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Lesson Learned, Desire Fulfilled by Kosu

Duo Maxwell woke up and found himself lying on his stomach, his hair unbound around him. His hands and feet were tied to the head and footboards respectively with what he determined to be some of his own scarves. He struggled for a moment, but found that the knots were too tight. Duo looked over his shoulder towards the back of the dusty bedroom, but he couldn't see Heero anywhere. He sighed, annoyed. It must have been Heero that had tied him up like this, but why had he left him here? In their past six months of living together, Heero had consistently bossed Duo around and treated him as an inferior. It was a little infuriating, actually. The fact that Heero thought that he could do anything he wanted to his roommate. This had to be some sort of prank or something.
Duo blew his overlong bangs out of his eyes and yelled,
"Heero?! Where the f*** are you?!” He glowered in silence as he heard Heero start to walk down the hall, and then the creak of the old door opening. He tried to look back at the doorway, but could only get a glimpse of Heero before his neck made a noise it wasn't supposed to and he turned back. "Ow!”

"Ha,” Heero said harshly. Duo heard him walk over to the bed and turned to see Heero sit down next to him.
"Why'd you tie me up?” Duo asked angrily.
"Hm. Funny story. You know, I have a roommate who has been driving me crazy. He's vain, and never cleans up after himself. Sooo, I'm going to teach him a bit of a lesson.” Duo groaned at this. Heero gently began stroking Duo's knee length hair.
"So this is what your hair looks like down! I've always wanted to see it, considering how much time and money you spend taking care of it, but I've never got the chance to,” Heero hissed bitterly.
"Don't you think this is a little extreme?!” Duo yelled.
"Nope. I'm fixing the problem permanently,” Heero said curtly. Duo's heart skipped a beat. F***. "You see, I think that this roommate of mine needs to be taken down a few notches. He's very arrogant, and can't follow simple instructions.” Duo heard the bite in Heero's voice and felt him sharply yank on his chestnut locks.

"It's a shame, really, Duo.” As Heero said this, he pulled a fistful of hair towards himself and held it up to the light from the window. "It's quite lovely. Beautiful, even. But it all has to go.” Duo felt panic swelling inside of him.
"Please don't!”
"Don't what?” Heero asked dryly.
"Don't cut my hair!”
"And why would I not?”
"It has.. Special meaning.”
"Oh man, that changes everything! Just kidding. I don't care.” Duo had never heard this level of sarcasm from Heero before. "My sleep has ‘special meaning,' and yet, you take super long showers into the dead of night, washing that hair of yours,” Heero growled. He pushed Duo's bangs off of his forehead, and noticed the tears welling in Duo's eyes, which were quickly blinked away.

"Aww, are you sad? Don't be, this was long overdue. Now, how short should we take this?” Heero pulled the thick hair to its full length, just past Duo's knees. "It looks shorter when it's braided.”
"Stop that! Let me go!” Duo struggled again, and Heero laughed.
"Nope. How about we chop it here?” Heero pressed his hand against Duo's mid back. Duo gasped in hysteria.
"No, please!”
"Okay then, how about here?” Duo felt Heero's light touch against his shoulder.
"No, no, no, no, longer!!”
"I'm sorry, did you say shorter?” Heero's fingers brushed against Duo's jaw.
"No! No, please!” Heero touched the back of Duo's head.
"If you insist! To the scalp it is!” Heero cried angrily. Duo choked on a sob. Infuriated, he squirmed within his bonds but it was in vain. He swore that when he got out, Heero was going to feel pain.

"I've wanted to see you with a butch for quite some time now. Get rid of all this lovely hair, and with it, your pride.” Duo glared up at Heero.
"MY pride? You're the one that treats me like I'm incompetent all of the time!” He spat through gritted teeth, reminding Heero of a wild cat. "And even though I'm better than you at piloting, you can't bring yourself to admit it!” In a flash, Heero grabbed Duo's chin and forced eye contact.
"I am your leader,” he hissed. "You will treat me with respect.” Duo gave his captor a murderous look, and Heero dropped his chin, before walking to the other side of the bed. With one hand, Heero pressed his victim's head against the bed to keep him from looking at what he was doing. Duo heard the sound of something being plugged in and froze. He knew that it was Heero's old set of clippers. They barely worked. This would be a hack job for sure.

Duo tried to lift his head, but Heero had too much leverage.
"Please, please, please don't!” the long-haired man begged. Heero laughed without any humor in his voice. Duo felt tugging on the ends of his hair, and gasped, thinking that it was being cut.
"Relax, I'm just combing it. For now.” Heero gently ran the tines through the silken locks, carefully working out the tangles. Duo's hair spilled all around them. Heero let go of Duo's head to grab the hair and be able to comb it easier. It was soft, thick, and shining in Heero's hand. Duo had kept it neatly trimmed, making it all the same length, besides his bangs. It was crimped into waves because of the braid it had been confined in. Heero quickly worked his way up the chestnut hair, not wanting to linger and change his mind about cutting it.

