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Haircut Punishment: Ankle to Hip Length by Baldlover

The Barber got Barbered: Haircut Punishment-Ankle Length Hair to Hip Length Hair
Jackson finally reached his lifetime goal by graduating from barber school. His dream become an amazing reality. He had even won an award from the barber school for going the best haircuts in the campus. However he unlike any student in the barber school. While there were female barbers who had long hair, he was the only male barber in the school who had long hair. His hair was jet black, super curly, fairly thick and the length was to his ankles. Jackson never had a haircut in his life. He needed about 4inches for his hair to touch the floor. His hair was amazingly beautiful and the long hair really looked good on Jackson since he was very skinny. The head director of the barber school told Jackson he was the best barber student he's ever had but that would be possibly hard to find a job at a barbershop due to his ankle length hair and suggested he should probably cut it off if he wanted to find a job easier. Jackson refused the haircut and left the office of the director. Another problem Jackson had was that loved to dress up in female clothes. He was not gay but he loved to cross-dress. All he wore were tight mini dresses and heels. Also he wore makeup and lipstick. You could not tell the difference, he looked exactly like a hot girl. He just happy that he had finally graduated from barber school and that now he was an official barber.

Jackson started looking for a job at barbershops but all of the jobs were already occupied. It was hard for him to find a job. Then one Saturday evening, as he was driving through Main Street, he happened to notice a barbershop that he never noticed. He stopped in front it to check it out. The name of the shop was Gus Higgins Barbershop. The barbershop was very old, well the entire Main Street also looked super old. However, even though it looked old, the barbershop still looked very nice. The paint from the outside was rotten, the walls were cracked and the door was lose and broken. It was very original and classy. Jackson walked in and the barbershop was very well kept in the inside. The chairs were old, red and everything looked like cool old traditional barbershop. There were two barbers who were sitting in the chairs, waiting for customers to come and get a haircut. They wore white outfits like traditional, classy barbers. They seem bored, reading the newspaper and listening to the radio. They looked at Jackson for a moment, in shock! They never seen such a hot girl in a tight dress and heels with Rapunzel hair.

Gus, the owner of the barbershop, had a tall figure, was in his 60s, good looking man with his head shaved.
He asked Jackson "Hello. What can I do for you young lady?”
Jackson said "Hello, were you needing a barber? I am looking for a job.”
Gus looked at Jackson in shocked! He realized Jackson was men and couldn't think of what to say.
"Huh, are you a guy?” Gus asked
"Yes I am sir” Jackson replied
"Why do you dress like a women?” Gus asked
" I like to sir, it makes me happy” Jackson replied
Gus just kept staring at Jackson, so was Harold, the other barber who there. Harold a small guy, in his 40s, also a handsome guy and had a nice buzzed cut, No.3 all around.
Gus then asked "So you said you would like to work here?”
"Yes sir, I need a job and I would love to here. I finished barber school two weeks ago. I was even the best barber student in the school and won an award for it.” Jackson replied.
Gus then asked "Oh really? You were the best barber student in the school?”
"Yes sir” Jackson said
"Ok, well I and Harold are going to talk about you possibly working here. Be back in an hour, like around 8pm and I'll let you know.” Gus said.
"Ok sir, I'll be back in an hour” Jackson said.
"Ok, oh, what's your name son?” Gus asked
"My name is Jackson” he replied
"Nice to meet you Jackson, my name is Gus, I am the owner of this barbershop and this here is my buddy Harold” he replied
"Nice to meet you too Gus and Harold” Jackson said
Jackson left the barbershop and went to go get something to eat, until the hour went by. He went back to the barbershop at 8pm.
"Hello I'm back” Jackson said.
"Hey, I'm glad your back Jackson. Harold and I talked about it and we would love for you to work in my barbershop. We have here an extra spot in the middle that we don't use and you may use it. Would you still like to work here??” Gus said and asked
"Yes sir I would love to work here and I accepted it” Jackson replied
"Great! You may continue to dresses, heels and makeup if you like. We don't mind” Gus said
"Thank you! I love that even more Gus!” Jackson replied happily
"No problem. However, you did say you were the best barber in the barber school right?” Gus asked
"Yes sir I did” Jackson replied
"Ok, well then there's going to be one rule you must not break Jackson. If you mess up a client's hair, giving them a bad haircut, you will be punished. It's something I know you will not like.” Gus said
"Huh, ok Gus, I will try to be my best not to mess up any of our client's hair.” Jackson said
"Ok good! You can start on Monday! Harold and I will see you here! Have a great weekend!” Gus said
"Thank you! You two!” Jackson replied.
Jackson left, worried about what kind of punishment they were going to use on him if he messed up a client's hair. There no other barbershops to work at and he really need a job.

Monday arrived and Jackson got ready for his first day at the barbershop. He painted his toenails black and his fingernails black also. He put on a tight black mini dress, a pair of black heels. Then he put on makeup and red lipstick. He also made is beautiful long Rapunzel hair look extra nice. His curls looked so amazing. Jackson then left and took off to the barbershop for work. He got there early, to make a good impression and got his things ready in his area that he was going to work at. The barbershop opened at 8am and the client's started coming in. They looked at Jackson in amazement, having never seen a barber which has very long hair that reached his ankles. Just about all the clients touched and ran their fingers through Jacksons cascading black curls. They were all in love with Jackson's long curly hair. Over the next 6 months, Jackson was very successful. More and more clients would come just to get their haircut by the Rapunzel, Gus and Harold were very happy with how the business of the barbershop was going. Jackson had not messed up a client's hair in the six months he has been working at the barbershop. However everything was about to change.
It was a Saturday summer morning, Jackson woke up got ready for work. He put on a tight red dress, a pair of black wedge heels and makeup. Then he went to his car to turn it on but it would not start. He kept trying to turn it on but it would not start at all. His day started out bad. So Jackson decided to call a taxi to pick him up to take him to work. When the taxi arrived, the driver looked in shock at the hot looking girl coming to his car with all the Rapunzel hair. Jackson got on and told the taxi driver to take him to the barbershop. On the way to the barbershop, the taxi driver looked in amazement at Jackson and his beautiful long hair. They arrived to the barbershop just in time. Jackson asked the taxi driver how much was it going to be but the driver said it was free. Jackson thanked him and entered the barbershop. Gus and Harold were in there getting their things ready for the long day ahead of them.

