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06: Meet My Sister by burrlypup

*Sam's Perspective*

Saturday night, I knew Jacob would be getting off at 6pm, so I expected him over by 7pm. It was 9pm when I heard the doorbell ring. I tried to hide my excitement, but honestly, when I’m looking forward to something it’s as obvious as an excited puppy with a new toy. I took a deep breath, opened the door and smiled.

"Hey, sorry if I’m late, I got a flat tire." Jacob explained.

"No problem at all, come on in. Oh hey…" I look ahead and in front of me is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She is my height, perfectly tan with long brunette hair and just naturally pretty. I start to swallow my tongue and suddenly I have the worst dry mouth.

"Oh, sorry I should have introduced you two. This is my sister, Charity. Charity, this is Sam, from work." Jacob said innocently.

"It’s nice to meet you, Jacob has told me you’re a great boss. I hear you’re going to have a party tomorrow?"

"Likewise Charity, and that sweet of you to say. You’re welcome to come, the games start at noon," I said, trying to find a clever way to make her stay longer.

"Well, I should go. Jacob said you’re going to help him shave his head? That’s really sweet of you. I buzz his hair for him sometimes, but I would be terrified to use a razor," Charity continued, "did you used to shave yours?"

"I have not, it’s merely a curiosity. I actually haven’t used clippers before, would you mind staying to help buzz his hair shorter so we can properly shave it?"

"Well, I suppose I can meet my friend later. She’s never on time, anyhow. Sure." Charity smiled, then took off her jacket, handing it to me she gently brushed her soft hand across my neck, lightly massaging my shoulder. Oh God, I was in trouble. I was instantly aroused and must have been blushing fiercely. I opened a window and went into the kitchen, opening the freezer to cool my face.

"Hey, you okay?" Charity asked, just feet away.

"Oh yeah! I’m fine. Would you like something to drink? I have everything."

"A glass of wine would be nice, red if you have it." She requested.

"Is shiraz alright?" I asked.

"Perfect." She said. I poured her a glass, but not myself. I had enough hormones coursing through me that red wine would only encourage. I watched this beautiful woman in my kitchen sipping her wine and staring at the darkening horizon from the window.

"I have to go, but next Saturday make time for us." Charity said, kissed my cheek, and smiled devilishly as she left. I exhaled and shuddered. It took a moment for me to let my arousal subside, then I made my way back to Jacob, setting up clippers in my guest half-bathroom at the sink.

"Hey, my sister had to go, but I’m good with buzzing my own hair, just be ready with lather and a razor!" Jacob said with some excitement. I felt burnt out by his sisters’ womanly wiles, so I recharged by taking a cold shower. By the time I got out, I heard Jacob calling me. I went downstairs with a towel tied around my waist and there was Jacob with his head shorn down to stubble, wearing just his boxer briefs.

"Think I can take a shower? I got hair all over me," Jacob asked.

"Sure, it’s a good idea to wet your scalp down for a close shave." I offered, not entire sure what enabled me to offer any shaving advice. I suppose my interest was more than casual. I noticed the shower steaming up so I turned on the ventilation fan and was about to shut the door when Jacob called out.

"If you don’t have an issue with us being naked, you can shave my head in the shower. It will save you the clean-up and there’s enough space." Jacob recommended, and I could only think of getting his sister in the shower the next weekend.

"Yeah, why not?" I told him, ditching my towel and joining him. It was like my glory days back in college after a big game, the whole team showered together. I didn’t think I was aroused, but Jacob pointed and laughed at my ‘chub’. I smiled and picked up the razor. Jacob managed to lather his head up and so I started shaving, first taking a stroke with the grain, down the middle. Then I rinsed the blade and took another stroke. While my sexuality was definitely more fluid than most, I could only admire Jacobs’ well-built physique and endowment, in a platonic way. I realized then that I was completely smitten with his sister!

When the razor had etched off the shaving cream and stubble, his head looked ‘shaved’ but felt rough. My hands were beginning to wrinkle so I turned off the shower and we migrated to the sink, where he got on his knees while I lathered up his head again and slowly shaved a line against the grain. The act was quite enjoyable and Jacob seemed thrilled when I drew a wet towel across his scalp to wipe off the remaining lather. There was no friction whatsoever, just smooth skin atop his head. I admired it, rubbing his head gently before applying some aftershave. He winced but said it felt amazing as the aftershave dried.

I threw on some shorts and an undershirt while Jacob vacuumed his hair off the bathroom floor downstairs. I crashed on the couch and turned on the TV. To my surprise, Jacob crashed next to me, still naked, but at least dry.

"Oh, sorry. We usually don’t wear clothes at home. Do you have something I could wear? My clothes got covered in hair." Jacob asked. My jaw dropped at the thought.

"You mean, your whole family? You’re nudists?" I asked, thinking of what that would entail.

"Yeah, it’s rather freeing, but I understand why people think it’s weird. My sister and I were raised not to be ashamed of our bodies. It also helps that we live on a ten acre plot with no neighbors for miles."

"I don’t have an issue, it’s just new to me." I said, zoning out as I imagined Charity in such a state.

"I know you’re into my sister. There’s no point in denying that. It's cool though, all my friends go through a period where they're super into her. It fades." Jacob said confidently. I didn’t know what to say, suddenly my underling was my equal and our interpersonal dynamic entered new, uncomfortable territory.

"Let’s watch some football." I said, changing the subject, then gave his freshly shaven skull a firm rub as we got into sportsball.

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