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it is my life part 1 a new town by bald K

Shane pulled up outside the apartment block that would be his home for the next three years while he was at university. Shane was coming up to his nineteenth birthday and was attending a course on accountancy so he could join the family firm. Shane was not impressed that this was being imposed on him by both his father and grandfather who told him in no uncertain terms that he would attend university get the degree and join the family firm. The only good thing was that the firm was putting him through university and his family paying him a handsome monthly allowance so he would not be in any form of debt. Shane opened the door and made his way up the stairs to his apartment and let himself in and put his rucksack and suitcase in the bedroom before flopping onto the sofa and put the television on and found the sports channels and sighed as he had missed the football match he wanted to see. Shane remembered seeing a pub just outside of the apartment block so decided to check it out to see if there was any real ales available. Walking out of the apartment block Shane opened the gate and made his way to the pub and walked in.
"Can I help you sir?" A young man heavily tattooed and pierced with a shaved head inquired.
"Wow you have a lot of real ales on man!" Shane exclaimed.
"That is why it is called the barrel of ale." The young man replied.
"Think I will start with a golden beer please." Shane told the man.
"I suggest the gold goose then." The young man said as he poured a small amount into a glass and handed it to Shane. "Also I need to see some ID."
"No problem." Shane replied as he took his driving licence out of his wallet and handed it to the young man.
"Thank you Shane." The young man said as he handed Shane his licence back and poured the beer into a glass. "I am Liam."
"Nice to meet you Liam." Shane said as he paid for his beer. "You work here?"
"I help out when I can as I run a tattoo and piercing place with another guy in the town." Liam replied. "This is my dad’s pub but I do live here at the moment."
"I am here because I have to get my accountancy degree so I can join the family business." Shane told Liam.
"Sounds like you don’t want that." Liam replied.
"The way I look is because of them." Shane sighed. "The haircut, my clothes and what time I was to be Home by but not if I had been drinking."
"If you had been drinking?" Liam inquired with a puzzled look on his face.
"Family are strict Methodists so do not drink guess you could call me the rebel." Shane grinned.
"That sucks man." Liam said. "You sound like you need a makeover."
"As if I could mate I have to skype them every Saturday at midday and attend the Methodist church on Sunday like a good little boy." Shane sighed.
"It is a wonder they let you move here." Liam said to Shane.
"Only because my local university does not do the course anymore like it did when my brother Jamie got his." Shane sighed.
"When do you start at university mate?" Liam inquired.
"Couple of weeks’ time I have come to get to know the place." Shane replied.
"Fancy meeting up then mate tomorrow? I could show you round the place as I am not working." Liam suggested.
"Yeah ok then what time?" Shane replied.
"Say midday in here for a pint first?" Liam suggested.
"Ok then see you Shane tomorrow mate." Shane said with a grin on his face.
"See you in the week Liam." A man said as he walked into the pub.
"OK Shane boy I will see you at midday tomorrow." Liam said as he picked up his studded black leather jacket and slipped it on. "Are you at the punk night Griff?"
"Course I am Liam I am seeing Scotty Saturday to get the head shaved again." Griff replied
Yeah see you tomorrow Liam." Shane replied as he ordered another beer.

Shane looked at his watch and decided it was time to get some food and go back to his apartment. Shane wandered over to a parade of shops and ordered himself a kebab before going home and eating it wondering how he would look if he had his head shaved like Liam’s and also had a tattoo.
"This is stupid." Shane thought to himself as he placed the kebab wrapper in the bin and made his way to the bathroom and looked in the mirror before stripping off and showering still thinking how it would feel with the water running off a shaved scalp.
Stepping out of the shower Shane dried himself before he made his way to the bedroom and got into the bed and drifted off to sleep.

Shane walked into the pub and saw Liam’s dad standing behind the bar serving a customer before he walked over to Shane.
"You must be Shane." Liam’s dad said to Shane. "He said for you to go upstairs and see him there."
"Thank you sir." Shane replied as he walked behind the bar and made his way up the stairs.
"Hey Shane you ok mate I am running a bit late sorry." Liam told Shane as he walked out of the kitchen. "New ink took a bit longer that I anticipated."
"Let me see it then." Shane replied.
Liam held out his hand so Shane could see a black rose tattoo covering the back of his hand and part of his fingers.
"That looks bloody awesome mate!" Shane exclaimed. "Looks really good on you."
"Cheers Shane so fancy a pint before we head off?" Liam inquired.
"Yeah sure mate." Shane replied.
"Take a seat I will bring them up." Liam told Shane.
Shane sat on a sofa in the lounge thinking how cool the ink on Liam’s hand looked as he tried to imagine how it would look on him.
"There you go mate this one is fresh on today it is called Heresy." Liam told Shane as he handed him the glass.
"Cheers mate so how much did that ink cost you?" Shane inquired as he took a mouthful of beer.
"Mates rate so it was only forty pounds to cover the ink." Liam replied. "Want your hand inked like this?"
"My dad would go ape mate you know that." Shane replied.
"You got anything planned for Saturday night Shane?" Liam asked Shane.
"Nah only thing I have to do Saturday is skype mum and dad why?" Shane replied.
"Punk band is playing at the arts in the city if you want to join me and a couple of others." Liam told Shane.
"Nothing else planned so yeah why not." Shane grinned as he finished his beer.
"Cool let’s go and get you a ticket and introduce to my barber Scott." Liam told Shane as he finished his beer. "See if he can do anything with your mop."
"You mean get a haircut?" Shane asked Liam.
"Aww come on man your haircut is so dated." Liam laughed. "Come on who in this day and age has a haircut like yours?"
"Who has a family like mine?" Shane sighed as they boarded the bus into town.

