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Boy Band Part 3 (Final Chapter) by CharlieBrown

After Z rebelliously responded to Levi about how he didn’t really mind his buzzed head but it did feel a bit chilly; Levi teasingly responded that he’ll help Z’s head feel a little warmer. In a split second Levi pulled his pants down, spread his butt cheeks apart and sat on Z’s head while releasing a huge fart.

Prrrrrfft was the loud sound that engulfed Z’s head. Z’s scalp was barely visible since Levi’s ass was literally on top of his head. Although Z was shocked by that disgusting act he felt rebellious and really didn’t want to give Levi the satisfaction of being humiliated.

Levi laughed and got up from Z’s head to see Z’s expression expecting Z to look angry and upset. Levi smiled from ear to ear as he told Z, "Does your head feel a little warmer? I don’t have a beanie to give you but you can always have an ass hat!"

Z just smiled and casually said, "It did feel a little warmer. Thanks for being so thoughtful!" Levi glared at Z and tried to hide his annoyance by responding, "Well you’re in luck cause I just had a bowl of chili not too long ago!"

Levi laid his ass once again on Z’s head and began breaking wind each one louder and smellier than the last one. Burrrfff pffffffffft was all the sounds that kept coming out of Levi’s ass. Z tried really hard not to get up and run away; he really wanted to show Juan and Levi that they cant break him down even though the putrid smell and the vibrations Z felt on his head each time Levi broke wind made him Z feel more agitated.

Juan kept laughing and pinching his nose until Z acted like he was enjoying the ordeal by closing his eyes and replying, "Wow my scalp sure feels nice and toasty, hey Levi can you fart on the back of my head its not getting any of the warmth!" Z grabbed Levi’s legs and slowly moved his head down. Levi’s eyes widened as he felt Z’s prickly scalp rub his anus and it made Levi really uncomfortable.

Levi got off Z’s head, "Alright you perv if your head feels cold then that’s a personal problem. Maybe if you weren’t such an idiot you would have still had your long pretty hair!"

Z got up, "I know you were trying to humiliate me for smoking a cigarette because I almost messed up our gig and I apologize for that. But honestly I felt like you really helped me. I was getting too attached to my hair and also a little too attached to my cigarettes but you showed me that those things shouldn’t define me for who I am so thanks."

Levi looked stunned and defeated. Juan couldn’t believe what he was hearing he finally stammered, "Well go take a shower cause your head smells like s**t."
Z smiled, "Yeah a shower sounds great."

Z went into the bathroom smiling from ear to ear trying not to laugh but when he turned on the bathroom lights and looked in the mirror he was absolutely flabbergasted. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open as he placed both of his hands on his shorn head; "What…… the….. f***…." Was all he can say as he rubbed his freshly shavened head.
Z could barely recognize himself as he kept gazing into the mirror in astonishment as he rubbed his grey patchy scalp. His head felt so weird he was used to running his hands through thick black soft locks but now all he could feel his patchy stubble. The sound of his hands rubbing his scalp sounded like someone dragging their feet on tile. Z examined his head; it was so grey with uneven microscopic little dots of remaining bits of hair.

Z took a deep breath and exhaled as he rubbed warm water all over his head. He took out some shaving cream and smeared it on his head as he began to shave it with a razor. Each swipe of the razer removed the microscopic patchy hair and only left smooth light grey skin.

He finally finished and stared at himself once more at the mirror. He didn’t love the new look but it was better than having patchy uneven fuzz on his head. Even though Z was a bit insecure about his new look he did actually pull it off quite well. The contrast of his light grey scalp and his golden brown skin worked really well together. All of his beautiful features really stuck out. His dark eyebrows and neatly trimmed beard worked well with his smoothly shavened head.

As Z finally had his mind wrapped around his new look he took out the cigarettes from his pocket and threw it away.

The next couple of days were awkward as all three of the boys still lived together. No one spoke to each other or made any eye contact to one another until it was finally the day of the gig.

All three boys rode a limo together to go to the set of the kid show where their manager patiently waited for them.
As the boys stepped out their manager dropped his coffee on the floor after he saw Z. The manager bewildered; "Z… where is all your hair??"
Levi and Juan stared at Z nervously until Z responded, "Um… yeah I wanted to bleach my hair but I used too much. It damaged my hair so I had to shave it all off."
The manager replied, "Oh… ok… well the buzz cut actually looks pretty good on you. Hopefully the fans think so too; you know little girls usually like boys with floppy hair." Z bitterly glared at Levi and Juan; he still had resentment for them which was absolutely justified. Even though he got used to his shaved head and new that his hair will grow back he was still bitter that his hair was shaved without consent while Levi and Juan still had great hair. Z was furious that on set Levi had a hairstylist blow drying his blonde pompadour while another hairstylist added curlers to make Juan’s dark medium length hair even curlier than it already was. Z bitterly thought to himself, "Where’s my hairstylist? Oh wait I have a buzz cut no one can style a buzz cut." Z silently rolled his eyes and kept practicing his lines for the kid episode.
All three boys finally did the gig and each got their check of 1 million dollars. Z smiled and went home. Z opened his front door and sat on the couch while turning on the TV. As soon as he turned on the TV he realized his shaved head was already making headlines as the celebrity gossip news reporter exclaimed in a dramatic way, "The hunky bad boy Z shaved his luscious hair into a buzz cut! Fans already took to twitter mostly giving good reviews on the hunks new due!" Z smiled and rubbed his head; he was pleased to realize his hair has already begun to grow back as his scalp was no longer smooth. However Z wondered where his band mates were.

After a half an hour of Z chilling on the couch he heard the front door open. He was surprised at what he saw. Levi and Juan both walked in with their heads AND their eyebrows completely shaved!

Z awkwardly looked at them and said, "What the hell did you guys do to your hair? And where’s your eyebrows??"
Juan somberly responded, "When you went home we thought it was perfect timing to go to the barber and shave our heads completely bald. It’s our way of saying sorry for what we did to you."

Levi added on, "And since I embarrassed you for farting on your head and Juan for taunting you so much we decided it was only fair if we humiliated ourselves by shaving off our eyebrows."

Juan quickly jumped in and said, "We’re really sorry man. Please forgive us and let’s put all this in the past." Levi apologized again, "Yeah Z we’re really sorry."
Z was silent and blank faced for a moment until he smiled, "I thought I looked bad with a shaved head you two look terrible!"
All three boys laughed and Levi exclaimed, "Girls always thought you were the hot one!"
They all laughed on the couch while playfully patting each other’s head. THE END 

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