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Through the barbers eyes: Mac by BarberBruce

"Ahh" I sighed as I finished brushing the hair off the floor
"Next" I called over to the waiting area

Up stood a young man with dark hair. His hair was medium length and was styled in a messy way with a quiff. The sides were left fairly long but still done with the clippers.

As he approached I invited the boy to sit down and I introduced myself to him. He replied and informed me that his name was 'Mac' and he was 16. I personally really liked Mac's hair which is surprising as I'm a barber and barbers tend to prefer much shorter and clean cut styles. Mac, however, didn't seem so keen on his hair. He said that he found it too messy and he wished to try out something shorter and neater. After a lengthily discussion we decided to keep the style the same but go for a shorter variation of the style and remove a lot of the bulk and thickness.

Cape on, clippers oiled and we were ready to go.

As with most haircuts I decided to start by cutting the sides of Mac's hair. He said that he would usually get the sides done with the grade 6 but seeing as though he wanted a shorter look I cut the sides with the grade 3. I proceeded to shave the back of his hair transforming the longer sides into much smarter, shorter sides. I continued shaving around Mac's head going progressively shorter. After five brisk minutes of cutting Mac had been transformed into a new boy and I hadn't even touched to top of his hair yet! I stood back and admired the freshly shaven sides and decided that it was time to move onto the top.

I began with a quick spray of water over the hair to allow me to brush it out. Boy there was a lot of hair! I began by simply removing a good amount of length from the front. Once the hair was significantly shorter I moved on to thinning the remaining hair out. Using thinning shears and a razor blade I took away layers and reduced the volume to make Mac look more mature by giving him a smarter, less "teenager-ish" haircut. Seeing as though Mac requested a smarten up I figured that I had better give his sideburns and nape a tidy up. The once natural styled sideburns (left in their natural length and shape) we tidied up I used my clippers to shorten them and square them off. I then tapered his nape down to the skin in a square shape and I shaved huge hunks of neck hairs off.
And there we go! Mac had been transformed from having messy school boy hair into having mature, neat hair!

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