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fine wine waiter by aarroonn v.b.

butch loved his long wavy hair which was also a family trait. He worked as he a waiter in a fine dine restaurant, and his hair and the way he babied it just drove his co-workers and his (balding)boss crazy with envy. One day the dreams of everybody there came true. Butch was real good at his job but this day he busted a 1100 dollar bottle of wine. Your going to have to pay for that said the boss, well take it out of my next check. i can't wait that long jimmy said make him give up something that really means something special to him, the boss said what does he have? Give up his ponytail jimmy said, no,no, not my hair take my watch or something. The boss said your right and he looked at butch your hair or your job now before he could answer with everybody waiting jimmy yanked his ponytail out from inside his shirt. Butch started to try and pull the long thing from him when the others held him tight. Some clippers came out of nowhere as if they all were waiting for a chance like this,Butch really screaming no please stop falling on deaf ears one quick swoop and the ponytail was history. Evetybody clapped while he cried hard. They said ponytail i said hair i want all of it, noooooooo, oh yesssssss and holding him down they turned him into a bald crying baby.

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