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First-time Flattop - Part 5 by Tate

Three weeks have past since the second flattop. My family went on a two-week vacation to the Pacific Northwest the Monday after it was cut, which was nice because I didn't know the folks there, and they didn't know that this wasn't my normal look.

My parents knew, and my brother knew, but they were cool with it. My mom actually seemed to be liking my flattop better, commenting once that she thought it made me look older and stronger. My younger brother Doug was 15, and he was no stranger to short hair. He had always been the more daring at the barbershop.

I remember him asking his barber, Bob, to cut his hair short when he was 6, and my mom letting him. It was a butch. He rocked it, and I loved to feel it. I remember secretly wanting to follow his lead, to cut mine to a #2 as well, but I didn't have his courage back then.

Doug thought the flattop suited me. To him, cutting your hair short was not really a big deal, though he was currently wearing his hair '90s long.

I think I'll get it cut again. I'm not sure if I should go back to Kevin or to my most recent barber--I don't even know his name. Or maybe I should go to Bob, since he has always seemed especially good at short cuts.

I think I'll stick with Kevin, as he knows my hair best. He doesn't do the hot lather shave at the end, though, and I'm really wanting to feel the straight razor on my neck again.

I also liked the way this last barber took charge, making sure I sat up straight and positioning my head exactly where he wanted it. It's sounds funny, but this made me feel like he cared more. I felt like he was showing me how to get a better haircut. Maybe I should go back to him.

I've experimented with different amounts of butch wax, and I'm getting a little faster in the morning. There is no denying it's a sharp haircut.

Tomorrow is Saturday.

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