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23 to 63 -part 4 by Titan

Brian has always had a fetish. To have a dominant barber take control of his hair and look. When he happens across a new young customer, named Sean wanting to buy one of his pipes he realises the barber responsible for Sean's whole new look is worth investigating. Maybe he should have stayed in his shop.


Brian was feeling very relaxed as he watched the barber plow heavy-duty clippers through his dark,greying hair. Part of him knew he should be worried, but at the same time the thought of a whole different look was a turn on. He'd always wanted to have a barber take control of what his hair should look like. At 43 he had chickened out so many times. He promised himself he'd find a barber in the next year and go for it. One of his New Years resolutions. That probably was why he'd finally entered the barber shop this time. Between the sexy barber and the clients that left the shop it was obvious he catered for a gay clientele. As he felt really relaxed, now was as good a time as any.
Meanwhile Clyde wondered how far he should go. 'Maybe all the way!' he smiled to himself as he went to turn the chair away from the mirror so his client couldn't see what he was doing. He'd coaxed the truth out of his newest customer with the help of his drugged drink. Without much pressing he discovered Sean bought a new pipe from Brian, a Tobacconist in the area. Brian said he had to find the barber who had changed the young man so much. Not only his look but his sudden interest in becoming a seasoned pipe smoker. It had actually turned him on he truthfully old Clyde.

"So you liked what I did to Sean?" Clyde asked as he stopped the clippers for a moment. "Yes. He looks gr..great." Brian said almost dreamily.
"How about I do the same for you then?" The barber purred in his ear as he switched on the clippers again their noise filling the shop.
"Oh....I .....I ......don't think I want to go so short... I mean he...he is completely...bald." Brian replied.
"Well I don't have to shave your head bald, just a change of style. As we say in this shop, 'the shorter the better.' So sit back and enjoy the process." Clyde added with a touch of finality.
"But I like my hair....its its...." Brian knew he was under the barbers control and he didn't mind one bit. His tent in his crotch affirmed all this.
"Well then, I'll make sure you keep as much as possible." Clyde said with a wry smile. He knew exactly what he was going to do with the snoops hair.

Brian could feel the warm clippers working all over his head. Occassionly he was aware of silence as they were turned off then they would resume again. The barber was applying a lot of pressure on top, he seemed to spend more time there until he could feel the cool air on bare skin. Something told him he was going to end up bald like Sean, his new, young customer and he was powerless to stop it. Though his hard-on told him he didn't really want to stop any of what was happening.

Despite his drugged state his mind was reeling with the possibilities. What was the barber doing to him. At times he could feeling tugging and warm pin pricks on the top of his head but he wasn't sure if he was dreaming, he was so sleepy. His eyes felt heavy.

When Brian woke it was with a start. Somehow he'd drifted off. He looked at the store clock. Somehow he'd been in the chair for two hours. How could that be?
"Oh! Finally awake eh?" He heard the barbers deep voice.
"Ready to see the new you?" He hears from behind. "You drifted off."
"Huh?" Brian muttered suddenly feeling coolness on his scalp. Something tugged at his memory. Something about a warning Sean had given him about being in this barber's chair. Slowly, his chair was turned towards the mirror. He was staring at a different man. An older man. His mouth dropped as he focused on the man before him. He now looked more like Clyde. The head shone on top, perfectly bald, not a hair in sight, and around the sides and back was a narrow horseshoe of hair, coloured a little greyer than before. Turning his head he could see the baldness was dipped low at the back. Where had all his hair gone? Why was he now bald? And what had happened to his moustache? It was now coloured silver grey, no longer the big curled handlebar one he'd had. It was still thick, but trimmed along the top lip.

"So what do you think?" Clyde asked, rubbing a hand over Brian's naked scalp.
"Wha....what the f***......what the f*** have you done?"
"You look good. Now your moustache and hair makes a statement, one sexy daddy bear. You suit older so I just helped nature along. Much easier to look after then all that big hair and moustache wax before. Very low maintainance now."
"But I'm bald," Brian cried out loudly as his hand touched the naked, smooth scalp. "You said you wouldn't make me bald."
"No sir, I said I wouldn't shave your head bald like Sean's. I've simply given you a Norwood number 7." Clyde said matters of fact as he pointed to a chart showing the different stages of men's balding.
"But...but....that's the...that's the final stage, even I know that." Brian started to shout. "And what have you done to my moustache? It's....its....grey!"
"Silver actually....and it suits you much better if I do say so myself." Clyde stroked it with his fingers. "And now you look like a proper business man."
Despite his shock and anger he watched the barber stroking his upper lip. He felt his cock enjoying it too.
"But....but... I never agreed....."
With anger in his voice, Clde cut him off. "Well you were the one who came into my shop snooping. And don't tell me you don't get off on the whole barbershop thing. I recognise a fetisher when I see one. Isn't that why you're here? To have someone take charge of your whole look?"
A little stunned and now embarrassed Brian didn't know what to say. The barber had him. "But...I....I.....look...older..."
"Well that's what I specialise in. I think mature is a better word."
"But I can't go around looking like this. What will people say? No..no you have to do something. It will take ages to grow back...I'll look stupid." Brian said as he rubbed the smooth pate unable to feel any stubble then suddenly added, "It...it will grow back....won't it?"
"Yes of course, though it may take awhile, I had to use a depilatory to get below the skin otherwise you'd have a dark shadow on top and then it wouldn't look so natural. You wouldn't want people to think you shaved your head to look mpb on purpose would you?" Clyde tried to say convincingly.
"DEPILATORY!" Brian shouted. "Isn't that permanent?" Now rubbing his pate trying to feel for some stubble, some reassurance his hair wasn't gone forever.
"Hey! Relax will you. If only they had invented a permanent hair remover. It would certainly save me and a lot of men and woman spending a fortune on Nair." Clyde said placing a firm hand on Brian's shoulder.
As soon as he heard Nair, Brian did relax. He'd used it many times before, and wherever he'd used it before, like his chest or legs when he rode bikes, the hair still grew back.

" So how can you fix this, you...you have to... It's not really not what I wanted." Brian asked now a little more relaxed turning his head left and right marvelling at how his bald head shone. Despite his shock and anger he thought baldness suited him. His head was the right shape.
"Well I'd say your getting off on it." Clyde said nodding towards his crotch. But before Brian could answer he held up his hand. "Okay! I feel kind of bad you don't like it so I'll tell you what I can do. If you don't want me to shave it all clean there is away to hide it." Clyde said as he picked up his pipe.
"Yes, yes, anything.... I'll do anything. I can't be seen in the shop like this." Brian sounded desperate.

This was all going perfectly. Clyde knew the vain Brian with the thick mane of hair would take the bait. "I also specialise in wig and toupee fitting. Perhaps I can find one that will be just right for you."
"What...a... a wig.....?" Brian could hardly say it.
"Well lots of guys wear them, why I never know. I feel kind of bad for upsetting you. Let's just see if you like it. I won't charge you of course.
"I'm not wearing some old, fake hairpiece."
"My hairpieces are top quality. So instead of griping about this why don't you let me try one. You make the decision, alright?" Clyde was already moving to the back room.
"I....sup..suppose I'll ....try one." Brian said meekly forgetting how mad he'd been.
What other solution was there. He should never of come here, he should have gone with his gut instinct, that this barber was trouble.

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