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David's Flattop Tale - part 4 by Wulf

David’s Flattop Tale " part 4

(Written from David’s point of view)

The next morning we set out after breakfast for our trip back home. The mood was sombre as we started going back to our lives.

"Why does it feel like I am leaving my family and home?" I asked my wife
"That is because we are. I have never seen you so happy as I did on this trip in all these years I have known you and even I will admit I am feeling the same way. I really wish we did not have to leave. I could easily see us living there. I did not want to mention this, but I was even fantasising about it and looked up houses for sale."

"And I am guilty of looking at businesses for sale in the area. Did you find any nice houses for sale?"

"Pull over so I can show you what I found."

I pulled over and my wife pulled out her tablet and in moments pulled up this massive 2 story mini mansion. This house had 5 bedrooms, 3 ½ bathrooms, hot tub, sauna, enclosed pool, and 3 car garage " all set on 2 acres on the outskirts of town. I looked at the price and was shocked at how cheap it was. I quickly pulled out my phone and called the agent.

"Hi is this Cynthia. I am calling about a listing you have. I do apologise for it being Sunday and all, but my wife and I were headed out of town when we saw the listing online. I was wondering if it was possible to see the property today?" I quickly told her which property it was and she agreed to meet us there in one hour. My wife had a look of pure joy on her face.

We stopped off to grab lattes at the small café and made our way to the address. The entry to the property was amazing to say the least. Whoever built this place did it with love. My wife was all "ohs and ahs" even before we got out of the car. We did not have to wait long before the agent showed up. We got the kids out of the car and the agent started showing us around.

"This place is magnificent. I am just curious why it is so cheap?" I asked

"Cheap? This is my most expensive listing I have. I have been sitting on it for 4 months since the owners moved to Arizona to retire. The problem is no one wants homes this big any more. Small houses don’t stay on the market long, but large ones do."

We finished the tour of the house, and then my wife and I decided to discuss things. It did not take very long.

"Well Cynthia, I think you just sold a house. I will give you my business card and then we can handle all the paperwork thru the mail." I handed her my card and she was surprised to see I was also in real estate.

"Well let me know if you know of any real estate agents looking to relocate."

"Why is that?"

"Because I am retiring in 6 months and will be looking to sell my business."

"I have a feeling you and I will have a lot to discuss over the next few months, because I am one looking to relocate. We just spent the best week of our lives here and decided we want to live here for good."

"Oh that is wonderful and I look forward to speaking to you more about it."

The wife and I said our goodbyes and headed back home. Only this time we were both happy and joyful again. We made good time getting home and when we did we started outlining our game plan for the big move. We knew it would take 6 months before I could totally relocate due to the tower project, but once that was done, we were gone.

The next day at work, my wife and I called a meeting with all of the staff.

"Thank you all for coming in early for the meeting, because this is important. First off, in a month my wife will be stepping down from her role here and in her place I am promoting Gloria to take over her spot. She is staying around long enough so Gloria will know the role inside and out. Second, in 3 months I will also be stepping down as President of the company. I am still going to be the owner, but my role as President is going to be filled by Seamus. Once the tower project is complete I will be moving out of town. Also we now have another penthouse for sale on the tower as we will not be moving in. Even at a 20 percent mark-up for original price, it should still sell within days."

"The next order of business will be to announce that my wife is pregnant with our next child."

The office erupted in cheers and congrats for everyone. Seamus and Gloria were shocked at their new promotions. I sent out the office assistant again for another case of Champagne to celebrate the occasion for us all. As we were drinking and celebrating, the newest real estate agent we had announced he had a client coming in soon to sign papers on the penthouse. He sold it at a 30 percent mark-up with only 1 phone call. That gave us even more reason to celebrate.

That night after work, my wife and I sat down for dinner with the kids and started talking more about the big move.

"You know dear. I don’t think our cars will suit our new lives in Newtown. Why don’t we trade them in before we go for something that will better suit our new lives? I just can’t see our BMWs handling winters in Newtown." My wife stated.

"I think you are right my love. I can easily see myself driving a big pickup truck and you would look rocking driving an SUV around town. You will look extremely hot as a SUV driving soccer mom."

"Oh yes indeed. Maybe I should look at getting a Land Rover. I want something safe and tough if I am driving the kids around in it." She said with a gleam in her eyes.

By the end of the week we signed off on all the paperwork on the new house. When we did we called Dad, Trent, and Greg to give them the good news. Dad was overjoyed when he learned we were going to relocate to Newtown. Dad updated me on the flattops of the town. He told me that about ¼ of the men in town now had flattops and no one was complaining. Dad said if this keeps up the town will have a baby boom in the near future. My wife and I both laughed at that because we knew how true it could be.

After about 3 months, Dad mailed me a copy of an article from the local newspaper. The article reported that in the previous year there were only 12 births in town and only 15 the year before. In the past 3 months, there have been over 30 couples reporting they were pregnant and it went on to state there is properly more to come. The writer was sharp in noticing that almost all of the births reported were being fathered by men with flattops. I showed my wife and she lost it laughing and I joined her.

"Never underestimate the power of a flattop my dear husband."

"Isn’t that the truth." I said as I pulled her close and kissed her deeply.

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