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Dad’s Barbershop – Bruno - part 1 by Wulf

Dad’s Barbershop " Bruno - part 1

(Written from Dad’s point of view)

It has been a little over 2 months since David’s visit that has sparked a massive epidemic in flattops and buzzcuts in the town. Greg and I cannot believe it. We rarely do any other haircuts now but military grade flattops and buzzcuts that would make a drill instructor smile, but we are not complaining. It is great for business, but we are both working nonstop every day with little to no breaks. It all came to a head one morning when I saw the headline on the front page of the local page, while having my morning coffee.

"Boys, have you seen today’s paper yet?" I yelled so they could hear me while getting ready for their day.

"No Dad. What’s up?" Trent said.

"Look at this." I said as I shoved the paper in front of them to see the headline on the front page read FLATTOP BABY BOOM.

I heard them both say "Oh s**t" at the same time.

"That’s it. We need another barber. We cannot keep up at this pace. I will put the word out tonight thru some of our special sites that we are hiring."

"Hey Dad, just make sure they are OK with gay people and our special clients we still try to take care of." Greg said nervously.

"I am picky. I will know the right one for our shop. Do not worry my boys."

That night I got on my pc and started posting. I posted to a few barber fetish sites and some special Facebook groups as to what I was looking for. They had to submit a resume, a bio and a picture. All replies were sent to a special email I had setup for our "special clients". A few weeks later I got a reply that caught my attention. All it had was a letter and a picture.

The letter read:

Dear Barber Ed,
I saw your advertisement for a barber and I think I might be your man. I have been a barber for over 30 years and love what I do. For the past 5 years I have been freelance and working on the road. I grew tired of working in shops where guys would ask for some pansy haircut. I wanted to cut hair for real men, not wannabes.
I set out on my own in an RV I bought with my dog, Jack, and set up shop at motorcycle events and truck shows. I am known as the RV Barber. I only offer 3 types of cuts " flattops, buzzcuts, and full head shaves. At every event I go to, I am never without customers. Some days I have been known to go from sunup to sundown with few breaks and giving haircuts to men from all walks of life. It makes me excited to see some suit on his day off get a buzzcut or flattop for the first time.
Since I have gone freelance, I have started my own Facebook page so people know where to find me. I have gained a bit of a following. In fact, that is how I found you. You posted your ad to my Facebook page. I am asking for a trial to show my stuff. I have already done my research on your shop and have found several newspaper articles about the "Flattop Baby Boom". Many of my followers also know of you. Your shop has a reputation that covers the entire Northeast of the USA.
Enclosed is my picture and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I looked at his picture and something excited me. I have never seen a man like that nor had I ever read a letter like that. It only took a few seconds for me to decide that I wanted to meet him and give him a chance. Something stirred deep inside of me.

That night I sent off a reply to him. I got one back the next morning telling me he would arrive in 3 days with his RV and dog to see how it goes. At breakfast I told Trent and Greg of my choice. I showed them the letter and picture and I had their full support.

3 days later while at the shop, this giant RV rolls up and parks right in front of the shop. Out of it come this short, heavily built man and a beautiful German Shepard following him. He had a full ginger beard almost half way down his chest and a flattop that would make any marine proud.

As he opened the door, in a loud booming voice we all heard "Where’s Barber Ed?"

"That would be me." I said as I worked on my current customer.

"I am Bruno."

"Welcome. I don’t have much time to talk right now. We are waist deep in flattops."

"Need some help?"

"If you think you are up to the challenge, then let’s see what you have."

He told his dog to sit and he rushed to his RV to grab his gear. He came back and set up in moments at the empty station and in no time at all he was ready to get to work. Something inside of me was happy to see him in the shop working with us.

He called up his first customer, who was a regular getting his flattop fixed up. He wasted no time in getting it cleaned up then shaved the sides and back like a pro. He worked alongside of us for several hours nonstop. He kept up a brisk pace, but he was putting out some top class flattops and the best part was all of them got shaved sides and back whether they wanted it or not. I liked his no nonsense style. His dog, Jack, was well behaved and often would go hang out with the customers just to sucker them for some attention. The kids that came in the shop were all smiles when they saw him.