"Well mate that is pretty much the town." Liam told Shane as he opened the door to a barbers shop.
"Hey Liam mate how you doing you punk?" The barber asked Liam. "And who is the dork?"
"Yeah doing ok Scott thanks." Liam replied. "This is Shane I met him yesterday."
"Nice to meet you Shane." Scott said to Shane. "Come to get a haircut?"
"Shane is coming to see ‘pit bull’ with us on Saturday mate so he needs something done to his mop." Liam laughed.
"So you just moved here mate?" Scott asked Shane.
"Come to study accountancy to carry on my family business mate." Shane replied. "Really don’t want to but no choice."
"We all have a choice man, my parents did not want me to become a barber but I did." Scott laughed as the door opened and a young boy and his dad walked in.
"Hey Freddy how was the wedding on Saturday?" Liam inquired.
"Boring as s**t." Freddy replied as he sat on a waiting chair. "Time for you to get the balding clippers out."
"Let me guess his supposed head lice has reappeared Frank." Scott laughed.
"He only grew it out to please his mum for the wedding." Frank replied. "So yeah by some chance his lice has appeared again."
"Better shave the head then Freddy." Scott grinned as he picked up the cape.
"Are you not before Freddy?" Frank asked Shane.
"No it is ok Freddy can go first." Shane replied. "Not sure how I want it cut yet."
"Thanks mate." Freddy said to Shane as he walked over to the chair and sat down. "Skinhead please Scott."
"Will you ever have hair Freddy?" Scott said as he caped Harry.
"Nah mate just skin me." Freddy replied as Scott got the balding clippers out of the drawer and plugged them in.
"You allow Freddy to be a Skinhead mate?" Shane asked Frank.
"Been a skinhead with a zero crop ever since he saw his cousin with his head shaved." Frank replied. "So we just make up excuse that he has serious head lice and best thing is to shave it off."
"That way he gets to go to school still and is one of the brightest students there." Scott said as he pushed Harry’s head forward and ran the balding clippers up the back of his head depositing about an inch of hair into the cape.
"Freddy the school Skinhead." Freddy said as he saw the hair fall into the cape. "Can I have the razor as well please dad?"
"I guess so as with these balding clippers Scott has they hardly leave any hair." Frank told Freddy.
"Yay I am going to be a proper skinhead again!" Freddy shouted as Scott carried on shaving Freddie’s head with the clippers.
"Those clippers don’t leave much hair do they." Shane said to Liam as he watched Scott shaving Freddy.
"That’s why they are called balding clippers mate only leave like very fine stubble." Liam replied.
"Come on over have a feel mate." Scott said to Shane as he finished shaving Freddie’s head with the clippers.
"God that is like very fine sandpaper." Shane said as he rubbed Freddie’s head.
"Yeah and soon it will feel like glass." Scott said as he got a hot towel out of the steamer and wrapped. It round Freddie’s head.
"You next for a balding then Shane?" Scott asked Shane.
"Yeah how about it mate you will be like me and the others at the punk gig on Saturday." Liam said to Shane. "Just think no shampoo or conditioner just wash and go."
"I don’t know guys it’s just a bit much for me like now." Shane replied as he watched Freddy get his head covered in shaving foam.
Scott carefully shaved Freddie’s head with the grain before applying another layer of shaving foam and shaving Freddie’s head against the grain leaving a smooth hairless head. Scott then squirted some gel onto his hand before rubbing it on Freddie’s shaved head and buffed it up with a towel giving it a good shine. Scott then removed the cape and Freddy run his hands over his shaved head.
"Wow f***ing awesome mate!" Freddy said to Scott as he got out of the chair and walked back over to his dad. "Thanks dad for letting me get my head shaved again." Freddy said to his dad. "Go on mate have a feel of this." Freddy said to Shane.
"Wow that does feel pretty awesome mate." Shane said as he felt Freddie’s shaved head.
"You mum will go mad at me at the weekend when she has you over." Frank laughed as he gave Scott the money for the haircut and a tip. "See you guys later." Frank said as Freddy and Frank walked out of the shop.
"You next then mate?" Scott asked Shane.
"Yeah guess I am." Shane replied as he walked over and sat in the chair and Scott caped him up.
"So what will it be mate or do you trust me with what I think will look good on you for a start?" Scott asked Shane.

to be continued

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