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Experiment 1284 by Bob

Author's note: This was previewed in "Michael's Choose Your Own Adventure". Things were changed as needed like his age. I was inspire by "The Treatment" (the author of which is unknown), "High and Tight Terrorists" by Buzz, and "Robotic Discipline" by Authaorharj. However this goes in a different direction than those. Those are some of my favorite stories, so go check them out.

My name is Michael Clark. First, I'll give you a little background. I was a 5'7.5" freshman in high school with light blonde, wavy hair down to my eye brows, touching my collar, and grazing my ears. It drifted to the side, so if I pulled it down it would go level to my pupils. I was certain my parents were about to make me cut it, but things didn't really turn out how they normally would. At the time, even I was getting tired of my haircut.

I woke up at 6:54 on Saturday to the sound of my dad yelling for me to come downstairs. I complied.

"Yes, sir, you called?"
"Good morning Mike. Sorry to call you so early on a weekend, but I want to tell you before I leave that you need a haircut today," my dad said.
"That's cool. I do really need one. My hair is getting pretty long. What do you want me to get?"
"I think you're old enough to pick out your own style. Make sure it's short though."
"Yes, sir. Thank you. Dad, have you seen my good pillow?"
He had started heading out the door, and said over his shoulder, "No, it's probably in the wash. Son?"
"Be careful; there have been cases of people disappearing lately."
"Will do,"I said rummaging through a cabinet to find a plate.
"Remember that my mom and I love you dearly."
"Alright, Dad," I said blushing.

After eating breakfast, I decided to head straight to the barber. Since it was so early, I walked there. I exited the house at 7:54. I looked like Justin Bieber way back when his hair was iconic for being a bowl cut. It was quiet in my neighborhood. On weekends, most people who work in my neighborhood are already gone, and no one else wakes up until around 8:30. I knew everyone in that neighborhood. I knew their cars, and they knew me. My dad's warning echoed through my head. Why had he told me that he loves me? Nothing could happen to me. I was invincible. Most fourteen year-olds are. That's a flaw of living in such a controlled environment. How could anything happen to me? That only happens to other people. I continued with only the slightest fear pestering me, hair swinging half over my eyes as I walked.

Of course, when I saw a large SUV that I didn't recognize after turning around, my fear grew. My pace increased to a fast walk. The car turns and comes in my direction. I broke into a run. The car sped up; I started sprinting. However, the car reached my rear and slowed to my pace. I fell. There was no time to get up, and I was paralyzed in fear. I heard the door opening, and a syringe stabbed my shoulder at the same time that a sack fell over my head. Everything became fuzzy, and I felt zip-ties around my arms. I was thrown into the back. As the world seemed to be fading, I heard a man's voice saying, "This is a perfect specimen for Experiment 1284."


I woke up alone on the ground. My head pounded. There seemed to be stitches in the back of my head. That was strange, but there was no time to think about that. Nothing seemed to be binding me or holding me in there. Why would whoever did this be so confident that I wouldn't escape? I looked around and noticed a door. I jiggled the handle, and it was definitely unlocked. This was all perplexing, but that could have been my only chance to escape. My father was right; I should have gotten a ride there, but I didn't. It was no time for regrets, so I went out the door.

The room was perpendicular to a hallway that was perpendicular to even more hallways that were probably perpendicular to different hallways. I chose to go right, and I immediately saw a guard with a short, brown, and wet flattop. It was long enough that I couldn't see scalp though. That was all I could see in a moment's glance. He didn't see me, so I turned around and went the other way. There, I saw another guard with a short, brown, and wet flattop and turned around. That time, I could perceive that the guard had a chiseled face and blue eyes. He was about 6'1 and had a normal build with a lot of muscles. He was extremely handsome. There was nothing I could do but wait. My head certainly did hurt.

