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Cheater gets punished by Charlie Brown

Its been 2 months since I knew my boyfriend was cheating on me. I found out he was cheating on me when I was trying to sleep but his phone wouldn't stop buzzing. So I decided to turn off his phone; but thats when I saw a bunch of text messages being sent to him by some little slut. I read the texts and they were pretty graphic. His side hoe sent nudes to him saying stuff like, "Hey youseff I had so much fun last night you were amazing. I love how rough you were with me and it was cute how much you liked it when I pulled on your hair ;)" I was baffled; I noticed the last couple of days he's been distant with me but I didn't really think about it. I couldn't believe how this all happened last night I felt him get out of bed but I thought he was just going to have a midnight snack so I fell back asleep into deep slumber. I was wrong he didn't get out of bed for a midnight snack in reality he got out of bed to sneak out and have a little scandals affair behind my back. I couldn't stop crying I loved him so much. We had our problems but we always got over them; but I dont think I could get over this.

I didn't confront him or bring up the girl that was texting him. I pretended to be oblivious. 3 weeks after the incident I came back home from work and I found him at home. That was strange since his job doesn't end until an hour after I get off my job.

I asked him, "Youseff why are you here? Didn't you go to work?"

He replied nonchalant, "I called in a sick day. I didn't feel like going to work."

I didn't think much of it but the following morning when he was in the bathroom I heard his phone buzzing non stop again. I picked up his phone and realized it was the side hoe from 3 weeks ago. This time the texts she sent said, "I cant believe we had sex at your place; your dumb girlfriend still doesn't know whats going on LOL! I bet she would freak out if she new some girl was f***ing her man in the same bed her fat ass slept in! LOL shes so dumb; anyway you were amazing last night and your sexy black hair was so fun to grab when you were inside me! See you later!"

That text infuriated me. I couldnt believe my man would cheat on me in the same bed we sleep in together while I was at work! I knew I had to leave him but I also knew I had to get revenge! So I decided to ask my boss to relocate my job from California all the way to New York and the day before my flight I will have my revenge. Luckily my boss agreed to relocate me to New York oblivious as to why I wanted to do move so badly and on top of that the flight was on Youseff's birthday. It will be a birthday he'll never forget!

As the texts from the side hoe kept coming in I kept my cool and acted oblivious until the day before my flight ticket to New York. That day finally arrived it was 8pm and I had to be at the airport by midnight so I had 4 hours to do my revenge. I knew Youseff always got turned on by French maids with their black skirts and their white blouse. I went over to Youseff with my sexy maid outfit and his eyes grew double in size!

I told him in a seductive voice, "Hey baby happy birthday."

He stuttered, "Uggh woow you look so hot!"

"I know you like sexy maids so sit down on that chair and let me clean you up now take off your clothes... all of them"

He giggled a bit and sat down on the chair while stripping down naked as I got the handcuffs and duck tape.

Youseff got a little nervous as he said, "Oh what are those for?"

I didn't know what to say so I just told him, "its all for the big surprise."

He smirked and eagerly gave his hands to me so I could cuff him. I laughed a little because in my mind I thought to my self; wow he's so gullible almost as gullible as me for thinking I could trust him.

Then I took the tape out and taped his mouth shut then taped his legs together really tight.

His big brown eyes were wide with excitement until I got the clippers out; his expression quickly changed. I sat on his lap with his phone on the other hand as I told him; "I know what you did." As I sat on his lap scrolling all the text messages right in front of him so he can see them; he just sat there expressionless not even giving me any eye contact.

I stood up and told him, "Since your bitch likes your hair so much I’m gonna give you a little trim." Obviously I was being sarcastic because I planned to shave his head without a guard taking all his wavy brown locks down into stubble. He started to grunt and try to get free but he couldn’t.
I have to admit though he is a very handsome guy; he’ll probably still have girls wanting to sleep with him even without his thick brown locks. He’s an Arab man with nicely tan skin with an athletic body. He wasn’t ripped but he did have sexy broad shoulders and have some muscles on his arms. His beard was also really hot it was always nicely trimmed. His eyes were probably the most beautiful quality of his physical appearance. His eyes were shaped like big almonds and his eye color was dark brown. His eyelashes were so long and pretty which added a little bit of femininity that contrasted perfectly with his masculine face. So I decided not only should I shave his head but I should also humiliate him even further.

I held his bangs up as he tried to shake his head away but I still managed to place the bare clippers on his forehead and slip it all the way to his scalp. The clippers were great it quickly shorn his lovely locks down to grey stubble exposing his naked scalp.
His eyes got watery as he realized that the damage has been done and there’s no point in struggling anymore. I giggled as I kept running the clippers on his scalp as more hair has been mowed down to a faint stubble. I grabbed the back of his hair and forcefully shoved his chin down to his chest as I made the clippers go up his neck and have his remaining hair tumble down his face. I had so much fun shaving his head unfortunately for him the feeling wasn’t mutual. As I shaved his head I imagined how environmentalist would make educational videos of deforestation as massive beautiful trees tumbled down as a bull dozer knocked them down clearing a path of plain soil just like how his each swipe from the electric clippers would shave down all his locks into a path of stubble on his pale scalp.

I was finally done shaving his head. I have to admit though I was strangely aroused at the contrast of his pale scalp and his tan face. What made me feel more aroused in a twisted psychopathical way was how dominant I felt and how broken he looked.
I went over to him and sat on his lap once again face to face. I placed both my hands on his shorn scalp and started to rub his head forcefully. His scalp felt so good on my bare hands and I loved the sound his scalp made as my hands forcefully moved back and forth feeling each inch of his head. The sound it made was so satisfying each time I rubbed his head it made a "swoosh swoosh" kind of sound.
I started wondering how his scalp would feel against my tongue. So I grabbed his shorn head and placed it right in front of my mouth as I slipped my tongue out and slowly licked his scalp. My entire tongue experienced the taste of his head. The shorn hair prickled against my tongue. I couldn’t stop licking his head I was like a cat grooming itself just kept taking long licks over and over again all over his head. I licked his entire scalp but I still craved more so I moved onto the back of his head slowly licking it upward. Awkwardly we were both enjoying it. As I noticed his eyes were closed while he was breathing heavily. I on the other hand loved the earthy flavor of his scalp it strangely tasted like pistachios and the bitterness of the hair product he once put on his glorious main seemed to have seeped into his scalp.
I moved on to giving his head sloppy kisses. I strangely kept kissing his head more and more aggressively as the inside of my wet lips kept smacking on his wet scalp. I finally got a hold of myself and stopped I held his scruffy chin and made him look at me. We both stared at each other for a good 30 seconds. I noticed how wet his head was from my saliva it looked as though he got out of the shower drying himself except for his buzzed head. Then I noticed how beautiful his eyes were; even though he cheated on me his eyes still looked so sweet and innocent. My mind was spinning as so many contradicting thoughts came through my mind. I was furious at him for all the lies and scandals but I still loved him so damn much it almost felt like lust.
I felt my eyes get watery as I simply stared at him and asked, "Why?"
The End…

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