The day went by, all three barbers were busy at work. There was hair everywhere on the floor. Then Jackson got a client, who wanted a 5 on the top with a zero in the sides. Jackson got the clippers ready and started cutting the guys hair. Then Jackson realized the top was too short. He looked at the clipper and noticed he used a number 2! The guy's hair was shorter then he wanted and looked in the mirror in shock! He got very angry with Jackson! Gus and Harold saw everything and just shook their heads. The client left the barbershop angry and didn't pay Jackson for the haircut.
Gus right away said to Jackson "You're in big trouble Jackson”
Jackson was in shock and scared, he didn't know want was going to happen with him.
"Tonight, after we close, you are going to serve your punishment.” Gus said.

Jackson continued the day, worried about what was going to happen to him tonight. He didn't talk all day and felt very nervous.
Then the evening time came, the barbershop closed at 8pm. Jackson, Gus and Harold cleaned up the barbershop. Then Gus went and locked the door and looked at Jackson sternly. Jackson just looked at Gus very scared.
Gus then said to Jackson "Well it is time to serve your punishment Jackson. You were not to mess up a client's hair and that's what you did today. You broke a rule son. Now go sit down in the middle barber chair where you work at. You are going to get a major haircut”
Jackson looked in shock at Gus! He couldn't believe what he just heard! He started shaking and panicking.
"Please sir, don't give me a haircut! I beg you!” Jackson cried out to Gus
Gus replied "No son, you're going to get a haircut because you broke the rules. You said you were the best barber student in the barber school so you shouldn't have messed up one of your client's hair. Now go and sit down or Harold and I will force you.”
Poor Jackson, wanting to cry went to sit down on the barber chair. The chair felt SO cold because his tight dress was very short, so is thighs were rubbing on the cold chair. His feet were hurting also because the chair was long on the button that forcedly position his feet forward, especially since his was wearing 4in black wedge heels. Gus then grabs a white cape and puts it on Jackson. He told Jackson that if dares to try to leave, the haircut will be more severe. Jackson just looked at himself in the mirror, scared, depressed, knowing his beautiful Rapunzel hair was about to be gone. He also never had a haircut in his life, only trims his hair to keep the split ends off. Gus then grabs a brush and brushes down Jacksons Rapunzel hair for about 5 mins. His curly long hair was so beautiful and Jackson knew it was about to come off. Gus grabs the scissors. Jackson begs Gus to not cut off his Rapunzel hair but Gus ignores him and just starts cutting the long hair. All you could hear in the barbershop was the scissors cutting off the thick curly long hair of Jacksons. SNIP! SNIP! SNIP! SNIP! SNIP! SNIP! And it continued. Jackson did not know how much Gus was cutting off because he couldn't look on the floor and didn't want to move or else it would be more severe.
Gus then puts the scissors away. Jackson felt the worse was going to come, he thought Gus was going to grab the clippers. However, Gus moves the chair facing the opposite of the mirror and leans the barber chair back onto the wash sink. Gus then rinsed out Jacksons hair with warm water, then he shampooed it and conditioned it. It was very humiliating for Jackson, having an old guy washing his hair and Harold just watching everything. Gus then finished washing Jackson's hair and lean him upward and blow dried his hair.
"Ok I am done” Gus said and took off the white cape off of Jackson.
Jackson got up and looked at the mirror and was in shock! His hair was still very long but it got cut off a lot! Now his hair reached his hips! What was once to his ankles was now to his hips. Jackson wanted to cry but held back his tears. He had lost 24 inches of hair!
"You better be happy your hair is still super long, that it's to your hips. Next time you mess up a client's hair again, you will get an A-line bob and if you do it a third time, you will get a buzz cut! Did I make myself clear?” Gus said and asked.
"Yes sir. I won't do it again Gus.” Jackson replied. His hair was still very beautiful, long, thick and very curly but it was much shorter. It was to his hips.
Jackson put his hair in a high thick ponytail, which made him the hottest looking girl in town and just waited outside the barbershop until the taxi driver came. He felt a bit better because he was able to wear a nice ponytail still and it wasn't as heavy as it used to be. Then the taxi arrived and looked at him in shock on much his hair was cut off.
"What happened to your ankle length hair?! I mean you look nice still with hip length hair but it's much shorter!” the taxi driver asked and said.
"I got it cut” Jackson replied
"Oh” the taxi driver said
The taxi driver just stared on the way to Jackson's home at Jackson and his beautiful high thick curly long ponytail. Jackson felt a little better because he was able to sit down without having to sit on his hair but he still felted very sad. Finally, Jackson arrived home and asked the taxi driver how much it was going to be but he taxi driver didn't want to charge him again.
That day was the worse day of his life. It was embarrassing and will never forget what happened. His long thick black curly hair was now just to his hips. He lost 24 inches of beauty that was to ankles in one day.

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