After what could have been any amount of time, a man walked in. He had a short, dark brown, and wet flattop just like the guards. It was on the messier side. The sides that were probably previously shaven had a shadow growing, and there was less than an inch on top. I suddenly craved to rub gel into my hair. I quickly expelled that thought thinking nothing of it. As I further looked, he was almost identical to the guard with his chiseled face and normal build. However the guard's flattop was neater and slightly shorter. This man was probably 5'11 and was way less muscular. Their similarities were probably just my fuzzy mind.

The man got out a clipboard and pen and said, "Hello, welcome to our lab of sorts." His voice was the same as the one from the car. My observation skills seemed to be way better than normal.
"By the way, we saw you try to escape, but I guess you figured out that you can't. Should I call you Experiment 1284 or Michael Clark?" he continued.
"How do you know my name?"
"You will know everything when the time is right. For now, tell me how you feel."
"Why should I tell you anything?" I replied bitterly. He jotted something down on his clipboard.
"Mr. Clark, I hold your life in my hands, so you should do as I say and answer my questions, but I can give you some background. I am Dr. Noah Williams III, but please, call me Zero. Tell me how you feel in detail and refrain from leave anything out at all."
I guessed since he knew about me and had control, I might as well tell the truth. I said, "Fine I guess, my head hurts, and I think I'm still a little a tired."
"Explain," he said writing.
"Since I woke up, my heads been throbbing. I felt the stitches, and I'm sure you had something to do with it. Also, the guard I saw looked almost the exact same as you, but that was probably my imagination."
"Oh, that is not your imagination; that will be you soon enough although you might not be quite fit to be a guard. I guess the transformation will tell."
My heart pounded. "Wh-What's that?"
Zero continued, ignoring my question, "About the stitches, we did operate on your brain, but don't worry, all was successful. Anyway, I'm sure you're tired; I'm going to take you to your permanent room. I'm sure you'll see that you won't even be able to escape; it's apart of your new code."
"What do you mean?"
"Oh, you'll find out soon enough. It'll be an early morning, and you're probably tired, and once we get to your room, you should go to sleep."
I suddenly felt tired, and he led me to a room after going down flights of stairs and into a different building. I was too tired to study it, and all I know was that there was a bunk bed. I climbed the ladder, and Zero said, "Wake up at 5:30, Michael, and introduce yourself to your roommate. Be ready to begin at 6:20."

I instantly fell asleep and had no dreams all night.

I jerked awake, and I saw on a clock on the wall that it was 5:30 sharp. What a coincidence? Just then, I saw a boy with a light brown and short hair that was the length that could be molded into a flattop, green eyes, and a mostly round face, but a chiseled chin. This was my roommate. He vaguely resembled Zero.

"Hey, I'm Michael," I said to the boy as if by reflex.
"The name's Drew or Experiment 1281. You're probably confused right now."
"Yeah, kind of."
"Don't worry about it because even if you do, it will still happen. You will be transformed whether you want to or you don't. They'll make it so you want to by the end. How old are you?"
"Fourteen. Wait, can you explain everything?"
"Zero told me you would come and to answer any of your questions, so I will have to no matter what. First of all, they reworked your brain. I feel like that's the most important thing to tell you. That surgery did it. You will never disobey anyone of higher rank no matter what. It doesn't matter how hard you try; you will obey. They changed some other stuff too. You probably noticed that your observation skills are better. That along with some other things are perks to transforming. I'm so happy you're in my room. The past few weren't in my age range, so they weren't placed in here."
I said, "I see. What is transforming, and why are we here?"