Heero finished, and Duo's hair was spread all over the bed like a shimmering blanket. He hesitated for a moment, staring at all of it, which Duo noticed.
"Having second thoughts? You SURE you want to do this?” Duo asked, trying to keep the fearful waver out of his voice. Heero growled, and stormed over to the bedside table, where he had set the clippers. He picked them up and switched them on. Loud buzzing filled the air, and Duo's chest constricted in terror. Heero seized Duo's hair and yanked back. Duo winced in pain, and then opened his eyes wide when he felt the vibrating blades on his hairline. With a violent motion, Heero dragged the clippers to Duo's crown, leaving ragged tufts where Duo's crowning glory had been. Duo screamed, and Heero looked in shock at what he had done. There was a wide strip cut out through the middle of his former friend's head. Did he really deserve this? Heero shook his head to banish that thought. It was too late now, anyways. Tears were slipping down Duo's cheeks, and he was looking over his shoulder at Heero, his eyes saying, ‘What have you done?'

Heero pushed the severed hair out of the way to see the damage. There was no way to cover it up. Heero jumped on the bed and straddled Duo's body in between his knees for an easier angle. The extremely long, almost fairytale-like tresses felt like silk under his groin and thighs. He sighed, beginning to feel aroused, and began buzzing off what was left of Duo's overgrown bangs. Duo was sobbing as if he was getting a limb torn off; painful, racking, shuddering sobs making him seem to convulse. Clipped-off bangs stuck to his wet cheeks and eyelashes. Heero smirked. Not so arrogant now, hm? Heero began shaving around Duo's right ear, and Duo flinched at the loud sound. Heero brushed the shorn locks out of the way and pressed Duo's face into the pillow so that he could begin work on the nape. It was hard work, with the ancient clippers and Duo shaking from his crying. Heero buzzed the nape horizontally, starting from the area below the crown, moving the clippers right to left. He wasn't trying to make this look good, he was trying to teach Duo a lesson.

Heero didn't know this, but Duo kept his hair long to remember the victims of the fire that had killed the people that had taken him in off of the streets. Duo felt guilty over the incident, and didn't chop of his hair in order to help retain the memory of a woman at the church where Duo had lived, Sister Helen. She had tenderly brushed Duo's hair, and taught him how to braid it. It wasn't just Duo's vanity that was making him so upset at this recent turn of events. As the clippers ran through his hair, he was recalling how Helen had so tenderly run her own hands through his long locks. The thing was, though, although Duo kept his hair long in remembrance, he had also been teasing Heero for months, letting his tail brush against Heero and keeping it loosely braided around him. He had been secretly wanting this for a while, but he never thought that Heero would actually go for it.. There was something, deep inside him, that wanted to be taken charge of and shorn, although he would never admit it.

Heero "finished” the nape, and began shaving around Duo's left ear, turning Duo's head so that his right cheek was pressed against the pillow. The sections that Heero had cut had uneven lengths of hair, with some slightly longer patches, and some bald nicks in it. Heero grasped the little hair that was left and returned Duo to face-down position. All that remained was a small patch on the right and left sides on Duo's head. With a rush of exhilaration and four rough strokes, Heero buzzed off the rest and switched off the clippers. He tanked on the cord to unplug them, and chucked the tool aside.

Heero rubbed Duo's inconsistently shorn head and laughed quietly. He leapt off of the bed and untied Duo, who curled up into a vulnerable ball and sobbed.
"Don't worry, it will grow back. Eventually.” Duo slowly raised himself into sitting position and picked up fistfuls of hair, which were lying all around him.
"Wha-what the f*** did you do?!” His face was red and miserable. He jumped off of the bed and tackled Heero, who didn't fight back. Hair was stuck all over his toned body. He wept and wept as he weakly punched Heero's chest, all of his will and energy drained out of him.
"I suppose I deserved that… Did you learn your lesson?” Duo suddenly curled up onto Heero's front.
"Y-you took away the one thing I loved the most..”
"Well?” Heero asked impatiently.
"Yes. I learned my lesson. I won't tease you again… I'll-I'll stop being so arrogant..,” Duo said with venom and reluctantly. Heero smiled mean spiritedly.
"Good. Now clean up that extravagant hair all over the room.” Heero pushed Duo off of him and left the room.

Duo was left there, sitting on the wooden floor, with his own hair strewn everywhere around him. He wiped his tears away and tried to stop crying. He felt vulnerable, helpless, and like a convict. But… he couldn't help feeling his lighter, sloppily shorn head, as excitement pulsed through his system.

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