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Zachary by Ray

I have known Zachary for quite a few years as he was my neighbor's son. We were very friendly neighbors and did things together. For as long as I had known Zachary, he kept his hair very long but manageable.

One afternoon, Zachary came over to talk with me. He walked in a greeted me with a Hi.

"Can I ask you a question?",Zachary said.


My birthday is in two days and I am going to be 18. I want to change my hair style but not sure what to do".

"How short do you want to go Zachary?"

"Well I was thinking somewhere along the line of a really short buzzcut or head shave. I want to know if you might want to do it for me since you keep your head shaved."

"I do have Balding Clippers with attachments to try."

"When can you do it for me?", Zachary asked.

"Since your birthday is in two days, let's wait till then".

"Deal", Zachary said.

The two days passed. Zachary came over. We chatted on how short he wanted to go. I told him that there were several attachments to try.

"Why do you shave your head?", he asked.

I told him that it was something I did several years ago for my partner.

Zachary said, "Partner? Are you gay?"

"Yes Zachary, I am gay".

He said, "I would have never guessed that about you."

He asked, "Do you still see him?"

"No. We separated many years ago".

Zachary said, "But you still shave your head."

"I got use to shaving it, and kept it. So, what do you want for a cut?"

Zachary asked, "Can you cut all that longer hair off with scissors first?"

"Sure I can do that."

I got a pair of scissors and started to trim away the longer hair. He hair was at least 9" long. I cut it as close to his scalp as possible.

"So so short do you want to try first?"

I showed him the attachments and the lengths on them.

"Can we try a #4 first to see what it does?"

I had him remove his shirt. I put the #4 on the clippers and turned them on. Las by pass he watched as the hair fell I,to his lap. After a few minutes, I turned the clippers off.

"So what do you think?"

"Wow! It's short but I want to go shorter."

He reached over and grabbed the #2 attachment.

"Lets see what this does", he said.

So I attached the #2 guard on. I turned on the Clippers and made a pass right down the middle of his head.

His mouth opened wide and said, "This is the shortest I have had my hair cut in years."

He reached up to feel the stubble left behind.

I continued to completed buzz his head to the #2 length. I turned off the clippers.

""Now what do you think?"

"Holy crap! It looks good but I want it shorter."

"Do you want the next guard, a #1, or just do a clipper shave?"

He said, "it's this short, just go ahead and do the clipper shave."

"Are you sure? That leaves a very short stubble on your head."

He said, "Yes I am sure. Go ahead and for it.

I took the #2 guard off the clippers. I turned them on. He watched as the clippers buzzed the remaining hair off his head. He could only stare at the mirror as I past the clippers up the side of his head and then the back. I finished and turned the clippers off.

"So what do you think?"

Zachary reached up and rubbed the stubble. He said, "Wow, now that is short. I am not sure should I just shave the rest? How do you think I would look with my head shaved?"

I said, "To be honest, I love the look of a shaved head on a guy. I prefer that the men I meet have a shaved head. I think you would look great with your head shaved."

He said, "OK, can you do it for me?"

"Ok, let's get it done."

I lead him to the kitchen so he could rinse his head under hot water. In cleaning the stubble off his head, his head felt so hot to feel his stubble.

We went back and he sat down. I brought shave gel, a new Mach3 razor and blade, and after shave gel to put on after.

I squirted a good amount of shaved gel in my hand and applied it to Zachary's head. I watched as he flinched when I applied the shave gel to his head.

"Are you ready to be shaved smooth Zachary?"

With a large grin, he said, Yes, shave me bald!"

I started on the back of his head first. I leaned his head forward to shave him. With each pass of the razor, his smooth skin was being left behind.

I started on the right side. He asked me to stop.

"Can I feel the back before you start the side?"


He reached back and felt nothing but smooth skin. The look on his face told me he loved it.

I started the right side of his head and shaved up, removing the last of his sideburns to reveal nothing but smooth skin. I then went to the left side and did the same.

"Zachary, do you want to shave the remaining front stubble"

He didn't hesitate. He took a hold of the Mach3 razor and shaved the remaining shave gel on his head.

I wet my hand to feel for any stubble I had missed or he had missed. I enjoyed rubbing his head as I did this.

I told him to reach out his hand so I could squirt some after shave lotion onto his hand.

"Now rib your hands together and apply it to your head."

I watched as he rubbed the lotion into his newly shaved head.

"What a difference!" , he said.

"You really look good with your head shave. It makes you look more mature and look like a man instead of a teenager with a bushy head or hair."

Zachary said, "I am going to come clean. I knew you were gay. I was hoping you would do this for me. I have always loved your shaved head and couldn't wait to do it. I waited until I was 18 to ask you to do it."

Zachary came over and hugged me.

"I hope we can do this again soon."

Zachary left... Where is this going???

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