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Tyler's Forced Flattop by SailorNaruto52

This is part 1 of a 4 part story.

George saw him from across the room and he knew that he had to get him into his thrall. He was heavy set and had traditionally chubbier features. However the part George focused on was his hair. It was a darker brown that shone in the light and was combed forward on the top and combed down on the sides and backs. Overall it was pretty plain. George sported a jet black pompadour. He looked like Elvis and he just loved to get other people to shed their hair into something short. It was quite the contradiction considering how long and styled his hair was. To him it was all a game. He loved toying with the boys gradually pushing them toward a haircut until finally he took them to a barber shop and made sure that they walked with a different shorter haircut. And thus Tyler Geswindt was his latest target.
So one day George was continuing the chase and decided to send Tyler a message.
‘Hey Tyler!’ George sent.
‘So how are you?’
‘So, like what’s up with your hair?’ The bait was then taken.
‘I don’t know what you mean.’
‘I guess it’s just so flat and boring. I think you could spice it up.’
‘I don’t know. I guess I’ve just had this hair for a while. Never really thought about it.’
‘Well I know a great barbershop. Maybe this weekend you could come down and my man could give you a sweet cut.’ The moment of truth.
‘Okay. I guess that’s okay.’ The prey was being lured.
Thus George made the arrangements and went down to the barbershop. James’s barbershop was located in a farmers market. It was pretty old fashioned with the leather chair and the barber was quite the contrast. He was only about 30 and he rocked a light brown pompadour. However he loved to give brutally short haircuts to this customers. The barber was Ryan James and he desperately wanted to take George’s pompadour.
When George got down to James’s he told Ryan the plan and selected the haircut for Tyler. A flattop with landing strip.
"This seems like a pretty drastic haircut George. I’m quite excited."
"Yeah I think this will be another successful venture. Nothing quite like getting prey to be lured."
"I definitely know what you mean." Ryan said as he stared intensely at George’s own pompous pompadour.
Ryan could easily subdue George right here and shave off that mane of dense black hair. Nothing would please him more. However the proper trap must be laid first. Therefore Ryan tried to set out some bait.
"Hey George your Pomp seems a bit long. Why don’t you let me trim it?" Ryan turned the chair toward George while saying this.
"Sorry Ryan I have some homework to contend with." George nervously stroked his hair. "Welp gotta get going see ya later Ryan."
And with that George left the barbershop ready to get the prey ready for the next day.
. . .
The weekend eventually came and before he knew it Tyler had been lured into George’s hunting grounds. George eyed Tyler’s longer hair and couldn’t help but lick his lips with anticipation. He was going to get to see that boring style transform into a flattop. He couldn’t wait. George eventually lead Tyler into the barbershop.
"This is where the magic happens Tyler." George then opened the door.
As Tyler walked in he saw Ryan sitting in the barber’s chair as if waiting. Ryan then turned around.
"Hello. You must be Tyler. George already told me you were coming." He shook Tyler’s hand. "Here take a seat."
He then sat Tyler down strapped his arms and waist in. This was Ryan’s special chair he used for certain circumstances. Mainly George’s targets, but it was still a thrill every time. As he strapped Tyler in he spoke up.
"Why are strapping me in?" Tyler asked looking visibly nervous.
"To ensure your safety." Ryan said and finished strapping him in.
Tyler was getting nervous he had never been strapped in before when getting a haircut. He gulped and started sweating. Ryan put the sanitation strip around Tyler’s neck. He then caped him up. Tyler’s anxiety increased even more as Ryan turned the chair away from the mirror. As Tyler sat in the chair he wondered what would happen. He didn’t do much to his hair, but cared about how it looked and had had bad experiences before. Ryan combed through Tyler’s hair and then picked up the balding clippers and turned them on.
Ryan didn’t know where to start as he saw how anxious Tyler was getting. He decided to scalp the sides. He plowed through the left side as the brow pelt fell to the floor. He cut the perimeter brown hair fell around the white cape coloring it. Tyler was freaking out as he saw his hair falling everywhere. Tyler then felt the back and sides of his head get cool. Ryan the got extremely excited as it was time for the top.
Ryan set the clippers on the center of Tyler’s head and pulled back revealing a swath of white scalp to the match the white wall sides. Tyler’s entire body clenched. He had never been more nervous in his entire life. Ryan then picked up his comb and started lifting the hair up. Tyler was in store for a horseshoe flattop. Ryan then cut the hair to a quarter inch and brown hair was raining down on the cape. Tyler’s entire head was now cold and he could feel how much lighter it was. Ryan then turned around the chair.
Tyler was shocked by what he saw and was surprised by how short it was. He gulped as he looked in the mirror.
"So what do you think Mr. Tyler?"
"It’s quite short." Tyler said as sweat was running down his face.
Ryan got in closer.
"Well you can thank George for everything." He whispered.
Tyler looked in the mirror and then looked at George through the mirror who was sitting there with bulge in his pants and a smile on his face. Tyler then looked in the mirror and had an idea.
"Alright let me out of the chair Ryan"
"Sure thing Tyler."
Ryan let Tyler out of the chair. Tyler then approached George. George couldn’t help, but stare at Tyler’s horseshoe flattop. It was even more perfect than he had envisioned.
"Looks good Tyler."
"Thanks. I heard it was your idea."
"Yeah," George rubbed the back of his head. "But I had an eye for it didn’t I?"
"I have an eye to."
Tyler then grabbed George by his hair and threw him into the chair.
"What are you doing Tyler?" George was frantic and breathing heavily.
"Acting out my idea." He said as he strapped George in.
Tyler then grabbed a pair of scissors. Ryan watched with glee.
"Tyler," George was sweating just as Tyler had. "Tyler please don’t"
"Oh, don’t worry I think this will suit you." George said.
"I agree," Ryan chimed in. "I think you need a new look George. I’ll be happy to help Tyler."
"Thank you."
Then Tyler began snipping.

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