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Joe's First Barber Haircut - Pt 1 by HairBarberGuy

Joe was a normal 18 year old teenage boy living in London in the UK. He was sporty, sociable and also had a mop of a haircut - having never gone to the barbers before.

Joe had a fetish in which he wanted a man to take him to the barbers and choose his haircut for him - with Joe having no control over it. As Joe began his long summer after completing his final exams he became increasingly bored and decided to look on Grindr for a guy to hook up with.

He discovered a hot City Boy called Matt aged 27 working as a Banker in Central London - with his profile picture showing him to be incredibly hot and wearing a suit along with a hot business cut hair style. Joe arranged to meet Matt at Matt's house the next day after work.

Joe got to Matt's house at about 1630 and rang the doorbell of his stylish apartment block - Matt opened and Joe was instantly taken aback by how hot Matt was stood there in his smart work suit and well kept hair - Matt invited him in and told him to sit down.

Before getting down to business they talked and Joe explained to Matt about his haircut fetish - Matt immediately said " Give me a minute" in his rather posh well educated English accent, he immediately got onto his phone and contacted someone moving into the next room - so Joe was unable to hear the call.

3 minutes later Matt returned and told him that he had just contacted his mate Will who owned a Barbershop about 5 minutes away and that he was going to give them a last minute "appointment".

Matt said to Joe - " your fetish is going to come true and I am choosing something that cannot embarrass me and turn you into a real man".


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