"This is going to be a doozie, so relax. The transformation is a long and slow process that turns you into someone like Zero. It is similar to military school, but more intense. Zero has gotten 1284 people over the last decade and made them into smart, strong, obedient, and loyal fighting machines. I don't know if this is an experiment for military schools or if he is doing this for alternate reasons, but it doesn't matter. The first part of the transformation is the surgery that I was just telling you about. It makes you obedient, observant, and it enhances and alters different skills, wants, entertainments, thought processes, and physical capability. You will become physically bigger and stronger quicker than you would have. You will start to want certain things and lust after some. However, Zero leaves some of your brain alone, so some of your desires, lusts, and old self remains. There are certain things you'll do now, but you won't mind. They can also send you messages and commands to your brain. It is a scary change at first, but I'm used to it after about a month of being here. Oops, I'm rambling. That is one of the fastest parts of the transformation. Since you are a freshman, the transformation after surgery is four years of an advanced high school education with extreme physical work out. Since it's your first day, you'll get a haircut, a tour around campus, and you'll meet the teachers and staff. At least that's what I did. Also, you probably won't talk to Zero for a long time. He generally only speaks to you after you are first brought here. He is like a principal of school mixed with the president. Back to the transformation, it's basically like school. Weekends are free around the campus. It is huge and far away from wherever you came from. Even if you managed to break the code and escape, you could never find your way back. We are on an island in the middle of the ocean. I am pretty excited that there is finally another freshman, so I can have a roommate. Just like in military school, the upperclassmen are considered a higher level, and you will obey most of their commands. Don't worry, it detects certain commands from them like 'Eat dirt' and 'Kill Chad' and you won't have to do them. For the next four years, it will be like high school with intense workouts, and then, you will be placed into a job afterwards. They'll tell you your daily schedule tomorrow. I forgot to mention that you will have free will for the most part. They aren't going to command you unless necessary. They want you to change yourself to make you obedient when they are not controlling you. They'll punish you if they have to command you."

After that monologue, I still had questions. He seemed to be eager to answer. I asked, "Zero mentioned that I would start looking like him. What does that mean?"

"Oh, that is the most scariest and weirdest parts about the transformation. I don't know if it is a side effect or a part of it. Your physical features will become like Zero's. Your face will become chiseled, and your hairline will shift. It probably begins after you get a haircut, but no one knows for sure. My face used to be round, and my hair used to be dirty blonde, but it will probably turn dark brown. A weekly haircut is required. I used to have disgusting long, straight hair, but they cut it into this sick flattop. My mindset changed after surgery though. They give you a picture of yourself before you got here. My eyes used to be a deep brown, but now they're green. You will retain some of your features, and the physical changes will be done after a year when they do the process. The process is a part of the transformation. It's generally done after eighth grade year, but anyone who comes after that has it after a year. It is supposed to be a secret from everyone who hasn't undergone it, so I don't know much about it. As I said, I've only been here a month. Your personality will retain some aspects. For example, if you were funny or kind before, you will continue to be that way except that you'll just be obedient. Your personality shouldn't change too much other than your desires and what you're willing to do. That's about everything important, and anything you don't know will eventually be explained."

"Thanks for the background. I'm way less confused now. I know you probably did that out of your own accord."
"No problem, bro. I'm going to gel my hair. It's such a mess. Almost as messy as yours," he laughed. "Each dorm shares a bathroom with the one next door, so it's not completely like military school. The meals are also pretty good. Now that you know all the important things, I'll explain things to you as we go. Just don't be afraid to ask."
Drew pulled a container from the desk and whistled as he went through the door. He was around 6'1" and was slightly muscular. He was actually really handsome, and I had a weird thought of him stroking gel into my newly cut hair later, but that didn't matter. He was nice. Now that he mentioned it, my hair did feel messy. I probably had bed head.

