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Mr. Geswindt gets High and Tight by SailorNaruto52

This is part 3 of a 4 part story

Ryan started trimming Mr. Geswindt’s hair. He picked up the brown strands softly clipping at them. He noticed how thick Mr. Geswindt’s hair was. He would have to convince him to change up his order. Mr. Geswindt started to relax. Ryan then started up a conversation.
"Well Mr. Geswindt you have quite the thick hair."
"Thank you," Mr. Geswindt smiled. "I get quite a few compliments in the office from my employees."
"Well it’s certainly very strong hair but. . ." Ryan stopped cutting and looked puzzled.
"What’s wrong?" Mr. Geswindt looked concerned.
"I just think this style is rather basic. Don’t you?"
"I suppose," Mr. Geswindt looked curious. "What would you suggest?"
Ryan looked quizzically for a few seconds. He then snapped his fingers
"I know," He exclaimed. "A nice high and tight to show the employees who’s boss."
"Well I don’t know," Mr. Geswindt looked concerned. "I don’t think it would go over well at the office.
"Well I guess there’s only so much a man of your rank can get off with," Ryan said downtrodden. "I suppose you're not that much of a boss man."
Mr. Geswindt suddenly got straightened up in the chair.
"Well I mean," Mr. Geswindt stammered. "I suppose I shouldn’t care about the lower workers. Go ahead give me a high and tight."
"As you wish." Ryan said smiling devilishly.
Ryan set down the thinning shears and picked up his balding clippers. He started on the sides of Mr. Geswindt;s head peeling away the gray and brown fur to reveal a swath of white skin under it. He continued around the head creating white walls as hair covered the cape. Mr. Geswindt was getting visibly more nervous. Ryan took advantage of this and turned the chair around. Ryan then set down the balding clippers and picked up another set of clippers with a #1 guard attached. Mr. Geswindt gulped.
"Not too short on the top okay." Mr. Geswindt pleaded.
"Of course." Ryan lied.
Ryan combed through Mr. Geswindt’s hair and placed the clipper at the front of his hairline. He pulled back leaving only the smallest bristles of hair in the clipper’s wake. Mr. Geswindt was breathing heavily. Ryan continued over the top mounds of brown hair falling over the cape. He then was finished. He turned Mr. Geswindt around and revealed the haircut to him. Mr. Geswindt’s mouth was agape.
"So, do you like it?"
"It’s different." Mr. Geswindt touched the top of his head. He couldn’t believe how short it was.
"Well that will be $10."
Mr. Geswindt paid Ryan and then left. Feeling extremely unsure of his descision.
. . .
When Mr. Geswindt came home that evening he set his things down and felt his head. He couldn’t believe how short his hair was. He was positive that Tyler would make fun of him. He also couldn’t help, but think of his wife and her reaction. She had always liked when he cut his hair shorter. He felt a tear fall from his face. He wiped his eyes.
"Tyler! I brought home dinner."
"Okay dad."
Mr. Geswindt was shocked when he saw Tyler with his brutal new haircut. Tyler was shocked when he saw his father with his brutal new haircut. Their mouths both dropped at the same time.
"What happened Tyler?"
"Well I decided to go for a change up. How about you?"
"Well I kind of decided I needed a change as well."
Tyler felt his dad’s head. The bristles on the top were soft and contrasted by the smooth sides. Mr. Geswindt then felt his son’s head. The top was sharp and prickly with the landing strip and sides feeling a smooth as his sides.
"Well I think you look good Ty."
"Thanks." Tyler felt the back of his head. "Not too bad yourself."
"Thanks." Mr. Geswindt said feeling the back of his head.
Mr. Geswindt then grabbed Tyler into a hug and kissed the top of his head.
"I think your Mom would have liked it."
"I think so to dad."
Mr. Geswindt let Tyler out of the hug.
"C'mon let’s eat some dinner."
. . .
The next day Ryan was sitting in his barber’s chair reading the newspaper. He felt as if he was on top of the world. He was on a high after all the haircuts he had forced upon people within the past few days. He got up from his chair and looked in the mirror. His hair was wonderful and luxurious. He combed his pompadour restyling it to perfection and admiring how hot he was. He then felt a sudden bang in the back of his head and he blacked out.

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