making me an offer i cant resist?". She laughed and told me to be at her place by 8 that night.before i put my phone up i asked her what type of cut i would be recieving? She said "you wont be getting a haircut you will be getting a headshave.".
Needless to say i was nervous. But i accepted it. the rest of the day it seemed like time stood still. My mind was racing. It was a mixture of nervousness, anticipation, and excitement. Finnally i thought, 7:30 Had come. I made the 15 minute commute after stopping by the supermarket to pick up some cheap red wine and some condoms.
when i arived at her house the door was unlocked. Candles were scattered all over the place and a note was sitting on the counter saying "come to the spare room." WheN i walked to the spare room i was nervous. I got to the spare room and it was empty besides a large ond salon chair and a table with various haircutting items (clippers,clipper guards, scissors, a few razors, shaving cream, and a pink smock.
finnally my girlfreind entered the room wearing only a black push up bra, black panties, and black high heels. she looked so good it hurt. She said "i was expecting you." finnally i sat down in the chair. She approached me with a rope and a few zip ties. Before i knew it i was tied up to the chair by my ankles, wrists, and stomach.
She then grabbed the pink smock whisped it around my neck and tied it.I felt her gentle hands begin to massage my dhoulders. And thereafter she stopped and went for the scissors. She began trimming my hair. soon large chunks of my hair began gethering in my lap on the pink smock. Soon after that she reached for the clippers. She wiped some hair from my head and with that i heard the clippers turn on. A loud buzzing sound filled the room. She swiped the clippers from the front side of the top of my head straight down the center. And for a few minutes she did this all over my scalp. she continued for what felt like an eternity. And finnally the clippers shut off. "Much better" she said.
After this she grabbed a small towel and brushed off the top and sides of my head. And then grabbed the shaving cream and rubbed it all over my scalp. Once this wad complete she wiped her hands off with a towel and proceded to run the razor all over my head. It was the best feeling i have ever expirienced. Once this was done she wiped my head with a towel and unbounded me.
She proceeded to cut the zipties and unrestrain me. She told me to follow her to the bedroom. And we made sweet passionate love for 2 hours.
Today we are married and do this same thing almost on a weekly basis what can i say but that the couple that shaves together. Stays together.

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