I sat there thinking: A haircut? I guess I didn't let down my parents completely. I missed them, but their faces were starting to blur. I shed a tear, but I pulled myself together and analyzed the room from my bunk. It was a spacious room. The room wasn't too messy and wasn't too neat. There was no food on the floor, which was good. I absolutely hated crumbs on the floor and bed. There was a desk with papers neatly stacked on one side and a crisp, new, full backpack on the other. That was probably mine. In the corner, there was a backpack that was slightly worn and books spilling out of it. A laptop was sticking out. It looked new. The walls were white, and there were a few posters of a weird green logo. The floors were dark brown wood. There was a throw rug on the ground. There was also a couch and an armchair in the corner in front of a small TV. There was a microwave and a mini-fridge. This did not seem like a military academy or some kind of sick sweatshop. This was like a boarding school with some military aspects. I've got a feeling that this wasn't by chance. There was an exit door, and another door. I got up and walked through. It was a walk-in closet filled with green uniforms of different types. There were a few that looked fancy like suits, some were camouflage athletic shorts and short sleeve shirts. There were five light brown, greenish short sleeve button down shirts with collars. It was exactly like what you would expect see in a military school. That was probably what we had to wear everyday. It had dark pants and a bland belt. There were other things in the closet too like dark dressy shoes and a pair of standard tennis shoes. The closet had two identical sides each with the same clothes and shoes (minus some clothes that he had on his side).

I exited the closet and glanced over at my bed and noticed something: the pillow I had lost the other day was on my bed. I had slept on it. Did my parents send me here? Just then, Drew walked in. His hair was glistening. It looked way better than the Caesar cut that he had. It was a spiky flattop.

"Sorry it took me so long, I got in a conversation with Davis, one of our neighbors."
"Drew, did our parents send us here?"
"Did i not mention that? Our parents agreed to all of this before. They paid small fees that couldn't be met by the budget. The surprise kidnapping was necessary. It is apart of a side experiment that they have going on. This is a research center along with a boarding school."
That certainly explained the lost pillow, and the weird way my dad was acting. "Will we ever get to see them?"
"Of course. There is an annual visiting day."
"Also, I've been wondering. Is the flattop the only haircut that we are allowed to get?"
"Until you undergo the process, you can get only flattop with shaved sides like what Zero gets, no shorter, no longer. I heard that the temporary flattop is cut and gelled in such a way that maximizes the physical changes until the process. Then you are allowed to get anything that is a short Ivy League cut or shorter. No matter what, you have to get shaved sides, and it has to be gelled on top if it's long enough. I've also heard that the flattop begins the physical changes because of the code in the surgery. We'll never know. Anyway, we should go ahead and change. I suppose you've already seen what we have to wear."

We both retrieved our uniforms from the closet.

I said, "Turn around while I change."
He replied, "No. We are living together for four years, and there are no females on this island. We cannot keep secrets from each other, so change in front of me. They probably took away your lust for girls, so you shouldn't be embarrassed."
This guy had a point, but it was still weird. I saw that he wasn't going to budge, and I gave in and said, "You know, you're crazy."
I undressed fully, and he saw my short, hard penis and chuckled. I grimaced and blushed. I quickly slipped on boxer briefs, pants, a belt, an under shirt, and the button down.
"Don't worry, yours will grow soon. It's a perk of the transformation," he said. I didn't know if he was mocking me or if that was actually a part of the transformation. He took off his boxers, revealing a huge dong. It made mine look like a midget. While I was staring, it went up into an erection. He blushed and quickly put on boxer briefs, pants, undershirt, and the button down. He put a pencil in his.
"Today, they cleared my schedule, so I think I'm going to be with you on the tour," Drew remarked. "That also means I get the honor of watching you get your hair cut. Oliver will probably be here any minute."
"Who's Oliver?"
"He's our counselor. Since we share a room, we have the same counselor. He'll probably supervise the tour and be with us today. He's really cool."

Just then, I heard someone in my mind say, "Go to the first floor. I'll be waiting."
I said, "I just got a telepathic message. We are supposed to go to the lobby."

We went down stairs at 6:20, and I saw a tall man who looked very much like zero except with a shiny bald head.
He said, "Hey, Michael, I'm Oliver. I'm your counselor."
"Nice to meet you."
"I'll be with you today. We're going to the barber right now. Then we will go to breakfast, and after that, Drew will give you a tour around the island. Don't worry about me, I'm not uptight or strict like most staff hear. I know it's hard to be here at first trust me it is. Although I was like you at first, I graduated high school and ended loving this school so much that I decided to work here. You'll feel the same way by the end of your senior year."
That made me feel better about this whole situation. However, I was still nervous about the flattop. It took us ten minutes to get there. They seemed to be waiting for us.

