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Survey! by Daniel

Hey guys, this is just a survey that I would love to hear your responses to!

1) What do you recommend for someone who wants to cut their hair very short but is scared of shock value/people's reactions?

2) Do you prefer watching buzzcuts or headshaves?

3) Has anyone ever found out about your haircut interest/what was their reaction?

4) Can you get a buzzcut if you have a widow's peak?

5) What are some of the best haircut video channels?

6) Are there any virtual reality type games to play that look like you're cutting someones hair?

7) Who do you think looks best in the cover photo of the site (1-7 left to right) ?

8) Have you ever shaved your head and what did it feel like?

9) You have been dreaming to cut someones hair forever, and you friend finally asks you too. He has very long hair, and says you can do anything to i as long as he leaves bald. You want to take it in as much as possible so you do...
A. A layered cut, then a business cut, then play with clippers, then shave him
B. Go crazy with clippers and scissors and have fun!
C. Just shave it all right off.

Thanks, You don't have to answer them all!

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