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A New Service, part 2 by Ken

Driving home from the salon, I kept looking at my head. Not while driving mind you, but at stop lights. I just couldn't get over how natural it looked. They made the line between the bald on top and the hair on the side look like it happened over the years. I'd see a few guys, on the internet and in real life shave an MPB, but it never looked natural. They even had the sides recede some. I marveled at the artistry of it all.

I had a couple day before I had to go back to work so I had a little time to get some sun on it. I went to a golf course I rarely play, put on some 45spf sun screen and played 18 holes. I did well, though I didn't like the course. I played with some guy and his wife. He was bald on top as well, though I must admit, it wasn't as nice as mine way, not by along shot.

I got as much sun as I could before going back to work and the light tan looked good. I'm an economist and work for a large regional bank writing reports that analyze various markets. My specialty is the viability of micro-loans in developing third world countries. It's interesting, it helps a lot of people, and makes the bank a bunch of money. So I pay my way in this world.

My work station in kind of in the middle of the floor, not far from the VP of our department. I acted as casual as I could walking to my space, I mean, I had a full head of hair on Friday, and now I'm bald. That merits a few sideways glances - I'll give them that.

I saw Darlene, another economist who writes about investment opportunities in Canada, and she reared her head a bit. Not like a horse does when you pull on its reigns, but not far from it.

"Hey, how was your weekend?" I asked.

"Ken, what happened?"

"What?" I asked. Though I must admit, I knew what she was talking about.

"You're hair? It's gone."

"Oh, that. I used to have a hair piece but got tired of it."

"That was a hair piece?"

"Oh, yeah. And expensive one, but a hairpiece."

"I had no idea," she said as she came closer. Apparently, I was not as radioactive as she first thought.

"I suspect most people didn't."

"Why did you stop wearing it."

"Well, it felt like I was wearing a furry hat all the time. Nice in winter, but not so nice in June. Or July. Or August."

"I get it. Well, I must say, you look good without it."

"Thanks. People will get used to it in a day or two."

And then Alvin Bloomquist came over. I'm not one to swear, nor to call people names, but I will say the word I would use kind of rhymes with Trucking Pass Toll.

"What happened to you?" he asked. Nasal squeaks.

"Got rid of the hair piece," Darlene said.

"About time. I could tell," he said. "Should have spent more on it." Like I said, rhymes with...

The day went well, a few comments, most of them very positive. I think I was flirted on by the nice blonde in mortgage servicing, but I'm clueless in this area. I mean, really clueless. I've got a handicap parking pass I'm so bad at it.

Even my family was fine with it, though I had to detail the process, they're my family, not a bunch of dolts.

My second appointment came up and I was looking forward to it. I felt like I was starting to grow hair back and was concerned.

"Yeah, you'll feel some, but it would take months for anything to grow back. And what would grow back would be half of what was there before. After today, only half of that would grow back."

"So ever time I come, you cut the hair growth by half, is that right?"

"That's right. But I think we should make your bald spot just a bit bigger this time. I think for the next three times, we'll make it a little bigger and your fringe a little smaller. What do you think?"

"Are you kidding, sounds great."

She applied the cream, all one color this time and took maybe a quarter inch more of the fringe. No towel this time at the hair dryer. I liked it more without the towel around my head, though it did get warm after a while. This time, she didn't use a brush or comb, but a course sponge. She rubbed and rubbed with my head under the water. When it was all done she dried me off and I looked in the mirror. My fringe was smaller, but I doubt anyone but me would notice it. I didn't have her cut my hair as I wanted to start getting it cut myself.

I went to Supercuts and a young stylist named Nancy cut my hair. "How do you want it cut," she asked.

"A mullet," I said.

She laughed. "Okay, just a trim. Half inch sound okay?"

I nodded, and she trimmed it with a small pair of clippers, made a nice line at the back and side. I paid her with a buck tip (I mean, come one, I could have done the same with a beard clipper) and left.

After three more appointments with the cream, my fringe was almost an inch smaller than before, but it looked great. It wasn't even two inches and she made the hair recede back more on the sides. I really liked it, and while I knew it was forever, had no doubts about getting it done. I miss the sessions with the cream since it's now bald and nothing grows, not even little small hairs. It stays nice and shinny. I understand why guys who lose their hair go ahead and shave the whole thing off, but not for me. Not now, at least...maybe some day.

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