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Balders re-visited by Stillcropped

It had been a few weeks since my first meeting with the balding clippers and since then my hair had grown to about a no4 on the back and sides and the top just long enough to stand up with the aid of styling gum. The urge to visit Linda's barbershop brought butterflies to my stomach the idea of being shorn again was exciting the thought of actually going through with it apprehension. Still I was a mature man , surely I could instruct a barber on how to cut my hair, but as I opened the door to the shop my mouth went dry , the bell sounded as I entered , there was nobody there but the empty barber's chair , then from the back shop a shout of 'just sit in the chair I'll be out in a minute' Decision time, I could leave now or sit in the chair, I looked at the clippers on their hook standard black clippers I looked for the balding clippers , nowhere to be be seen, just as I Was deciding Linda appeared drying her hands on a towel a warm smile spread across her face ' hello stranger, what are you waiting for , sit down , get settled in' I hung my jacket up and sat down in the chair. Moments later Linda was behind me her hands on my shoulders, ' quite a mop you've got there, (as she pulled a comb through my hair) and full of gunk, come on over to the sink and we'll start getting you tidied up' her chatter was non-stop my answers a nod or a simple yes or no, but the chat was general work, weather etc no mention of haircuts. She shampooed my hair in a firm , not quite rough , manner then wrapped a towel round my head and led me back to the chair. Again she roughly towel dried my hair and then boasted it with a hairdryer the conversation now turning to holidays. After about a minute and my hair dry the phone rang. As she disappeared into the back shop I made up my mind my instructions would be ' short back and sides, a little longer on top, and taper the edges to a '0' if pressed it would be a no1 sides and back 3 on top. From the conversation I could hear it was about her car repair. As she returned she started to tell me about the woes of her car repair and then she plugged something into the wall and flicked a couple of switches and the radio roared to life. She then tucked a tissue around my neck and threw a nylon cape around me , the moment of truth was approaching, then the door opened and another customer came in , another smile 'take a seat I won't be long' then she turned to me 'you know I thought that you would have been back sooner, but never mind you're here now' again she pulled her comb through my now dry soft hair 'that's better ' she mumbled to herself she was standing between me and the mirror then in a flash I heard the buzz, and the clippers entered my hairline at my forehead I felt them be driven back, mowing all the hair in their path, three strokes and she moved to the side I knew from the white scalp that she was using the balding clippers.

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