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23 to 63 - part 13 by Titan by Titan

This story has hypnosis and forced transformation themes. It contains homosexual characters too so if this isn't your thing do not read.

Officer Terry Peters wasn't really outed as a gay man, only those closest suspected he was and that was the main reason for his marriage ending.
When he entered the cosy bar of the 'Rose and Thistle' the afternoon session was in full swing. Most of the clientele were older, men. A little nervously he went to the bar where Avery was waiting for him. "Looking for a Brian Adders. I believe he works here."
"Sure, can I ask who you are, Brian is my partner."
"Oh....My name is Terry Peters, one of his regular customers from his pipe store."
"Ah! .....Ju...just a moment. I think he is upstairs in the apartment." Avery replied.
The policeman watched the barman exit via a side door. Scanning the busy room he was unaware of a big man beside him. "You new around here boy?"
Turning, Terry was surprised by the man behind the voice. Standing well over 6 feet and wearing a leather waistcoat and denims his smooth body was perfectly honed obviously from hours in the gym.

Answering somewhat nervously, "well yes....ah Sir. Just here for a short spell." He didn't want to draw attention to the fact he was a cop.
"Well you know your place, calling me sir for a start. Would you let me buy you a welcome drink?"
"Ah... look ....that's mighty nice of you but I'm only visiting someone and I'll be on my way." Terry said genuinely nervous. His disasterous marriage left him a shell of a man and since discovering his true sexuality he had only had a few one night stands so far and of course he stayed clear of the bars. The last thing he needed was the guys at the precinct to find out.
"The names Grant." The big man said with a deep voice extending his hand. "Terry." The policeman replied noting the extra long squeeze his hand got.
"Very nice to meet you Terry. Are you sure I can't buy you a drink? You sure look like you could do with one, now where is that barman?"
"No really, I'm not staying." Terry tried to say.
"Ah....here's Brian. Brian we are dying of thirst here; two of your special pints."
"Grant the day you die of thirst... ah....Officer Terry, you're the guy asking for me?" Brian said trying to sound surprised.
Grants face completely changed to shock. "A policeman eh? Well I do have a weakness for a man in uniform." He seemed to lick his lips. "And that is a pretty sharp looking haircut too."
Cringing at being exposed he tried to ignore the giant beside him and took in the man before him, hardly believing this was Brian the tobacconist. He almost couldn't speak.

"Bri..wh....Brian, is that really you?" Terry was so shocked by the man before him that seemed more like a younger biker now then the kindly, greying pipeman he knew. The bar's overhead lights reflected his total baldness and he'd definitely packed on the weight. Did he ever have any piercings before because now he was showing a lot of metal to say the least.
"Well you know what that say, 'a change is as good as a holiday'. Lets just say I'm starting a new life." Brian started to pour those two beers for Grant.
"Well I never would have recognized you.......you know your landlord reported you missing from the shop?"
"Nosey bastard, always poking his nose where he shouldn't, probably just wants his money."
Terry noted how different the pipe man sounded. Even his manner seemed more aggressive.
"Well yes he did mention that. So what's going on with the shop, surely you aren't closing it?"
"Yes I was actually. The lease is nearly up and I still can't find anyone to take it over; there you go Grant." Brian placed the drinks in front of Grant who told him to put it on his tab. He then slid one of the frosty pints to Terry.

"Ah...thanks...but I really shouldn't." Terry tried to smile.
"Ah....now you aren't gong to refuse to have a drink with me are you?" Grant said a little offended.
"Ah....no its just I'm not ...much of a drinker."
"One little drink wont hurt a big man like you, and he held it up for Terry to take.
"No really." Terry said pushing the beer back.
Avery interjected, "maybe the officer would prefer something else. What about a soda instead Officer Terry?"
"Hmm...oh just a Diet Coke thanks." Terry was still shocked with Brian and added, "Closing it? That's a bit sudden, where am I going to go for my tobacco supply now." Terry said trying to sound more relaxed.

"Well unless I find someone to take it on." Brian said leaning over the counter closer to Terry's face.
"Yes it will be too bad if you can't find a buyer for the shop, that's for sure."
Terry said before adding, "I still can't believe the changes Brian, I hardly recognized you."
Avery quickly interjected, "here's your soda Officer, yes as Brian said a change is as good as a holiday."
"Please, call me Terry." The young cop replied as he sipped on his coke.

Grant had soon finished his beer and was in the process of ordering another but leaving the one bought for Terry in front of him, despite the policeman drinking a Diet Coke.

"So you enjoy a pipe Terry? Well I must admit, I do like a good pipe myself and love to meet other young pipe men." He was now staring directly at the smaller man beside him. "Not a lot of younger men take up the habit these days.
"Yes....I.....I do....ah....." Terry tried to say feeling uncomfortable with the very overtly gay behemoth beside him.
"Yes Grant, I introduced Terry to the pipe, and he became one of my best customers." Brian said as he wiped down the counter giving a wink to the policeman.

