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My boyfriends haircut through my eyes... by Beth

It was back in the 90s and I was just 17 and I had a boyfriend who was also my age. My mother was a hairdresser and throughout my teenage years she taught me to cut some simple boys haircuts using clippers and scissors. Due to my knowledge of hair, my boyfriend would come over on a monthly basis to get a trim.

It was 9 am on Saturday and my mum and dad were out. I then heard the bell ring so I went down to see who it was. To my suprise I saw my boyfriend standing at the door.

"Hi" I said

"Hey" he replied

"What brings you here" I asked

"Are you free to cut my hair?" He asked

"Urm... yeah sure, but why I cut it last week" I said

"Yeah I know but I want to try out a new shorter style" he said

I then told him to go through into the back garden where I could cut his hair whilst I went to fetch my equipment.
Once in the garden I asked him to remove his top to prevent itching hairs.

"Ok, so what new style am I giving you then"

At this point I was praying that it wasn't too short because I absolutely loved his hair.

"This" he replied as he showed me a picture of a military style short back and sides.

"Are you sure?" I said

"Positive!" He replied.

At this moment my heart sank. I absolutely loved his hair and I really didn't want to cut it short. He had beautiful thick golden yellow hair with a messy bang on the front. I would usually just give him a haircut with the scissors and leave it messy so this clean cut short style was a drastic change.

"Alrighty" I reluctantly replied.

I then slowly began to comb his long back and sides down to enable me to cut them with the clipper. Then I checked with him to ensure that he still wanted the cut before I turned on my mums old Wahl clippers and starting at the left sideburn I began to shave the long hair away. I kept on shaving all around the back of his head and round the right side until all of his hair had been clipped short with the number 2. Next I reluctantly sprayed water all over his bang and combed it down. When combed down the messy bang was down below his eyes. I then took the scissors and did something that I really didn't want to do. I had to cut his bang off in a straight line just above his eyebrows.

All throughout the cut I kept realising just how much I liked his hair and how different he looked with out it. Next I began to thin out the top of his hair and boy was his hair thick! It took me over 15 minutes just to thin the top out and the pile of cut hair from the top was enormous! Once this was done, I used a clipper and a comb to blend the super short sides with the ever so slightly longer top. To tidy he haircut up I then had to sort out his neck and sideburns. As he had never had a short clipper haircut before his sideburns were a complete mess and we spent ages trying to negotiate what length to trim them to. Finally he decided to get them cut fairly high, in line with just below the top of his ear. Finally the neck and nape needed shaping. Once again due to the lack of clipper cuts there was no defined shape so i simply cut a square and shaved the millions of sprouting hairs. To finish I ran inside to fetch some gel which would allow me to style his hair up as he wanted. Finally I took a deep breath and stood back to admire my work. As I moved back I saw the shaved sides and the thinned out top. I mean it looked ok but it wasn't original, his. beautiful long messy hair now looked like any other modern short back and sides cut. as there was no mirror out in the garden he still hadn't seen the cut I therefor me went inside to get a mirror and showed him the new look. To my relief he liked it and really thanked me for it. I was really nervous that he would hate it and be mad at me for it! Seeing as though it was summer and his body was covered in chopped hairs and his hair it self was full of cuttings I turned on the hide pipe and we had some fun having a water fight to wash all the hairs off!!

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