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New Life in Newtown - Chapter 5 by Wulf

New Life in Newtown - Chapter 5

Over the next 2 days Dad and I had a great time in Newtown. We ate, laughed and even checked out the town. Dad was heartbroken when we saw the only barbershop in town was closed. "Son, I cannot believe they don’t have a barber in this town. That is a crime against humanity in my books." I laughed, but I really agreed with Dad.

Monday morning I got a call from the agent and we agreed to meet up at 11 in the pub and then afterwards we could grab some lunch together. Dad and I were sitting in the pub having a beer, talking with the owners of the place when the agent walked in.

"Hey Cynthia, what brings you down here today?" Shannon the owner asked.

"I am down here to meet some prospective buyers on the property. They should be here soon."

I stood up and introduced myself to Cynthia. "I am the one you are meeting."

"Oh wait. You are the prospective buyer? I am confused." Shannon said.

"Yes I am. Dad and I came early to check out the place, but Dad really did need some time away from work so we used this as an excuse to do it. I hope you are not mad at me, but now that Cynthia is here, can we all go someplace private to talk?"

Shannon led us to a small banquet room off the side of the pub. "Ok, I do have some questions for you. I have seen most of the place. I know that there is the owners section. Can you tell me more about it?" said I like a man on a mission.

"It is a 3 bedroom 1 bath townhouse style area. It does need some updating, but it is just as lovely as the rest of the place. As you know we have 12 guest rooms we rent out and never seem to have a shortage of guests. We maintain at least 75 percent occupancy most of the year."

"So why are you selling?"

"Father passed away a month ago and my brother and I just don’t have it in us to continue on here now. He was the town barber for decades and the 2 businesses became a family affair. So we are pulling up stakes and moving to Florida to start a new bar."

Dad quickly interrupted. "Wait the empty barbershop in town was his?"

"Oh yes. He owned it for over 40 years." said Shannon.

"Is that building also for sale?" Ed quickly asked.

"Yes it is. Why do you ask?" Shannon enquired.

"That is because I am also a barber. If my son buys this place I would be heartbroken to be so far away from him. Can we go see the shop please?"

Cynthia quickly spoke up. "I can take you both down there to show you the place and then afterwards we can all come back here, have some lunch and talk."

"That sounds like a great idea to me. When you all get back, we can go have lunch in our place so we can have privacy and you can see the family quarters." Shannon said.

"That sounds great. Let’s go and you can lead the way Cynthia." I said as I smiled at Dad.

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