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New Life in Newtown - Chapter 1 by Wulf

New Life in Newtown - Chapter 1

I really grew tired of the bulls**t that came with city life. The nonstop "go go go" mentality really wears a person out after a while. I finally decided I wanted something else. Sorry, let me back up a bit. I am Trent, I am 35 and I work as an accountant in a major city. My biggest secret is I am also a haircut fetish lover. It is to the point that whenever I go get my haircut I have to wear a jockstrap just so I don’t embarrass my barber, Ed.

Ed is the best barber in town, at least in my books. I had been going to him for haircuts for the past 15 years, since I moved to town. He is a jolly old guy, a bit over weight and bald as hell on top but he always smiles and has great stories to tell. Over the years I learned he is widowed now with no kids of his own. He lost his wife a few years back to cancer.

Even though I am only 35 I have solid grey hair. It runs in the family and has always made me look older than I really am. I do not mind, I like it actually. It is fun when 30 somethings call you Sir like they are talking to their dad.

Because of my job I get a short clean cut hair style, but that was soon to change along with most everything else in my life. For years I have been saving all my money and saving like a scrooge. I finally decided to get out of the rat race. I was watching a movie on TV and decided what I wanted to do " move to the country side and run my own pub in a small town. So I put my apartment up for sale and in no time at all I received a very good offer on it, so the next day I handed in my notice at work.

Since I handed in my notice at work I also put the next step of my plan into action and stopped shaving so I could start working on getting the big massive beard I always wanted, which I am proud to say was just as grey as the rest of my hair. This was going to be fun. I also cancelled my gym membership and quickly started tying up loose ends. I had 30 days before the signing of the papers to sell my apartment.

The next few weeks flew by like clockwork. It was nonstop and my last day at the firm, they had a going away party for me. I was finally done with that place and the whole time I was actively looking for my dream. I had been searching every website for my pub. I wanted my dream and I was going to have it.

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