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Nair - a slow process by Ken

I always wanted to be bald, but had thick hair and somehow, just couldn't do it. But then, I had an idea. I saw on youtube, some guy who put Nair on his head, but it burned real bad and while there was comic relief to the video, Nair seemed out. Unless...

I bought two containers of my regular shampoo, 22 oz size and two containers of Nair. I thought I could get my scalp used to the Nair slowly. It was worth a try.

I started by taking 5 ounces of the shampoo from the first bottle, and replaced it with Nair. The second bottle, I took 10 ounces out and replaced it with Nair. The container of Nair, I put left about 12 ounces of Nair and then added about 4 or 5 ounces of shampoo. Then I had one container of Nair that had no shampoo in it. I labeled them 1, 2, 3 and 4. Start with 1 and then after a few weeks, hopefully, my scalp would slowly get used to the Nair then more and more. I liked science and this seemed like a good experiment.

The next morning when I took my shower, I used number 1. It did tingle a bit but nothing to be concerned with. I didn't leave the shampoo in very long, but I figured every time I took a shower, I'd leave it in a little longer each time. I didn't notice any change after the first time, but hopefully, leaving it in longer, I'd notice a change. By the last time of using Number 1, I could leave it in over five minutes and I didn't feel any tingling at all.

But my hair was going through a change to be sure. I did notice a general thinning throughout my scalp. But when I combed and brushed it, it felt thinner everywhere. The only person who said anything was the lady at Supercuts who usually cut my hair. She asked if I was doing something different with my hair but I just said no. She said it seemed thinner, but wasn't sure. I said it was probably just her imagination.

When I started bottle 2, the tingling was back, but just barely. I didn't leave it in long at all. My hair wasn't thinner, but it did feel different to be sure. I combed and brushed it but this time, I noticed more hair in my comb and brush. It was my dream to some day never have to used a comb or brush again and I was beginning to get optimistic about that happening. Using a cheap timer when I showered for a longer and longer leave time in my hair helped. The tingling went away pretty quick, which was encouraging because I was up to almost 50 percent Nair in the shampoo.

My hair did start to thin, and some people started to notice. My supervisor at work, a very nice lady, asked me if I was sick or if there was something going on. I informed her I just got a physical and was the picture of good health. I agreed my hair was thinning, but wasn't concerned about it at all.

By the time I finished bottle Number 2, I had some bald patches showing through the thinning hair. I could still comb it and brush it and more and more hair would come out in my brush and comb. I was on to something.

The morning I was to start bottle three, I stopped and stared at it for a few minutes. This would be the biggest step, it was mostly Nair and would have a stronger effect on my hair. When I put it in, I didn't feel any tingling at all. I was relieved as I thought with more Nair it would burn a lot like the video I saw on Youtube. But it didn't. I only left it in for a minute before washing it out. No real change, but I knew it was having an effect.

As I left it in longer and longer, my hair got really, really thin all over with many bald spots. It had only been about 2 months since I started the process and I figured in about 2, maybe 3 weeks, I'd be completely bald. My scalp had gotten used to the Nair over the past 60 applications of Nair/shampoo combination. After 2 weeks, I was almost completely bald, with just a few suborn strands hanging on for dear life.

The morning I switched to full Nair, I was excited. I decided I'd leave it on longer than just a few minutes. The full Nair didn't burn or tingle at all. My scalp had gotten used to it. I left it on for 7 full minutes while I showered. When I rinsed it off, I saw the hair that was left gather at the drain. I rinsed it off and couldn't wait to see what the mirror would reveal.

I toweled off and looked in the mirror. I was bald. Nothing left at all. I couldn't see any trace of hair on my scalp. It was soooo smooth. I was so happy that I was now completely bald. The reaction at work was all positive as most people figured I just lost my hair. I think they thought it was alopecia or something like that.

So I stopped buying shampoo and just bought Nair. I used it every other day, left it on for 5 minutes or so then rinsed it off. I never had any sign of hair growth coming back. I stopped after a year when I went on a two week trip, to see what would grow back. Nothing did. It was worth it, the who process, to not feel a single hair on your head and know you never have to shave it or get a haircut again.


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