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Fathers colleague. by Ján

Fathers colleague.
story has been 40 years. We lived three men in the house, his father was a professional soldier, I was 13 years old, my name is John and younger brother, George only 8. My father had to go to half years training abroad and I with my brother while we live in his father's colleague who has a son 14 years old and the other also has 8 years as well as my brother. And I was happy that I have a new friend who is my age. Father promised, that during his absence, we will obey the word of foster parents.
It was Sunday, February 1, 1976 and was day parting with my father. We had packed suitcases and waited for a replacement dad, when you come to us. In the afternoon, the stopped car and exit a tall man, his name was Uncle Martin. He had serious facial expression and he held me very tight.
After less than an hour drive to the other end of town, we stopped and commanded surrogate father, speak with young men. I was looking forward to the new replacement brother, his name was Andrew and younger Arthur. The first thing that stopped me was the very short hair on top of about 2-3 cm and at the sides and back barely a centimeter. Short hair so I have not seen even with one kid 14 years. was the era of long hair boys and young men, the hair over the ears and overlapping collar shirts. Few guy had hair over the collar, but such short what had Andrew, but probably did something wrong and got severe punishment, I thought.
On Monday, after returning from work Uncle Martin, he ordered that we dressed and waited for him outside the house. Where are we going? I ask Andrew, but he just snapped, let us surprise you in a few minutes to find out.
All five of us after five minutes stood before the old barber Andrew opened the door and came in first in, went behind Artúr and Juraj. Run in, yelled at me Uncle Martin. Oťaželi my legs and slowly I enter in. There was one Holicová leather chair with about 70 annual clients and barbers I estimated to be about 60 years. Along the walls were about 10 wooden chairs on which they sat dream. These are the sons of my colleague and will be staying with us until the end of the school year to inform Uncle Martin barber with which you know very well.
Next please exclaimed the barber. Andrew got up without a word and took place at the barber, he wrapped it in a white sails bowed his head and removes hair ......... I began stroking my long hair and I was comforted that received no drastic hairstyle .. ... next please barber cried but I was thoughts elsewhere. John, yelled Uncle Martin ... no I do not, I countered. He grabbed me by the hair and dovliekol the chair barber. Until I realized what was happening I was already wrapped in white sheets and barber began to comb my hair. I would not want to just align, I tried to guide the barber. But he only retorted that he knows what to do and that I was sitting quietly. Hand he pushed her head forward until my chin into your chest and neck I felt the cold metal electric scissors as relentlessly toward the top of the head on into the bosom fall my long hair, barber I tilted her head to the left shoulder, frees his hand from under the sail I switch it over the back of the head, but there is only stubble. Do not worry, you will not inject it, the barber told me that he saw as a trio head. That was revealed to me right ear and I see white skin head high above the ears, the same thing happened on the opposite side of the head, close my eyes, I have them filled with tears. Barber shears off power and continue editing with standard scissors. Open my tearful eyes, thinking that we are near the end. No barber shaving cream applied to the sides and back of the head and razor removes white cream out of my head. Young man ready to announce my barber holding a mirror behind her head in visible only white skin. On top of the head I have only short hair with about a centimeter mop of hair on his forehead. After the deliverance of sails fired both hands on the back and sides of the head and at least chĺpok sought, but in vain head was thoroughly smooth. That little jumps into a chair Arthur. Sets to Andrei and only now I see that his head bears a striking resemblance to that mine and its thatch covers about centimeter forehead. With a shaking voice, quietly I ask Andrew if their visit was a barber for my long hair. He just smiled, shook his head and said that come here every third Saturday, now only exceptionally go up Monday. Until the end of the school year we come here for seven times. I stared in disbelief at him, mentally, I think that he is making a joke. But in parting Uncle Martin announces barber, so on Saturday, three weeks we will see.
The next day at school I had to wear caps on the head even in the classroom, while nezazvonilo the first hour. But as I exposed the head, the whole class started boisterous laughter and tears filled my eyes. My hands are still looking beautiful black long hair.

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