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It's finally time by Ray

Lately my hair was getting in my way. I shaved my head 2 years ago and it felt pretty good.the wind and cold on my head,not having to shampoo and the feeling of a smooth shiny shaved head. I was talking to a buddy about shaving again and I kept chickening out. Finally one night Iwas talking to my buddy abt shaving it again and he said I know u won't and the next time I see him I will still have hair. I finally decided it was time. I took out the clippers and took th first swipe. It was so liberating. I then buzzed the sides and gave my self a hawk. I then buzzed the rest off and put shaving cream on. Each glide of the razor felt great on my bald head. I was soon totally shaved. That was three days ago and my hair is already starting to grown back. Unsure if I should grow it out or shave again and if again like keep it and how often should it be shaved? Thoughts?

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