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David's Flattop Tale - part 5 by Wulf

David’s Flattop Tale " part 5

(Written from David’s point of view)

It has been 6 months since we decided to make the big move. When we were not working, we were ordering new furniture for the house and getting things here packed up or sold off. My wife even ordered tons of cookbooks so she could have her fun being a housewife and mom. We never went for takeout anymore. She decided if we wanted takeout, then she would learn to make what we wanted. We did end up trading in our BMWs for something much better. My wife decided on a brand new dark blue Range Rover and I went for a Chevy Silverado 2500 with crew cab in silver.

We listed our 3 bedroom condo for sale a week before we left and within 2 days got several offers on it, well above asking. Gloria presented me with the offers, but kept it secret who was making the offers for their clients. We went for an offer and Gloria revealed that it was the same agent who sold the penthouse we were set to buy. I made sure that he got an extra bonus for his work.

The day after the ribbon cutting on Tallton Tower, we set off on our new adventure. I knew I was leaving the company in good hands with Seamus and Gloria at the helm. They were enjoying their new roles and much larger pay checks.

When we got to Newtown, my wife said she was going to do some grocery shopping and then head to the house. She even suggested we invite the family over for dinner in our new home. I told her that was a great idea and I would see her soon to help out. After that I turned off and headed straight to the barbershop to get my haircut.

"Hey Dad." I said as I walked into the shop.

"Oh this is a wonderful day. My son has finally come home. Sit your butt down and I will get to you in due time. Now you need to meet the newest barber in the shop. This is Bruno. I hired him a few months ago because the work load was getting to be too much for just me and Greg to handle."

Dad introduced me to this short, muscled out older man with ginger hair everywhere who was wearing a flattop and a full beard. By short I mean he was only about 5 feet tall, but his shoulders were almost as wide as he was tall. His arms were so muscled that his barber jacket did not have sleeves on it. He had a trim waist that lead to heavily muscled legs that look like tree trunks. He really was asking a lot of the jeans he wore.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Bruno."

"It is a pleasure to finally meet his other son. He speaks so highly of you." Bruno said as he stopped the haircut he was giving and shook my hand. It felt like he was going to break my hand.

As I went to sit back down I heard Bruno ask Dad, very loudly in a packed shop. "Is this the guilty party who started the flattop epidemic in this town?"

"Yes, he is the one. It just gained speed from there. I won’t complain. I love seeing so many well-groomed men in town. It has also been good for the local population." said Dad as he smiled and worked on cleaning up another flattop.

"Ok Dad, just how good has it been?" I asked curiously.

"At last report there were 57 couples expecting babies in the near future and all got pregnant in the past 6 months and all but 1 has a flattop on the man. In fact, let me see a show of hands men. I want to see who here has a pregnant wife right now."

Then suddenly every customer in the shop raised their hands with a smile on their faces and it was then I really noticed all were sporting flattops. I was the last to raise my hand and then the entire place erupted in cheers.

"This will be flattop baby number 3 for me and Dad I forgot to tell you " you are going to have a granddaughter." As I said that Dad let out a big cheer.

"Two handsome grandsons and now a granddaughter, how can a man feel so blessed?" Dad said as he smiled while he went to work on his next customer. That put everyone is great spirits in the barbershop.

When it was my turn I got into his chair and did not even need to say a thing, he knew what to do.

"Dad, my dear wife wants to invite you and the family over for dinner tonight at our new place. Let’s say 6."

"That sounds great. Can I invite Bruno to come with us?"

"That sounds great Dad. The more, the merrier."

When Dad was finished with my haircut, I left (with a full package like everyone else that gets a flattop) and headed home. My wife was thrilled to know we were having a full house for dinner. Because our new home is so big, she insisted we have a massive dining table that can seat 12. She knew with our family up here, we would have lots of big family get togethers and she was right as always

I got the table set and the house arranged as best as we can on the first day, while she worked on dinner. For our first dinner in our new home; she decided on a menu of beef stroganoff, glazed carrots, green salad, fresh bread rolls, and chocolate cheesecake for desert. The house smelled wonderful and felt more like a real home, than our condo ever did.

The family arrived at 6 and when they did, the place came alive. Dad first went to my wife and told her he was so thrilled to be a grandfather to a sweet little lady. My wife even insisted on getting a picture of just us guys. I did notice that Bruno and Dad had their arms around each other, almost like lovebirds " that was going to be a story worth hearing.

As we enjoyed dinner I noticed how close Dad and Bruno were so I finally broke the ice on it.

"Ok Dad. It is time to tell me what’s happening between you and Bruno."

"I don’t know what you are talking about son. There is nothing going on between me and my boyfriend."

"Now I have heard it all and congrats Dad."

We all toasted the happy couple and many other things that night. For once in my life I felt like I had the family of my dreams " all because of a barbershop owned by a character named Ed


(TO BE CONTINUED " Dad’s Barbershop Series)

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