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Gym buddy 3 by Wanadoo

You should highly consider reading the first two parts if you haven't done it yet.

I re-read the note once again before I figure out that I couldn't back up. I had to go to Jake's at noon. I still had a bit less than 2 hours to spare, so I decided to go to the gym to destress and evacuate the pressure and thoughts I had in my mind.

At the gym, I was alone in my locker room since Mike was at the university. I think I've had never work out that much before, I could feel pain in every muscles but it was worth it. If I want the best body, I have to work on it haha... Plus, it enables me no to think about the big cut coming up.
I got in the shower, nobody was here so I allowed myself a little pleasure. I jerked off caressing my locks knowing that it wouldn't be that long before a few months. (I guessed , I had no idea about the cut). Honestly, I was craving for a drastic change. But I couldn't admit it, and certainly wouldn't in front of Jake or Mike.
I put on a tank top and a short with flip flops, it was summer after all.

11:42. Still 18 mins to spare. I headed to the bar and ask for 3 shots of vodka, I needed some bravery. I finished my drinks and went to the salon.

Jake greeted me with a "hello mate, glad you came". He was alone, his 2 women co-workers weren't there. He was working on a 25-year-old dude sporting a very short haircut, with the sides almost bare and the top was approximately 2.5 inches in length. His name was Matt and was a regular at the shop, Jake told me that Matt and Mike knew each other very well while giving me an eye. I was a bit surprised and wondered why he told me.
Jake was evening out the hair on top of Matt's head, then he reached for a straight razor. Nothing surprised me, I was used to see barber outline the neck and making an arch around the ear as well as drawing the sideburns with a straight razor. But what I hadn't expected was that he started spreading foam all over the sides and back of Matt's head and then shaved it.
I immediately got a boner I found it so exciting, but I could never go for it. It was way too radical, Matt now looked like a military guy, with a high and tight very short and drastic. I couldn't resist but touch my dick to put it differently in my briefs it was hurting me so much.

After a few minutes, Matt got up, paid Mike and went away. Jake immediately shut the door and closed the blinds saying that he wanted no one to come after me since it was his lunch break.

He directed me toward a chair where he washed my hair, he massaged my hair for quite a while and offered me to was the center of my eyebrows since it was a little bushy. I accepted, and once he did it I blamed myself so hard for not doing it before I looked way better now.

I sat on his chair and I ask if he was alone at work today. He told me that his two colleagues were only cutting women hair and him was a barber, his colleagues were not working on Thursday. I couldn't tell you why. I asked him why he was not working in a barbershop instead of a unisex salon. As an answer he told me that he preferred working here because he could see a lot of pretty women around him. He had a point. He dried my hair with a towel an re-massaged me before asking "so what it'll be mate?"

I blurted out for a minute. I couldn't tell him barber choice as instructed by mike, so I told him "just a trim".
He seemed disappointed but said "as you wish dude". We talked all along he cut my hair,, I could feel he was cutting very short clumps of hair. I was disappointed of myself. What would mike say?
As the haircut went on, you could read in my eyes how bad I felt. After ten more minutes he told me "I'm done is it okay for you?". He didn't even used a clippers or a razor, not even thinning shears. My hard on that I still had when seating in the chair had now disappeared. I heard Mike asking me again, and I didn't know what to say. He suddenly moved, came in front of me and grabbed my crotch. I was so surprised that I didn't reject him. He said "ah you're not as hard as before. What do you think, I saw your boner earlier on when I was shaving Matt's sides and back, and when I massaged you. Too bad you are Mike's boyfriend or f*** buddy I don't know and care otherwise I would have shaved you down to the wood and f*** you after that in the backroom.

But I can't, but maybe I can recut your hair. He gave up my dick and got back to my hair.

He asked me again *what do you want ? A trim but shorter, a crewcuts , a man bun ad your lover, a flattop ?*
I decided to please mike and Mike and said "barber choice, but not a cue ball"


THANKS SO MUCH for your comments. There will be two more parts.

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