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Kane by Bald K


"Do not forget it is your cousins wedding on Saturday Kane. Kane's dad said as he put his jacket on ready for work. "You need to get that haircut so you look decent.
"Yes dad I know it is Jake's wedding on Saturday and we have to pick up the morning suits on Friday. Kane replied.
Kane hated his cousin Jake and his snobbish parents. Jake's dad had got him a job in a bank through a friend of his and Jake was being fast tracked on the management scheme much to Kane's disgust who had to settle for a part time job selling mobile phones. Kane looked in the mirror at his longish hair gelled back and thought that soon he would be able to tie it back. "Guess I better make an appointment with Paul. Kane sighed as he put his jacket on and started walking to work.

That lunchtime Kane made his way to Paul's salon and sighed when he saw on the door that it was closed until the following week due to holidays and a bereavement. "S**t, what am I going to do now? Kane thought to himself as he made his way back to work. Kane went into the newsagents and got his monthly magazine before heading back to the shop and eating his sandwich he had packed up.
"Hey Kane looking forward to the wedding? Patrick inquired,
"Nope I wish I could get out of going to the country club they are getting married in. Kane replied. "And I have to get a decent haircut.
"Why not piss them off man do something different so you get noticed? Patrick said grinning.
"Like what? Kane replied.
"Don't know but hey I know you like your hair how about skinning it off? Patrick replied still grinning.
"You are joking man I want this to be long and tied back mate. Kane said running his hand through his hair.
"Only a suggestion mate. Patrick said as he went back on the shop floor.

Saturday arrived and Kane woke and showered before eating some breakfast.
"I will run you into town for your haircut. Kane's dad said picking up the car keys.
"Fine, I guess I will have to go to a barber as Paul is closed. Kane replied as he put his shoes on.
"Maybe you will get a decent haircut then instead of just getting the ends trimmed. Kane's dad retorted.
"Yeah whatever. Kane replied as he walked out to the car.
"Do you want me to wait and pick you up? Kane's dad inquired.
"No I will get the bus as I want to do a couple of things in town. Kane said as he put his seat belt on.

Getting out of the car Kane saw his cousin walking into the Toni and Guy salon with his mum. Kane wandered down a road and looked into a Turkish barber shop which had three chairs and a couple of young guys waiting on sofas. Kane pushed the door open and took a seat next to a young guy with medium length hair and smiled. Kane watched the two barbers cutting the hair of the boys in the chairs before the young man next to him was called over.
"What will it be sir? the barber asked the young man.
"Take it right down I am fed up of this mess. The young man said.
Kane sat upright as he heard what the young man had said and remembered what Patrick had said to him about getting skinned to piss off his cousin. Kane watched as the barber ran the bare blade clippers over the young man's head seeing the blonde hair fall into the cape. The barber then took a smaller set of clippers and took the hair even closer before wrapping a hot towel round the man's head before removing it and applying shaving cream over the remaining stubble. Kane watched as the barber expertly shaved the man's head smooth before wiping it and removing the cape. The young man rubbed his head and thanked the barber before paying and walking out.
"You are next sir. The barber said to Kane smiling at him.
Kane stood up and walked to the chair and sat down and looked in the mirror at his hair.
"What will it be sir? The barber asked Kane.
Kane paused and stared at his reflection in the mirror before saying. "Take it all off like you did the man before.
Kane watched as the barber caped him up not being able to believe what he had told the barber to do. "
"You are sure you want it shaved sir? The barber asked Kane.
"Yeah my dad told me to get it cut short for my cousins wedding so do it. Kane replied not being able to believe what he had just said.
Kane heard the clippers fire up and the barber gently push his head forward placing the clippers and the base of the neck before slowly pushing them through Kane's brown hair. Kane watched as his hair started to fall in the cape as the barber carried on with the clippers. "Oh well this it is Kane my boy you are about to piss off your cousin big time. Kane thought to himself as he watched the hair being clipped from the side of his head before watching his long hair being reduced to stubble. Kane then watched as a smaller set of clippers reduced the stubble more before the barber wrapped a hot towel round his head. "Wow this feels great. Kane thought to himself as he relaxed in the chair. Kane felt the towel being removed and the shaving cream spread over his head. Kane looked in the mirror at his scalp covered in shaving cream. "I could get used to this. Kane thought as he felt the razor start scraping away the remains of his hair off. Soon the barber finished shaving Kane's head and wiped it with the towel before applying a cooling lotion. The barber removed the cape from Kane and Kane slowly stood up rubbing his now smooth scalp. "Wow this feels amazing. Kane told the barber.
"Do you like it? The barber asked Kane.
"Yes I do thanks I love it. Kane replied looking in the mirror before paying the barber.
Kane walked out and felt the warm spring sunshine on his scalp. Walking into a store Kane selected a new five blade razor pack and paid for it before going to where he worked and walked in.
"You did it! Patrick exclaimed.
"Yeah I did and I love it mate. Kane replied.
"Does look good on you so are you keeping it? Patrick inquired.
"You know what mate I think I will for summer at least. Kane replied. "Anyway time to face my parents.

Kane arrived home and paused on the doorstep before inserting the key and walking in and going into the lounge where his dad was reading the newspaper.
"Well dad is this short enough for you? Kane said to his dad.
"What the! Kane's dad shouted out. "What on earth have you gone and done!
"Got a haircut like you told me to dad. Kane replied rubbing his smooth scalp.
"But I did not mean get it all shaved off. Kane's dad said.
"Yeah well I like it like this so I am thinking of keeping it shaved for summer. Kane said as he walked out to get ready for the wedding.

At the wedding Kane was surprised at all the compliments he got about his shaved head and the amount of people that wanted to rub it and take photos of him except his aunt and cousin Jake who got married who refused to speak to him. The next day Kane took his new razor to the bathroom and carefully shaved his head making sure that he did not miss a spot. "I am staying bald until the end of summer at least. Kane thought to himself.

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