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From 23 to 63 by Titan

Sean had always been a bit of a loner. At just 24 he felt he was in the wrong body and the wrong time as he couldn't relate to younger people. He was very bright and had done well at college though he was between jobs at the moment and money was a problem so it came as no surprise he rarely got his hair cut. His blonde mane was in desperate need of a cut. Despite his thick dark blonde beard the hair still made him look younger than he wanted to. Yes, he wanted something shorter and older but fear and lack of money stopped him.

He'd always had a passing interest in old-fashion barbershops, especially the associated smells, warm lather, Cologne and shampoos. In fact he was particularity interested in one shop in particular; Clyde's Barbershop on the lower southern side of town. He'd walked past many times to catch a look at the barber, who he assumed was Clyde through the window. He was the type of man he'd like to look more like. Clyde was of medium height, balding and wore a thick dark goatee. He looked about 35 or so and carried a fair size belly judging by the tight fitting white tunic. He often saw him with a pipe in his mouth which made the illusion of the older gentleman even stronger.

So on a late Saturday he found himself outside Clyde's wondering if he would ever be game enough to go in. Sean didn't think he was really gay he just liked the way the barber looked and wanted him to make him look more mature and 'gentlemanly'. In fact he wouldn't mind looking more like Clyde. And sure enough, here was Clyde sitting in the only barbers chair reading a paper. Sean could see the light reflecting off the barbers shiny scalp and the pipe was wedged squarely in his mouth. Just a horseshoe narrow strip of dark hair offset the hairless dome.

Despite his fear something inside told him it was now or never. There was no one else in the shop, maybe the barber could help him change his look alittle. As if in a trance Sean had opened the door and stepped inside the shop. "Hey! How's it going?"the barber said brightly as he got up off the chair motioning Sean towards it. "Clydes the name. Been a little quiet today, so what will it be?" Feeling self-conscious, Sean stepped up to the chair while the barber spread a white, nylon cape around him. "Your a quiet one. What would you like me to do to that mop of yours?" Clyde said with a hint of a Scottish accent.
"Ah.....just a trim...you know!"
"Well that's no fun! Just a trim with all this hair?" The barber said as he ran a comb through the long bangs.
"Yeah...ah.... Maybe a little shorter then...." Sean managed to get out.
"Good then, cause I only really deal with shorter here." Clyde said realising how nervous his customer was. "Look how about a drink, I know I could certainly do with a wee dram."
" I'm not much of a drinker....but thankyou anyway." The nervous youth said.
"Nonsense. I insist, it will help relax you." And with that the barber disappeared out the back.

The smell of the pipe tobacco was strong but Sean didn't seem to mind it too much. Nervously he looked around the shop and noticed the different black and white photos of hairstyles. They all had one thing in common; short to zero hair. Sean knew his hair may be in trouble but something also told him this was where he wanted to be. Try and relax. Breath he told himself.
He barber returned with 2 glasses of what looked like whisky, something Sean never drank but his nerves were high and the barber was insistent as well as easy on the eye so he started to take sips. It wasn't so bad after awhile, it was relaxing him as was intended. Clyde knew he had someone special in the chair. He'd noticed the kid walk past the shop pretending not to look in on many occasions. No he knew this kid was wanting more than just a trim, the bulge in his crotch had told him that when Sean sat in his chair.

"So now youngster, what would you really like me to do for you."
"My name is Sean and I'm not really that young!" Sean said with an edge, the alcohol having a effect on him already.
"Oh I'm sorry, It's just with all that hair and the wild beard I thought you were a younger man."
"Well I'm.....nearly.....30." Sean blurted out not sure why he lied.
"Really! Well I apologise if I offended you. How about another drink to make it up?" Clyde said while already going to fetch the drinks.
"Ah....maybe I should slow down....you know......?" Sean said felling the effects of the drink.
The barber wasn't listening. As he made the drinks he dropped a small pill into Sean's glass. This was going to be a good night. Clyde had been itching to do a makeover and now he had a live one in the chair. Why was the kid telling him he was 30 when he probably was barely in his 20s? He was obviously attracted to Clyde as was Clyde to Sean. Clyde knew he maybe be onto something interesting. But he had to quizz the kid first.

"So, how did you want me to style your hair Sean?" Clyde asked after he noticed the kid gulp down the last drop of the drugged whisky.
Feeling very relaxed Sean started to become more honest. "I was hoping for something more.... conservative... shorter and more....more....."
"More what Sean?" The barber pressed.
"Mature!" Sean finally blurted out.
"Why would you want to look older? Most people want to look younger these days." Clyde replied realising he was on the right track.
Now the alcohol had affected him, Sean was blurting out everything. "I hate looking young. Why do you assume it's so great. I have nothing in common with people my own age."
"Won't your family or friends have something to say about changing your look?" Clyde pressed.
"My family abandoned me when I was a child. I've been brought up in foster homes my whole life." Sean said as he cast his head down."As for friends......most of them are boring."a
"Oh! Sorry to hear that. Well now why don't I close the shop up so we don't get disturbed. I think I know just the look for you." Clyde replied with a smile forming.

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