After a few hours of nonstop work, Bruno took a break to have a smoke and let Jack do his business. He was gone for about 10 minutes, but when he came back he was ready for more action. Finally at 5 I closed the shop, much to everyone’s relief.

"Damn, Bruno. You are a machine with those clippers." Greg said as he shook Bruno’s hand.

"I was impressed that’s for sure. So much so that the job is yours if you want it." I said as I went to shake his hand. I was caught off guard when he gave me a big bear hug, which felt so good.

"So where are you staying at Bruno?" Greg asked.

"I was going to stay in my RV until I find a place for me and Jack."

"Nonsense, you can stay at my place. We have an extra room you are welcome to. I must let you know that I live with my son and his husband, who is this bald headed f***er you will be working with." I said as I pointed to Greg.

"That makes it even easier on me. I am gay as well. I am single of course because I scare most men. They are intimated by my size."

"I don’t see anything wrong with your size." I blurted out before I knew what I said. To quickly cover my tracks, I called Trent to tell him I hired another barber and we would be having a house guest for a while until he found a place. Trent was more than happy and made sure to include him in dinner.

We quickly got the shop cleaned up and all headed home. I had Bruno park his RV behind the pub. We all headed in so I could introduce him to Trent.

"Hey son. We are home. I want you to meet Bruno, the newest barber at the shop."

"Damn Dad, what did you do? Did you raid a bodybuilder convention to find this guy?" Trent said as he laughed and welcomed Bruno.

"I like this one Ed, he has a sense of humour and cute too " bald head and all." Bruno said with a smile on his face. Jack quickly got himself settled on a spot on the couch. He decided he was home.

I showed Bruno to his room and helped him get settled in while Trent and Greg finished getting dinner ready. While Bruno was getting settled into his room, we were talking and I could not help but to enjoy the view of his butt, which looked so perfect. I guess I was staring at it a bit too much, because he caught me doing so.

"Enjoying the view?" Bruno said with a smile.

I was speechless and did not know what to say. Bruno took the lead. He walked up to me and pulled me to him then kissed me. It felt like I had never been kissed before, a flood of emotions came raging froth. Just about that time a knock came thru the door. "Dinner is ready guys."

We quickly broke it off and headed downstairs. Dinner smelled great and Trent even got a pitcher of beer from the pub to celebrate Bruno’s arrival.

"Think of this as your welcome to Newtown, Bruno." Trent said as he started serving up dinner. As we were enjoying dinner, Greg started the conversation rolling.

"So Bruno, what made you decide to get off the road and settle down?" Greg said.

"I am 55 and tired of the travel. It is fun, but it wears me out some days. I have been doing this for 5 years and that was enough for me. I only learned of this job because Ed posted it on my own Facebook page."

"If you don’t mind me asking, why did you hit the road to begin with?" Trent inquired.

"For almost 11 years I was with this guy. He was 10 years younger than me and life was great. I had a barbershop of my own and next door he owned a shop that specialised in wine and spirits. He convinced me one day that we should sell everything off and move to Hawaii, where we could have a good life in the sun. Little did I know he was playing me the fool. He had a new boyfriend and had plans to take everything and leave me penniless. I found out in time and took all of the information to a lawyer I found. I choose this particular lawyer because he was the meanest and toughest one around. His nickname in the courts was either "Bulldog" or "Oh f***, it’s him again". Due to common law marriage in the state we lived in, I got half of everything. My ex was given 6 months jail for embezzlement and lying in court. Once the dust was settled, I bought my RV and hit the road."

"Wait a minute. Are you Bruno O’Grady?" Trent asked with a look of concern on his face.

"How do you know my last name? I have not told you that." By the time Bruno said that, you could cut the silence in the room with a knife.

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