"So..you are working here now?" Terry asked as he downed the remainder of his soda.
"Yes, I've met Avery and well.... I'm much happier now here behind the bar. I meet so many interesting people here and the money's good."
"Another drink for my new friend." Grant said to Avery.
"No....no I really should be going." Terry exclaimed.
"Nonsense, you don't want to disappoint old Grant do you?" The big man was now right next to Terry their thighs now touching. Despite his nervousness something stirred in his pants, something about the man was turning him on and oddly he didn't try to move away. Avery noted the change in Terry as he went to pour another Diet Coke, adding another vial of liquid.

Grant was a very handsome man wearing a thick, blonde, chevron styled, moustache, and younger then Terry had first thought. His hair was shaved to the skin on the sides with the top an expertly manicured blond flattop. He of course was another regular at Clyde's Barbershop. He had trained to be a gym instructor and definitely was a good advert but now had his own personal training business.

After some more drinking Terry was entirely relaxed in Grants company, sitting at the bar Grant was stroking Terry's inside thigh without any resistance. They were very animated in each other's company, Terry unaware he had been set up with Grant. There conversation ran over different subjects, Terry not noticing how much his willpower had been eroded.
"You going to have that beer or am I going to have to have it for you?"
"No.....I don't drink....."
"It's only one beer." Grant added as he rubbed his hand down Terry's leg. "How can that bother a macho stud like you? Go on drink it up and I'll get another."
Hardly aware of what he was doing and feeling more and more aroused by Grant, he felt he should obey the man and picked up the beer and started to drink despite him being off the sauce.

They were now able to pry some information out of him especially around his divorce and keeping his sexuality closeted. They talked about Grants gym and how Terry might benefit, especially with Grant as his personal trainer. Give him something new to focus on.
Of course one beer led to another and in the end Grant slowed down but Terry didn't not even noticing what he was doing now.

While in Terry used the restroom, Avery took the opportunity to prepare a small 'back' room which had a large couch and some oversized armchairs. When Terry returned to the bar he noticed Grant smoking his pipe. "Come on back to the smoking lounge Terry, Avery is giving me grief about smoking at the bar." Before Terry could react, Grant had grabbed his hand and was leading him to the lounge where he closed the door behind them.
Avery ensured the camera feed was working, all that happened in that room would be recorded from now on.

Avery then took this chance to inform Clyde about all that had happened with the cop.
Hanging up his phone Clyde was finally able to relax and a smile spread across his face.
Seemed Officer Terry had found himself a new friend. Of course Terry never got to light his pipe as Grant pounced on him locking him in a tight embrace. Terry immediately responded with a deep, passionate kiss, amazed at how turned on he was.
Grant started to undress the cop amazed at the beautiful set of pecs the man had. He would look forward to building them up even more, maybe some big rings too on those manly nips too.

Grant wouldn't have believed he'd find a new 'boy' to build up let alone a cute, closeted, pipe-smoking cop. Avery had asked him earlier if he would help Clyde set the nosey cop up so he could get on with his business. Grant was more than happy to go along with the plan. He owed a lot to Clyde who had ensured Grants business grew with 'forced' referrals from the barbershop's customers but now what was happening was a bonus.

Now drugged and drunk, Terry had lost any inhibitions and was easily made swallow Grant's enormous pole. It wasn't long before he was licking and sucking on it like he'd done it all his life.
Grant moaned deeply as he guided Terry to take more of his cock. With his other hand he started to slowly and methodically stroke Terry's shaft which itself was a beautiful specimen.

And all the while the cameras in two corners of the ceiling were filming everything.

The next day Clyde organized Seamus to take Brian to the landlord, Oliver Monroe at Brian's old shop that he'd left closed.
Monroe was equally surprised by Brian's transformation as Terry and was a little too full of questions but was more than happy with getting the rent he was owed and the promise the lease would be sold straight away to Seamus.
He liked the more traditional and mature Seamus and judging by his gentlemanly appearance knew he'd be a safe and reliable tenant he just wished he wasn't smoking that damed pipe. The paperwork was completed for Seamus assuming the lease for now.

Meanwhile Terry woke up late with a terribly sore head. He couldn't remember much about last night but realized he had drank alcohol when he'd been trying to give it up completely. He'd been sober for months now.
Angry at himself for letting his guard down he got up and poured himself a strong coffee he then saw a note on the kitchen counter.
He picked it up and saw it was from Grant. Well he sure remembered him all right. They did things together that Terry didn't think were possible. All the note said was if Terry was ready to work his body, Grant was ready to help him. Terry wasn't sure what that meant entirely, he wasn't sure what he'd even said to the giant though he knew he was in awe of the guys muscles and had liked to gain a bit himself. Then something about Grant being a personal trainer came into his mind.

And later day he was surprised to open the door to the very man he'd hoped to avoid.
"Come on Terry, its now or never. You said you wanted me to help you get back into the gym." The bodybuilder Terry only knew as Grant said.
"Ah....I don't really remember....much..."
"Get your kit on, I won't take no for an answer you wimp!" He replied quickly dismissing any objections from Terry and forgetting he was even a cop.
And so was the start of Grant and Terry's relationship taking place almost always in a gym, Grant always telling the smaller man what needed to be done with each exercise, as well as nutrition and supplements to take.
When returning home after an extreme first workout, Terry hardly noticed he'd opened a beer.
A six pack later he opened the door to Grant, who had brought the bourbon.
That night they both made love more tenderly before Terry fell asleep in Grants huge arms.

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