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Bald Buddies by trey

I was at my neighbors house as I was every Saturday. I was 14 at the time. It was summer 2014 and Texas was hot!!!! My parents were on a business trip and my neighbors offered for me to stay with them. Christi, the wife, was at work in Houston. We lived in a small town an hour away from houston. Collin, the son, was watching tv with me in the master bedroom while Mr. Brendan, the dad, was shaving his head as he did every other Saturday. He used multiple razors and such and I loved watching him do it. He always asked me if i wanted to take a seat so he could shave me up too. I always kindly said I would pass. This weekend, he asked as he was almost done with his head shave. It was hot and I decided to give it a try. I told him sure and he set up a chair outside. He then put a towel around my neck and clipped it in place making sure it didn't choke me. He ran back inside and came back out with his clippers. They weren't anything special. It was a pair of wahl basic pro clippers. Collin still was inside not caring to watch as he loved his long hair. Brendan ran back into the house and grabbed some scissors too. My hair was in a small ponytail and he took it out. He took a before picture of me and then got to work. He first put number 4 attachment on the clippers. He put my hair back in a ponytail and turned the clippers on. He headed for the back to try and trick me but he moved them to the front. He slid the clippers through my hair reducing it to 1/2 an inch. He cut the top and moved to the sides. The hair on the floor was a little freaky knowing how long my hair was before. He finished the sides and cut the ponytail off in the back reducing it to a 1/2 inch as well. We went inside and Brendan followed me with the clippers. We went to the bathroom and as I was admiring my hair, Brendan reduced the front part to a number 1 guard. I had been shaved to nothing before so I told him after that next pass to take it down to nothing. He wrapped another towel around my neck and pinned it again. He took off the gaurd and clicked the clippers on. He asked if I was ready and didn't even wait for me to respond before he made the first pass. The feel of the cold metal sent shivers down my spine. Collin came in and ran right back out when he realized he might be next. He finished me up and he put me in the bathtub and I took my shirt off. He ran the bath water and washed my almost bald head. He then grabbed the razor and shaving cream and applied it to my head. He made the first swipe and made Collin take more pictures for Brendan's blog. My eyes lit up when he made the second swipe because I had been wanting to be bald for a while and not known it. The sensation of having the shortest hair you could have was amazing. I no longer had to buy shampoos. I no longer needed to borrow my moms ponytail holders for my long-ish hair. I was FREE MAN. We took a lot of aftershots of my hair and the hair on the ground. It was amazing to feel the air touch my head. After I was done with the shaving and aftershots, I spent the rest of the afternoon tanning my head. I had to use so much sunblock because it was so pale. After that, we swept up the hair and burned so I would never regret shaving it. I loved my shaved head and so did my friends and family, but I had to grow it out because school was starting.

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