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23 to 63 - part six by Titan

Chapter 6
This is the continuation of a dominant Barber's attempts at creating his ideal partner.

Sean couldn't stop rubbing his head as he starred in the mirror of his small bathroom. The bare crown was still totally smooth and shiny with no shadow. But his remaining hair and beard were thicker and denser than he remembered.

It had been nearly a week since his last visit to Clydes barbershop and he was having trouble remembering what he'd asked for. All he could remember was the barber telling him to try not shaving his head ever again and leaving the full beard to grow. That was at the back of his mind, along with something about the weight he'd gained looking good on him. Rubbing his hand through his dark blonde beard excited him. How had he'd ever been able to grow something so fast? It seemed to go well with the horseshoe of hair that remained on his head. It had grown quickly and now looked like he'd had it like that for some time. In fact as he puffed on his pipe he was turned on. Wasn't this the man he longed to be. The man his barber wanted him to be. He now looked in his late 30's. Hell, the longer he looked at himself he thought he was looking late 40's. Did he want to look so old so quickly? His mind was confused but he liked what he saw in the mirror and could hardly wait for another visit to his 'private' barber. Clyde knew who and what Sean should look like and Sean was enjoying it.

What he didn't realise was he had been hypnotised by his barber. His desire to be more mature worked to Clyde's advantage. Seans desire to look older rewired. He would now be looking forward to looking as old as possible. With each visit his changes would be more and more accepted.
Sean went to get his pipe and realised he was low on tobacco. He would have to buy more as he seemed to be going through it quickly. Maybe he was smoking too much but the pipe relaxed him. Plus it gave him a mature look just like Clyde said it would.

When he found himself at Brians Tobacco and Pipe shop again he decided to buy a bigger quantity of his preferred tobacco so he didn't keep running out.
"You certainly went through the last lot quickly. Hard to believe when you're so new to pipe smoking." Brian said as he rang up the sale.
As he looked up he noticed Sean seemed to look older and fatter with every visit. But something about what was happening to the guy was turning him on. How much more would the barber change in the man before him.
"Yeah! Well it's good business for you isn't it, Mister....?"
"Call me Brian."
"And you can call me Sean."
"Well Sean, you are certainly looking a little different to your first visit to my shop." Brian felt relaxed enough to say.
"Well....I've found a barber who knows his business." Sean said taking his pipe out of his mouth for a moment.
"Oh...it certainly looks like his thorough." Brian added feeling an itch beneath his toupee.
"Well he has been so generous with his time helping me become a more mature man." Sean replied looking back at Brians hairline. "I hated looking so young, now I'm looking....well more like....like..."
"A middle-aged fat, biker!" Brian interrupted as he felt more compelled than ever to reveal what that mad barber had done to his own head of hair.
"Certainly not! I'm becomming a proper gentleman. That's what Clyde says I should be." Sean didn't like this man with the odd comments and funny hairline. It had to be a wig; and a bad one at that.
The more he had stared at Brians hair the more he was convinced. Maybe he should suggest he get rid of the rug and embrace his baldness like Clyde and he had.

"As long as you're happy with his 'extra' services Sean." Brian returned as he opened the door for Sean who wasted no time in getting out. But not before turning around and saying, "Before you comment on my looks maybe you should see Clyde yourself. And I'd loose the rug first."
Brian wanted to tell him the toupee was courtesy of Clyde, but he just watched silently as the sun reflected on Sean's scalp as he walked away still puffing on his pipe.

Sean knew there was only one thing to do to relax him after his tense time in Brians shop; pay a visit to Clyde. The sooner the better. He always felt better in that barber's chair.

Once again he was offered a whisky on arrival which always helped him unwind despite never liking it before coming to Clydes. It also loosened his tongue thanks to the drugs added.
The barber had already drawn the blinds and put the open sign to closed.
Sean started telling Clyde all about his episode in the Pipe shop.
"So, this Brian said you look like a middle aged fat, biker. Well I'm sorry but he is wrong. You wanted to be a dignified, educated man and that's exactly what I am creating for you, it just takes time of course."
"I know. He is a odd one and he wears a wig that looks way to obvious."
"Maybe he is just jealous of what you are becoming." Clyde added.
"I never thought about it like that." Sean started to look closer at the mirror in front of him. He noticed how much fuller his face seemed despite the beard hiding his double chin.

"I tell you though, he is right about the fat bit, I do seem to be putting on the weight. Look at my belly, I don't know where all this has come from. And I've been taking those weight control pills every day." He said while rubbing his beach ball of a stomach. He still didn't realise it was Clyde who had delivered the weight 'control' pills to his doorstep. The only problem they weren't weight loss pills but weight gain pills.
" I wouldn't worry mate, a little extra weight is nothing to worry about." He said patting his own generous belly. Well I think it's time to finish your new look. Are you ready to go on with your transformation?" Clyde asked and without waiting for a reply put the black cape around him and set to work. He turned the chair away from the mirror adding, "I want this to be a surprise."

Sean kept telling himself Clyde was in control but something niggled at him.
Was he ready for all these things the barber was doing to him? Those real worries faded quickly as Clyde knew they would. Slowly, Clyde began his hypnosis on the now pliable mind of his customer.
"You are completely relaxed Sean, totally at ease in my chair. You hear my voice and you know you can trust me. You are becoming the man you want to be. An older more mature gentleman. It's what you've always desired and now Clyde is making it possible. In fact you want to become even older to match your mind. You love how much older and wiser you look. Never to look like the boy you were. You will love the way your body expands too. Why have you worried about your weight in the past. As you gain maturity you gain the pounds, everybody does. Whatever I suggest you will relish in so as to look like an older, bigger, rounder, mature gentleman. It is all you can focus on."

Slowly, Sean only heard the soft voice of Clyde. He was feeling very relaxed with his new found friend. How great it was that he was a master barber, able to help Sean become a gentleman. An older man, someone he always aspired to be.

Clyde would now enforce the changes he was doing to Sean physically and Sean would be more than cooperative. The weight gain would be less noticeable to Sean but first he would instruct him to increase the dosage, that was the only way he would loose weight. The pills would only increase his hunger even more. But as he put on the weight he would be less and less concerned knowing Clyde would never worry about such a thing as weight or ageing.

And so, if ever anyone came looking for Sean, they would never recognise him. Not by the time Clyde was finished with him.

After three hours Clyde was finished and what a masterpiece he'd created. As he turned the, chair towards the mirror he could see that Sean was still under the influence of the drugs. He used the time to enforce the changes he was making to the new Sean, so nothing would shock the totally transformed man.

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