The barber who looked like a muscular Zero with a landing strip asked, "Is this Experiment 1284?"
Oliver replied, "Yes."
"SIT DOWN RIGHT HERE, MAGGOT! YOU ARE GETTING AN INDUCTION FLATTOP. REMAIN STILL OR ELSE!" the huge barber yelled and pointed to a chair. I guess this could be like military school at times. As much as I wanted to flee, I would be caught and punished in seconds. I sat still out of my own free will.

He got out all of his equipment and put a cape around my neck. I was faced away from the mirror. I was nervous. This was the most nerve-wracking thing to happen since I was kidnapped. I was about to start changing. Soon, my hair, my face, my eyes, my body, EVERYTHING would change. I would hardly be Michael Clark anymore, just another experiment, just Experiment 1284. But that's what excited me. The surgery made me desire that. The surgery made me better. I was at war with myself. One half of me wanted to run out then and there, but half of that part of me knew it would never work. The other half wanted to stay and become like Zero, but half of that part missed my family. I was on the whole spectrum of excitement. I wasn't extremely excited nor was I dreading the change with my life: I was everything in between. I would look like Drew and Zero, and that scared and enthralled me.

Lost in thoughts, my head was pushed down with immense force. A flip of a switch and the clippers were buzzing. The minute that they touched my scalp, a tingle jolted through my body. ZHHHHWHUUUURRR. The hair on the right side fell to the cape. He swiped again and again. My head could breathe, and the right side of my head was reduced to stubble. He shifted his clippers to the left and then to the back. With the same force and speed, the sides and back of my head were stubble. The tingle was still there, but it turned into nausea. The pit in my stomach grew when he took out the shaving cream and razor. He applied the cool cream to where he had just buzzed. The cold blade touched the shaving cream and scraped the hair off. He did this all around until the sides and back of my head were smooth. This was when it would turn into a flattop. He got out a comb and scissors and cut the top a few inches to be semi-flat. This was so that it was short enough to actually cut into a flattop. He sprayed my sloppily cut hair with water and reached for a container. It was the moment that everything would begin to change (other than the surgery). He thought back to Drew whistling with the container in his hand and coming back with glistening hair. The barber rubbed the blue gel in his hands. The sound made me shiver. His hands reached towards my head. Time slowed down. The pit in my stomach, the tingle, and the nausea grew in every passing moment. There were a million thoughts passing through, yet my mind was empty. The inner war raged. I would become a member of this institute, the name of which I did not even know. I felt his sticky hand rubbing my hair, making it stick up. My internal war ended in that instant. The valiant soldiers inside my head had fought well on both sides yet one subdued the other and transformed it. My thoughts unanimously pointed one way (like a flattop). I would remain here like Zero intended, completing the transformation. As the barber completed the flattop by using the clippers over a comb to flatten it out, I, Michael Clark, became Experiment 1284. The nausea and pit left, but the tingle remained.

My flattop was stiff, and I urged to see it. The barber handed me a mirror. I looked at my wet, blonde hair that was no taller than a third of my middle finger. It covered my scalp, and although it was relatively flat, each spike seemed distinct. It was slightly messy, but that seemed to be a part of the style and my wavy hair. It looked handsome and would look even better once my hairline and face shifted. I was excited for where the transformation would take me.

"You should have some of this gel in your room. Remember to apply it every morning, maggot," the barber said with a quieter voice but a bitter tone.
He smiled and said with a proud voice, "Welcome to the Williams Reforming Academy and Institute on Taurus Island, and welcome to the United States Experimental Super Soldier Program, Experiment 1284."

------------TO BE CONTINUED----------------

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