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Taking My Old Man to The Barber (Transla by Gabi (translated by Anon)

This story happened to my old man one week ago. Last Saturday my cousin married with party big p .... because the father has enough coins. That Saturday afternoon, while we were eating at my house, my mom asked my old man and me if we were to not fix our hair a little. I had planned to go to my barber but my dad said no because his is in the capital, close to work, and he did not plan to go there. My mom told him to come with me, but after laughing for a while he said place was not for him and said he was fu**ng macho. My old woman was not amused and she insisted he go to the hairdresser in the neighborhood. Another laugh from my old fart ... you're in, I told him ... I'm not going to old Antonio or crazy ...

My dad is very careful of his hair, always has it short and neat, but nothing extreme. ..a an executive (hahaha) cut. My old man, growing serious continued his mantra. But, both the die was cast and my old man told me, let me know when you leave to get your haircut, you can drop me off at a real barber.
I remembered that there was a barber close to the station so I went there. When I stopped at the door I saw that there were enough people then he said to me, if there are many people should be good, come find me when you finish. He got out and went inside.

My haircut was fairly quick and in an hour was out so I went looking for him.. When I arrived, my old man was still waiting. I sat next to him and asked how much longer. He said that there was one guy ahead of him. It was up to him. He was not convinced to stay but I told him not to break the balls and cut there because it was getting to be late. The next customer was an older person whose cut only took 20 twenty minutes. While he was mercilessly stripped my dad began to get nervous. He looked like he wanted to leave. I pretended not o notice and kept reading a magazine. When the old gent got out of his chair, the barber asked who was next as he was shaking the white sheet .... My old man stood up and walked to the chair. He sat and in a second had the neck strip in place. I continued reading but I heard my old man ask only one adjustment to the clipper guard and it downgraded back a little. In a moment I looked up I saw that the barber was already cutting with scissors and comb. The chair was back to the mirror so I could see the face of my old boy suffering. The truth, caused me grace. After a few minutes, with the hairdresser in silence, I felt a NOOOO .... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! When I looked up I saw the hard hairdresser like a statue with a hair clipper in hand. WHY DID YOU USE THE MACHINE? said my father, and was all red with anger. SEE, LOOK WHAT HE DID TO ME ME GABRIEL PAY ATTENTION ... I stopped dead when I saw his shame and hairline had risen about two centimeters .... I thought that there was no turning back, so I said: Look pops, it was a little short but I think you can not fix it. My father was beside himself .... The barber asked what to do ... My old man told him to try to fix it in the best way. Conclusion: the peeling continued leaving him with a medium fade. The machine shaving the middle of the neck and behind the ears and sideburns.

We went out of the shop and dad and was still touching his neck. I told him that it was OK, because he looked sulky. When we got home and my mom saw it, she tried a smile but dad was not having any of it. He had to put up with all the remarks at the party with wearing his medium fade. He has not let this drop! After a few days, I told him not to complain anymore because when I was a kid, he made me get shave the same way, so now F**K.

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