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Good hot weather haircut by Ken

My hair was six inches long, on my collar. I liked it long, but we were in a drought and heatwave. I thought maybe it was time for a shorter hot weather haircut. I walked into a Great Clips. The young lady at the desk asked my what I wanted. I told her good hot weather hair cut. I took my seat and waited.

A young lady came and got me. She had very short hair, maybe one and a half inches on top and a bit shorter on the sides. It looked nice on her.

"What'll it be today? Just a trim?"

"No, time to go shorter. I want a good hot weather haircut."

"Going short because of the heat, huh?"

"Yeah, but it's a good excuse to get it cut. I've had this long hair too long."

"So, a short hair cut for the weather?"

"Yeah, whatever you think would be the best hair cut for this heat."

"It's 92 outside. You sure?"

"I'm sure."

She spun me around and picked up a comb and a pair of clippers. She combed my hair over and over again. "Kind of tangled," she said.

"Yeah, but not after today, right?"

"Right." At that she put the clipper to the top of my head and brought it back. I couldn't see the attachment she had on it, but I was guessing maybe one inch, maybe a bit shorter. She made pass after pass and I saw my hair pile up on my cape. Then she started on the side. She seemed to switch clippers, but that made sense, as the sides were bound to be a bit shorter that the top. She started cutting the sides and back. She ran the clippers over and over my scalp until she it to where she wanted it. She ran her hand over my hair and looked at me from the front. It was hard to tell from her hands how long my hair was.

"Hmm," she said. "Not quite there yet. Supposed to be hotter next week, you know."

Then she picked up another clipper and started on the top again. It was hard to feel how long she was cutting it, and I was getting a little concerned. But the second pass brought only a few short hairs on the cape so it seemed she was almost done. Then she worked on the sides again and again.

"You've got really bushy eyebrowes. How about if I trim them a bit?"

"That makes sense."

I closed my eyes and she ran the clippers over my eyebrowse. A few times. "There, that looks better with a short hair cut."

She used a hair dryer to blow away all the cut hair. She took off the cape and spun me around with a mirror in her hand. I could see the front and back at the same time.

I was almost bald. Just some very short hair everywhere, maybe 1/16 an inch long. I felt my hair and it felt like stubble.

"I'm almost bald," I said. "My eyebrowse, they're so short."

"Well, this is the best hot weather cut I know of."

I kept feeling the stubble. I paid and left. She was right. It was better in the hot weather. While the weather stayed hot, I would go back and get the same hair cut.

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