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New Life in Newtown - Chapter 6 by Wulf

New Life in Newtown - Chapter 6

Cynthia drove us down to the shop which was only a few minutes from the inn. She let us into the building and we both let Dad go first. The smile on his face was priceless. Inside was a 3 chair shop with hardwood everywhere and stunning stone flooring. The chairs were old, but still in fantastic shape with red leather. The shop smelled of pure masculinity with class. This place felt like it was built for men to enjoy and gather.

"I love it. This is so lovely. What is the asking price for it?" Ed asked Cynthia. She told him a number and he was shocked. We both did not know if that was bad or good.

"Let me make a call real quick." Ed said as he dug a card out of his wallet and dialled up the number. "Hey David, this is Ed from the barbershop. If you still want to buy my building, you have one chance and one only to buy my shop so make me an offer here and now."

We waited a few moments only to hear Ed say "Be at my shop when I open Wednesday morning with the paperwork and we can get the ball rolling. What the heck, I will even treat you to a free haircut as well to keep you looking so good."

Ed put his phone away. "I think we are going to have some good news for the family. Don’t you think so son?"

"Yes indeed Dad. Now let’s go eat. I am hungry." I said as we headed back to the pub. When we got there, Shannon was waiting for us in the pub and led us to the family area off limits to everyone.

Over lunch we talked and Shannon actually dropped a plate of food when she found out that both buildings just got sold. We offered them 5 percent above asking price. She was thrilled to know her Dad’s barbershop was going to become one again.

After lunch we excused ourselves and went back to our room. When we were in private I finally asked Dad about his phone call. "Some developer has been trying hard for months to buy my building. His offer kept going up every time we spoke. He has already bought most of the buildings on my block for a new high rise project. Their asking price for this shop is a third of what I am getting for my building, so now I will have a nice fat nest egg for my retirement and I still get to be near my son. Now what about you son?"

"Between my savings and what I made from the sale of my apartment, I have enough to pay cash for the place and still have plenty leftover to update some things around here and furnish our new home really nice. I cannot believe this happening and I have you to share it with, all because I wanted to have a bald head just like you."

We left out the next day and headed back home. That night Dad and I quickly got to work sorting thru his stuff and started packing up. The next morning he put a large sign in the window with a closing day a few weeks away. The first person in the door was the developer, David. He was all smiles and had the papers ready to go. Dad quickly looked them over and signed off on them.

Dad then got him into the chair before he knew what was happening. "Now what are we doing today? It looks like you have not been to a barber in ages"

"Well….my wife usually has me go to some salon. I hate it, but it shuts her up. What would you suggest, Ed?"

"I know just what you need. Just leave it in my hands." Ed said as he put the cape on David. I was making coffee and watching eagerly to see what Dad was going to come up with. Dad quickly got to work shearing off the sides and back to make them super short. Dad was wasting no time in destroying that s**tty salon cut and replacing it with something sexier. The whole time Dad was working on the cut, he and David were talking. David agreed that he was only buying the building and not the contents.

As they kept talking I watched with eager anticipation. Dad started tackling the top and when he started I quickly knew what he was going for. I could tell David was getting nervous, but had some faith in what Dad was doing. In only a short amount of time David went from that horrible salon cut to a sexy short marine style flattop. Dad made sure to keep him turned away from the mirror as was his usual policy for added effect. Dad took his time to make sure it was perfect and when he turned the chair around to do the final reveal, David’s jaw hit the floor.

"Holy s**t, Ed. Is that me?" David said as he started grinning, then rubbing the top of his new ultra-short flattop.

"Yes. That is the new you. You need to get it freshened up every two weeks. After I am gone, you will start going to George’s barbershop on 42nd street. He gives them as good as I do. I know he will take good care of you."

"I am not sure how my wife will react, but damn I love it. I think I might need to change my wardrobe a bit to go with my new look. I am hooked. This is a keeper." David said as he gleefully got out of the chair.

"Actually David I have just the thing to go with your new look. Wait right here." I said as I rushed up stairs to go grab what I had in mind. When I came back I handed him a pair of mirrored aviator style sunglasses. He grinned as he put them on.

"Perfect idea. Oh this is so the new me. Thank you so much Ed for this treat. My wife is in for one hell of a night." David left the shop, as he was doing so he seemed to be standing taller and walking with more confidence.

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