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My headshave experience by Harish

My headshave experience
After several years time came where I must shave my head for a reason, when I heard it I had a question omg how will it be what will it be.... The sun woke up before me and
I heard a sound where my dad mum was calling my name get up its morning it time to shave your head fresh up yourself and get ready for it. As soon as I Freshed up we went to the place where we néed to buy a token, there was a huge que where I was standing in a line finally I got my token as soon as I collected I dint want to shave my head so I said I want a cofee I finally drunk and made up my mind to get it done. I was standing in a que where a couple was before me it was there turn, it was a husband and a wife around 25 - 30 yrs she to had a very long and thick hair below her waist. I dint expect she is gonna shave her head. I was like omg, I watched them both getting there head shaved and they were finally shaved and the lady got up with a smile seeing her husband.
It was a great feeling seeing that and now it was my turn ,i was nervous and bit excited & feeling my hairs for the one last time running my fingers around my head , the clock passed like never before he called next, I had a token which he asked, he was rough and collected the token, as soon as I gave him he said me to sit on the floor, soon he said to remove my tshirt it was like an order for me and he wanted me to be fast as there were many behind , once I removed he poured a jug full of water on my head where my hairs was completely wet as my hairs was still dry he poured another jug of water as it was early morning I was shivering as the water was too cold. As soon my hairs was wet he gave me a soft massage where I completely forget myself and was enjoying the massage, it was the time where he unloaded the old blade washed it and asked me for the blade which I had, I gave him he reloaded it was like a gun pointing towards me.for the last tym he gave me a final massage to confirm my hairs are wet and ready to be shaved, he placed the blade towards my head and passed downwards, I heard the sound schurch schurch . Hairs started to flow down the shoulders rolling towards my hands which was on my lap it passed several times I was half shaved and felt my head was light I was completely filled with hairs around me he continued the sides around my ears when he run the razors near ears I could feel the sound more  and finally neck. I was fully shaved soon later he he checked my head and splashed water on my head I felt like ice placed on my head and I was freed, he felt my head was shaved correctly he again gave me a second shave where I was completely shaved and my head was smooth as pot it was a unforgettable and unexplainable experience...

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