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Mr.Vincino'sBarbershop- Cory's Close Cut by SailorNaruto52

Cory was your typical teenager with angst and attitude that just felt like the world owed him something. It is true that he was disposed early in life with the curse of a lower income family however he did not try to break the cycle that he had been exposed to. Cory had light brown hair that he styled into a pompadour. It looked soft and straight as though no gel was used to style it. The pompous forelock reached to about 2 inches off his head. Overall Cory was the typical rebellious teenager type that needed a stern hand to guide him.
Cory's typical friend group consisted of the the normal types that you would expect to him to hang out with. Your standard fare of stoners and hippies with their longer hair in a unique of array of styles. So one day Cory had skipped school like normal and was hanging out with his friends. When one of them mentioned something peculiar.
"Yo bro did you hear about that old abandoned barbershop around the corner?” Cory's friend Jack said.
"No. What about it?” Cory replied interested.
"Well apparently the barber that used to run it haunts the place and if you stay in their after midnight he comes and cuts your hair super short.”
"That's a load of bulls**t.” Cory's friend Tim quipped.
"No way it totally happens. I heard that's what happened to Jimmy.” Jack retorted with determination and belief.
"No way his old man cut his hair like that.”
"Whatever I betcha you're just scared.”
"No, it's just that there's no such thing as ghost.” Tim sputtered.
"Well why don't we all go in there on friday and stay after hours and see who's right?” Cory suggested.
"Sure. I can't wait to be right about the ghost.”
"Well I can't wait to prove you wrong about that dumb ghost.”
So they all waited until friday and excitement slowly built up. Jack to prove Tim wrong and Tim to prove Jack wrong. Cory was just excited because he was wondering for what reason the ghost would haunt the barbershop so he did some research. He found out that the barbershop's name was Vincino's barbershop and that apparently he had been killed in a giant riot by a gang of teenagers in the 1950's. The shop was never bought by someone else and stayed the way it always was after it was destroyed.
The big day came and everything was set they would all met up at the barbershop at 11:30. So they waited and at 11:30 they all surrounded the barbershop.
"You ready?” Corey asked the others.
"Yeah I can't wait to prove Timmy boy here wrong.”
"Whatever. Ghosts aren't real anyways.”
"You won't be saying that when you're sporting a flattop like your old man.”
"No way.”
"Both of you shut up and let's get inside.”
And so they entered the barbershop. Once inside they looked around. They could see what looked like mirrors on the wall and an old time barbers chair. Both were worn by time and had scorch marks from when the shop was destroyed. However the most eye catching thing were the clippers lying perfectly on the counter adjacent from chair. The clippers had no wear and tear on them and looked like there were just bought yesterday and lying next to them was a pair barber scissors just as perfect.
"Woah this place is creepy” Jack said.
"What you getting scared of a little barbershop?' Tim mocked.
"Says Mr. Shivers.”
"Shut up ass hat.”
"Both of you shut up or I'll cut your nice heads of hair.” Cory threatened with scissors in hand.
Jack clutched to his brown bieber bowl cut and Tim smoothed his black haired slicked back undercut.
"Calm down Cory. What are you scared?” Tim mocked.
"Shut up Timmy Toldrum.” Cory commanded.
Tim got red in the face and mumbled off about something. Cory and Jack laughed. They waited and waited until around 11:57 when Tim got a little skittish.
"Guys it's been too quiet. I'm getting a little worried.” Tim suggested.
"Aww poor wittle Timmy getting scared” Cory mocked.
"No, I just think the cops might come or something.”
"Don't worry I've dealt with them before.”
Just then the clock struck 12;01 and the boys felt a sense of verigo as the room started spinning around them and seemed to change before their eyes as the burnt and damaged place made way for a freshly refurbished barbershop straight out of the 50's there was radio playing Elvis and then out of nowhere a middle aged italian man appeared out of nowhere. He was wearing a white barbers tunic and has slicked back black hair that was balding on top.
"Welcome to Vincino's barbershop. You all look desperately in need of haircuts.”
"I'm confused. What the f*** just happened?” Cory said aloud.
"Watch your language young man?” The italian guy said. "I can't believe your father let you say that.”
"Sorry sir.” Cory apologized confused.
Cory looked around outside looked modern, but the inside looked straight out of the 50's. The italian guy grabbed Cory.
"Come and sit down here young man,” The barber said while moving Cory toward the barbershop chair. He then caped Cory up.”What would you like young man?”
"Just I trim I guess?” Cory said confused.
"Okay then.” The italian guy said and then picked up the scissors and a comb from his pocket and started cutting.
He combed up the hair and started just trimming the edges. Tim and Jack stood in wide-eyed befuddlement wondering what was happening. Tim grabbed the door and tried to open the door, but it wouldn't move and they were trapped. Tim told Jack and they started to freak out a little. The italian guy continued cutting Cory's hair.
"So what's your name young man?”
"Oh okay what grade are you in”
"So what are you doing in my shop at so late at night?”
"What do you mean?” Cory asked wondering what was happening.
"Oh please I know what you're doing here. I know all the stories and you are not the first to come here.”
"What are you gonna do then Mr. Vincino.”
"I think you know exactly what?”
Suddenly the room got darker and Mr. Vincino got an eerie red glow around him that permeated through the room and suddenly ghostly snakes with a green glow wrapped Cory, Tim, and Jack. All them then struggled to move, but couldn't do anything.
"This is what happens to those who trespass on my barbershop you all get a nice barber's choice haircut.” Mr.Vincino said and then took the scissors and chopped off Cory's forelock. Cory's mouth dropped and he was in stunned silence. Mr. Vincino picked up the clippers and set the #1 guard on them. He placed them on Cory's forehead.
"It's time for your induction into my world.” Vincino said and pulled the clippers back.
The barber kept running the clippers over the top of Cory's head as mounds of his light brown hair fell on the barber's cape. Vincino continued cutting the hair and after a while he took the guard off. He then placed clippers on Cory's sideburn and went up revealing white walls all around. As he cut Cory's hair wa falling like a waterfall and even Cory couldn't believe how much hair he had on his head. Vincino then slathered the sides of Cory's head with shaving cream and grabbed his straight razor and started cutting. He scraped away the white foam and thus removed the stubble from the side of Cory's head. Once all of the shaving cream was gone Cory got a good look of himself in the mirror
Cory couldn't believe what he was seeing were there had once been silky brown combed back there was nothing but skin and where there had been his giant forelock there was nothing but stubble. The snake let go and Cory felt his head and he was so deep in shock that he couldn't speak as he got out of the chair. As Cory sat down Mr. Vincino turned the chair toward Tim and Jack.
"So, which one of you young men are up next?” Mr. Vincino hollered at the boys with a devilish smile of knowing that he had utter control over them.

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