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George's Surprise Shave by SailorNaruto52

Tyler started with the forelock of George’s pompadour. He grabbed it fiercely and placed the scissors as if ready to cut the forelock off. George was panicking he was breathing heavily and his eyes pleaded Tyler not to. Tyler stared straight into George’s eyes and then he started snipping. George’s eyes filled with tears. His pride and joy was being stripped away. Tyler set the forelock on George’s lap. He then started grabbing pieces of hair and snipping them off. George couldn’t do anything, but watch in horror as his perfect Greaser hair was being stripped from him before his eyes. Tyler then set the scissors down. George looked in the Mirror.
Where his proud mane once was there was only chopped pieces of hair that were varying lengths. George felt as if he could cry. However the haircut was not over yet. Ryan looked at George surveying the damage.
"Well George looks like I have to fix you up."
"I agree Ryan. George needs a good fixer-upper."
"Please Ryan, don’t do it." George pleaded.
Ryan moved in closer to George.
"I’ve wanted to do this for so long," Ryan whispered. "And now I’m going to savor every moment of destroying your precious pompadour."
Ryan picked up his balding clippers and turned them on. He took them up the side of George’s head revealing a patch of white. He continued around the sides as showers of jet black hair fell around George covering the barbershop floor. A wall of white was revealed as Ryan plowed the clippers through the dense black hair. George couldn’t believe how ridiculous he looked as the sides were brutally short yet the top was still much longer and choppy. Ryan then thought about what to do with the top. And then he decided.
Ryan took the clippers to the front of George’s head and plunged them into the dense top showing the pale white head. He continued cutting the top as the rest of George’s shiny black hair was being taken away. Ryan was in glory as he saw George with tears in his eyes and he couldn’t wait for the second shock to George’s system. Ryan finally finished and George saw himself in the mirror. He had to force himself not to cry as he saw his pale white head as well as his beautiful hair all over the floor. However Ryan was not yet done.
Ryan got ready hot lather and and his lather brush. He spread the white foam all over George’s head. He then unsheathed his razor and was ready to unleash it on the now timid George stripped of his pride and joy. Ryan could not believe his dream was finally coming true. And so he started on the shaving with the straight razor.
Ryan started with the top peeling away the white foam and removing stubble. George was dumbfounded he couldn’t believe what was happening as he had done a complete 180 from his previous hair. Ryan continued removing the rest of the white foam from George’s head. He then applied witch hazel and George felt the sting immediately. After that Ryan unlatched the straps and George was finally set free.
George stumbled out of the chair feeling light-headed and in a daze. He felt his head and it was as smooth as a baby’s butt. Tyler couldn’t stop looking at George’s head. George walked out of the barbershop without saying a word. Tyler then followed George out. Ryan didn’t ask for any money as he already got his payment through his pleasure in scalping George.
. . .
As George and Tyler walked away from James’s Barbershop. Tyler kept looking at George’s head. George noticed and then grabbed Tyler’s hand. He placed it on his head.
"Do you like the feel of this?" George said staring into Tyler’s eyes.
Tyler didn’t say anything. George then touched Tyler’s head. He loved the feel of the bristles on his head. George could also tell that Tyler liked the feeling of touching his newly shaved head. George then moved Tyler’s hand off his head and grabbed the little bit of hair Tyler had. He then pinned him up against the wall and kissed him. He could tell Tyler liked to too from the poke he got from his pants. He then let go of Tyler
"C’mon," George beckoned. "Let’s get back to your place."
Tyler listened and the two left.
. . .
A few days later Ryan was sitting in his shop. He was looking in the mirror admiring his long and voluptuous hair. He truly was the ideal looking man. He then heard the bell ring and saw a middle-aged man walk. The man had brown hair with gray streaks on the side and it was styled into a business cut. The man was wearing a black suit with a white undershirt and a red tie. He was also wearing glasses. The man was middle-aged.
"Hello," The man said. "Are you still open?"
"Yes," Ryan beckoned toward the chair. "Please take a seat."
The man sat down.
"Please allow me to take your suit coat."
"Thank you," The man said. "I’m Derek, Derek Geswindt."
"So Derek, What would you like?"
"Just a trim."
"With all my pleasure."
Ryan then caped up Mr. Geswindt, took off his glasses, and then picked up his thinning shears and got to work.

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