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Completely Hairless Thanks To A Friend by NotAVeryGoodWriter

I know that there's not much call for this kind of story on this site, but I thought I'd write it anyway.

Since I was a kid, I've known I've had a thing for bald guys. Whenever I'd see someone with a completely bare scalp walking around I'd make sure to see them, they just looked so masculine and cool. And predictably, after a while the temptation to shave my own head grew larger and larger, I must have been fifteen at this point.
However, it got weirder. When I was seventeen, I was walking around the town I lived in and I saw a guy across the road. He had a completely bald head but where his eyebrows should have been, there was only skin. It instantly grabbed my attention, I was transfixed, it turned me on so much.
When I got home, I instantly started looking into this new realisation, I looked up videos of men shaving their heads and eyebrows, then videos of men shaving their entire bodies, a part of me felt so weird but the rest of me screamed that it was ok.
It was around this point that Matt, a friend of mine, shaved his head bald. He had always had a very short haircut, but it was a shock to see him completely without hair. I remember seeing him for the first time.
"Hey, what do you think?" A grin was plastered on his face.
"It looks so cool, I've always thought bald heads looked awesome." I left out mentioning my throbbing erection he had given me. I felt like I should bring up eyebrow shaving and phrase it like a joke to see his reaction, but I thought better of it.

Anyway, back to my actual haircut. I was at university a few years later, in this time I had buzzed me head to a 3 but never shaved it, and all my body hair stayed completely intact. I have no clue why I didn't at least shave my head, after all there were loads of young bald guys. But, I always chickened out at the thought.
I was back in my old town where I'd spent my childhood, it had barely changed since I'd left. I was walking around before I saw a barber's shop, I had no need for a haircut as I could buzz my hair myself, but the name intrigued me.
"Matt's" I thought it could never have actually have belonged to Matt, but sure enough, when I walked through the door he was standing over a barber's chair with his tools laid out in front of him. The place was bare, bare walls and only the chair, Matt's tools and a mirror.
But something else caught my eye about Matt, his eyebrows were completely shaved to the skin, his entire head was hairless.
"Matt, what happened to your eyebrows." We'd never seen each other for some time, but none of that mattered.
"I shaved them."
"I wanted to, anyway, ignore this empty room, I've only just opened and I'm decorating later." I pressed on with this issue.
"Matt, I, I've always wanted to shave my eyebrows." Why did I say that? It was so random and must've sounded crazy, but Matt's face never flinched.
"Let me guess, you've always wanted to shave your entire body but you were too scared?" He hit the nail on the head.
"Yes, that's exactly it." There were no barriers now, I'd started so I may as well finish. Matt immediately walked over to the blinds at the windows and pulled them down so nobody could look into the shop, he locked the door and turned on the light as no sunlight was entering. I just stood there, watching him.
He walked to the centre of the room, and started to unbutton his shirt, I started to wonder if I should leave, but in seconds his shirt was sliding off his shoulders. Before he'd even finished, I saw that his chest and arms were completely hairless and smooth as a baby's arse. I wanted so badly to run my fingers over him, but I knew he wasn't finished. Matt grabbed the waist of his pants and underwear, sliding them down to reveal two hairless legs and a completely hairless crotch.
I sat in amazement, his body was everything I wanted mine to be, I could barely move I was so thrilled by looking at him. Not to mention the thing that was throbbing and straining in my pants.
"I've always had the same fantasy, and going through with it was one of the best things I've every done. Well don't just stand there, hop into the chair and let's give you your dream." At the back of my mind there were thoughts of what everyone would say and the looks I'd get, but this potential attention excited me all the more. I slowly made my way to the chair, my heart racing.
"Well let's begin with the obvious, say goodbye to this fluff all over your head." Matt grabbed and slightly twisted my hair, running his fingers slowly over my face with his other hand. This was the first time I could squeeze some words through my adrenaline.
"Do it, I've always wanted this." Matt was already standing with his tools poised, within seconds he'd ploughed his way through a large chunk of my hair. His strokes were so masterful and quick, it took seconds for my already short hair to be reduced down to almost nothing, I reached out from the cape but my hand was pushed back by Matt without a word. He applied scalp oil before reaching into his pocket and produced a straight blade and began to carefully scrape away everything left of my hair. Each scape felt like a massage over my scalp, each leaving a patch of perfect, pure scalp in its trail. Once more, it took seconds for all of my hair to be gone with only my white scalp remaining. I reached out my hand for a second time, but Matt slapped it away again. I had a great round head and it really brought out my jawline and cheekbones, already I'd fallen in love with my bald scalp.
"Wait till the final product, you can touch it all you want then. For now, take off your shirt and we'll see what needs cleaning up." This all felt like a dream, but that wasn't going to stop me for a second. I whipped off the shirt and tossed it to the side like it was a race, but I was instantly saddened by what I saw, I wasn't the hairiest guy in the world but the hair on my chest formed a distinct pattern, and my arm hair was somewhat pronounced.
"Oh dear, this is quite a state, but I can fix this." Matt purred into my ear as he oiled up his hands and ran them down my body, his fingers touching every part, making sure to rub my back and get plenty on the skin of my armpits. He took out the clippers, but only needed them for some of the thicker parts of my chest hair and my armpit hair, soon the straight razor was back. Again it felt like a massage, his blade moved so quickly, only bare skins remained. My body was such a large canvas, but he had conquered it in seconds.
I looked to the mirror and loved what I saw, bald head and a bare body, I twisted with every angle to check not a follicle but my eyebrows remained, and nothing did.
"Alright then, don't admire yourself too much, we aren't close to finishing yet, pull those pants of yours down." I had started before he finished his sentence, I slid them down and threw them next to my shirt, leaving me sitting in the chair in only my underwear. Matt bent down and applied the oil to my legs, once again scraping away each follicle with expert skill. This time I slipped in a quick feel when he wasn't looking, and the skin was so smooth it felt like silk, but my hand quickly darted back up when Matt had finished.
"Matt, it looks amazing, I can't thank you enough."
"Oh, I'm not finished with you yet, there are still two areas we haven't covered."
My eyebrows, my heart began racing for a second time as my dream came closer and closer. Matt grabbed the clippers and ploughed through the hair, my eyebrows never stood a chance, the straight razor took care of the rest. After clipping my eyelashes down to as far as they could have gone without causing a danger, I took a brief look at my hairless face but was still puzzled as to what the second area Matt referred to was, but luckily he soon made it clear.
Matt tugged at the fabric of my black boxer-briefs, and without a word from either of us I slid them down without any hesitation. My pubes were the only hair that I controlled apart from my head, but there was still a sizeable forest of hairs that needed dealing with. But Matt took on the challenge without even flinching, the clippers and the straight razor did their work and my hairless body was complete. My hairless crotch was just as I'd imagined it, in fact my dick looked bigger now.
I took a look up at Matt, who simply nodded to signal that we were done, and I jumped up from the chair.
I was in love with my hairless body, when I glided my hands all over my smooth legs and round dome, it was so refreshing to not feel a single follicle. My body looked exactly as I wanted it, I couldn't stop staring at the new me.
I thanked Matt, grabbed my clothes and left. The rest of my time in the town was spent with Matt, catching up on old times and getting used to my hairless life.
Nowadays, I keep myself on a strict routine. I shave my face and head every morning, and waxing everything else every few days. It hurt like hell the first few times but I soon got used to it. As for the strange looks I get, I don't give a single thought, in fact it excites me. I never wear hats and get away with shorts when I can, I find the breeze so refreshing against my smooth skin. I plan to never give up my hairless body, and as far as I know, neither does Matt.

I made this story up.

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