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Karl Cut 9 by Andrew Cluer..

Type your story here....Karl and Ramone were at Andrew`s bedside, when Andrew first opened his eyes. Everything came back to him in a flash. He managed to move his neck , and fondled the silver locket containing two Venturian Twin curls. "I remember them well", he said faintly. "We have some really good news for you. They have finally found a cure for cancer. the whole world is rejoicing .It was a previously unidentified herb that was found in the Moroccan Desert. It has now been given the name "Venturian"" There were tears of joy welling up in Andrew`s eyes. "We will leave you to rest now" said Ramone gently. With Karl and Ramone`s moral support, Andrew made a slow but sure recovery, and the day dawned when he was due to be discharged from hospital. Ramone and Karl both came to collect him. They were colourful wearing tee shirts with pictures of the Venturian Twins. The design on the front showed them with their raven black ringlets, and on the back, their bald heads shining with baby oil. Karl and Ramone knew how to stand out in a crowd. Several heads turned as this stylish shaven-headed duo passed by. Karl and Ramone were super-fit, so could wear the tightest of tight bright red leather trousers. "Wow", said Andrew, "You are both looking smashingly sexy today; I do like those Tee shirts." "I`m so glad that you like them", said Ramone."We have got one put aside for you . A lot has been happening in the city since you slipped into a coma .We will now go and show you the new developments. Don`t be shocked, the old salon is no longer there, but it has been beautifully recreated in the city museum. The Planners finally had their drastic way, forging the new inner city link road, and the tenements had to go. We are now fast approaching the new roundabout" .There was a very striking sculpture standing in the middle. Surmounting the tall metal spiral was a large cut throat razor with the illuminated words "Ramone". From The Ramone Roundabout, a dual carriageway led towards the old quarter of the city. This section of road was known as
"Venturian Way". Magnificent-looking flats flanked the last part of these metropolitan improvements. There was a connecting pedestrian bridge with a prominent sign declaring that this was "The Karl Cut Canyon." "The City Fathers consulted us about this", said Ramone." We felt that there should be
an American Tribute, as the St. Baldrick`s Students had contributed so much to the Karl Cut Cancer Campaign. They came back a second time for Yul Bryner Day",and duly received their much-vaunted Karl Cuts just before the salon finally closed. The Venturian Twins returned to ceremoniously remove those re-grown raven-black ringlets once more in their Hall of Mirrors. It all achieved high television ratings, and a lot more money was raised.
The shaven-headed Karl Cut Gang Children put in a sterling effort. Oh, we are now approaching "Cluer`s Corner"", chuckled Ramone. "You were not forgotten, my friend. Andrew excitedly ran his hand through his now long hair."I have some very sad news to tell you now, Andrew" said Ramone."Just after the last spectacular event,The Venturians died in a plane crash. Fortunately, their bodies were not mutilated, so their adoring public had an opportunity to say their fond farewells as they filed silently past their open coffins. Even more money was donated in their name to The Karl cut Cancer Research Campaign. We are now going to the cemetery so that you can pay your last respects to these remarkable men."

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