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Russ and Chip in The Park - Part Three by Russ

Chip sat down and said I'm ready, let's do this. I looked at Jeff and said, do you want to start or should I? Jeff said he'd cut enough hair, including his own, and suggested I put a #3 or #4 guard on the clippers to get the bulk of Chip's hair cut off his head and then fine tune the MPB without any guard. Sure, I said as I found the #3 guard and attached it. Looking at Chip, I said, how about one last ruffle since it'll be a year before anyone can ruffle your hair like that again? Chip said only if you agree to let that fringe of yours grow out. Sure I said, why not? Jeff asked if he was the only one content to stay with short hair after all this. Chip and I both said who knows? We both ruffled Chip's hair one more time and I turned on the clippers.

The buzzing startled Chip as I couldn't resist one last ruffle before I cut away the first swath of his white blond locks. No turning back now he said. I continued clipping and soon enough there was a big pile of hair on the ground and Chip sported what could only be described as a longish buzz-cut. Do I stop now I asked? Chip said no way and Jeff just grinned. I traced an MPB outline with my finger asking Jeff if he agreed with the outline. Jeff traced a somewhat wider outline saying the white blond fringe would look better if the top were bolder. With the guard off I cut the MPB imprint into the top of Chip's head and brushed the short clippings away with my hand.

Jeff and I were both surprised at how good the MPB looked on Chip. A radical change but maybe even one for the better. Chip ran his hand over his head and said what are you waiting for, get rid of this stubble! I never even saw an epilator before and looked curiously at the gadget while plugging it in. When I turned it on, it buzzed like clippers. I said, ready or not, here goes with the next step. I could tell this was not as easy on Chip as the clippers. It must have stung. His eyes teared up a bit and I asked if he wanted me to stop. He said just keep going. I asked you to start it and now I want you to finish it. I looked at Jeff who nodded as if to say, continue. The plucking of the stubble took longer than the first clipper-cut and clipping out the MPB. When it was done Jeff said wow, what a transformation. I just gave Chip a head rub and said, now you know what I felt when you rubbed my head that first time. Jeff suggested I finish up by trimming around Chip's ears and his neck. I wasn't confident I could do it right so Jeff took the clippers and neatened up all those edges.

Chip stood next to me and Jeff chuckled you two could be twins. Russ, Jeff said, how about that landing strip? Sure I said, let's finish what we started here today.

Jeff sat down and I asked if he wanted a guard on the clippers. Jeff said, no, a landing strip is best cut to the bone. Chip asked, the bone? I had a puzzled look on my face as Jeff said, to the bone, as in bone smooth, just like the tops of your two heads. OK. I took the guard off and turned on the clippers. As I was about to start Chip took the clippers and said, can I try this? Jeff shook his head yes and asked that Chip and I agree on an outline first. I traced an outline with my finger and said, Jeff, your flattop is so incredible, are your sure you want a landing strip and horseshoe? Jeff practically shouted let's not banter this around like we did with Chip's MPB, I'm sure, just do it! Chip said not before one more head rub on that flattop. Jeff just rolled his eyes as Chip and I rubbed his head.

Cutting Jeff's landing strip didn't take long and it was to the bone, just like Jeff wanted. However, it did take some time for Chip to craft a horseshoe from what remained of Jeff's flattop. I said the sides and back needed work as Jeff pondered just how high and tight Chip should go. Chip gave me the clippers and said you seem to know more about what a high and tight should look like, you continue. I reminded him I was new to this and Jeff said maybe Chip should finish what he started, you know, too many cooks spoil the broth and all that. Chip finished up what turned into a hot looking high and tight horseshoe with one mean landing strip. I asked Jeff just how much of a smoothly boned landing strip he wanted suggesting the epilator to finish it off? Jeff ran his hand over his head and declined the epilator saying he didn't want to wince his way through it like Chip.

So Chip had his MPB, Jeff had his landing strip and I faced growing out my fringe. Chip put the clippers and epilator back in the bag and we started walking down the park path while rubbing each others' heads.

None of us realized we were being watched.

To be continued.

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