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Second Last of the Mohicans by Clipperdad

There I sat covered in a striped cape in front of a mirror in a barber shop. I have to admit that for a short hair lover my hair was pretty long. Wavy locks of blond hair were cascading almost down to my shoulders. On top it was bleached by the sun. Beside the fact that I had no actual cut or style I loved what I saw. I liked having longer hair than the average young man. I liked touching it and I liked how it felt when the wind blew through it. Yes, I had beautiful hair and I even got a lot of compliments for it.

“How about I cut about one inch off all around as usual,” Mike the barber asked.

“Not this time,” I sighed, “give me a radical cut, transform me, just cut it off.”

“You don’t sound very sure about it. It is cut off quickly, but if you’re not satisfied it takes a year or longer to grow back,” Mike warned me.

“You’re right, but somehow I feel I have to try it, deep down inside I know I want it. Cut it off quickly before I change my mind!” I replied.

Mike turned the chair away from the mirror.

“In case of major transformations it is a more thrilling experience to see the final result as a whole,” he explained.

Major transformation didn’t sound like a trim to me. What would it be? I was so excited. I could hear him search a drawer for all kinds of stuff. The next thing I heard was the humming sound of electric clippers. Oh my god, I thought, it really happens! I never had a clipper cut before. I was so aroused. He placed the clippers below my left sideburn and buzzed up the whole side. He made a second pass and tufts of my blond curls at least six inch long slid down the cape and remained in my lap. Every further pass with the clippers sent down more of my curls. I couldn’t believe it.

The most arousing thing beside that I was being buzzed was that I had no clue how short it would become and what I would look like. By now Mike was clipping up the back of my head all the way to the crown. In almost no time he had arrived at my right sideburn. Another heap of my blond curls rained in my lap. He switched off the clippers and looked at me.

“Transformation is the right word. But we’re not quite finished yet.”

Again he switched on the clippers and made one pass down the top of my head then a second one. Was he going to clipper shave my whole head I wondered. My dick was as hard as a rock. I still couldn’t imagine what I would look like without my blond, wavy, beautiful hair which was lying on the floor and in my lap. Crazy!

The clippers were switched off again. Mike had a comb in his hands and a pair of scissors. Does this mean I still have hair on my head which could be cut? I could feel his comb on my head then the crunching sound of his scissors. Again blond hair was raining down in my lap, but this time it wasn’t six inch long. Only about two.

Then Mike applied some good smelling gel or wax on my head. His hands were working quickly, but I had not the slightest idea what he was doing since I couldn’t see anything. He stood in front of me again.

“Yeah. We have a little masterpiece I would say. Are you ready to see your new YOU?”

“You wouldn’t believe how ready I am!”

With that remark he spun the chair around and I was facing the mirror.

“Oh my god!!!” I sighed.

“Don’t you like it?” Mike asked.

“Oh my god!!! Oh my god!!! I don’t like it! I think I LOVE it!!!” I screamed. Mike was definitely relieved. I had a Mohawk. But a high fashion one. The hair on the back and sides wasn’t too short only a # 3 or 4 and the spiked stripe on top of my head was about three inch long. I couldn’t believe how f***ing great this haircut was. I mean I entered this shop with a boring old-fashioned mop and left it with the cutest cut you could imagine. I gave Mike a 20 $ note and left without asking what it actually costs. I was in ecstasy. Before my hair was buzzed off I thought I’d most likely collapse when Mike was cutting it too short and now it was the coolest thing that ever happened to me.

At home I could hardly wait until my boyfriend Robert would return from work. He knew that I wanted to go to the barber but I didn’t tell him that I had something different in mind than a trim. Robert actually has the same hair that I had until an hour ago. Only that he had stronger curls and wasn’t blond but brunette. I love to play with his soft and silky curls. I love to run my fingers through it when we have sex. What will he say?

Finally I heard the door. I quickly hid myself in the bed room.

“Thomas!” he shouted.

“I’m here, Babyboy!”

“Where is ‘here’?”

In that moment I jumped out of the bedroom and stood in front of him. His eyes opened wide.

“What the hell is this? Your beautiful hair!”

“Don’t you like it? I absolutely love it!”

“I don’t know. I mean, yeah, it’s the coolest thing, but your hair was so beautiful.”

“Feel it!”

“Wow! I think I’ll love it too, it just takes some getting used to.”

He gave me a long intensive kiss and we jumped into our bed and had terrific sex.

“You know what Loverboy? Tomorrow I’ll go to the barber and have mine cut off too.”

“Oh, please don’t!” I begged, “I love your hair so much!”

“Your fault. I loved yours too, but now I want to be as cool as you.” I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry and ran my fingers through his curls one last night. The next day we both went to my barbershop. Robert sat in the chair and told Mike he wanted the same cut like I had. Mike smiled and turned the chair away from the mirror. The next moment he started to buzz off Rob’s beautiful dark curls. Chunk after chunk hit the floor. My eyes started to fill with tears while I watched his beloved locks being shorn off. I could never run my fingers through it again. But then I quickly recovered when I realized what handsome face was being revealed and what a cute man I had. I love him so much.

Now we both look – almost – alike. A blond and a dark Mohawk cutie.

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