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Zachary 2 by Ray

It has been a couple weeks since I have seen Zachary.

While I was outside near my pool enjoying my morning cigar, Zachary walked into the yard. He greeted me with his usual hi. I said hi back. In looking at him, his shaved head had grown out a bit. Looking at his face, Zachary was now starting to grow out his mustache and goatee. I will say that he really looked good with them. The hair in his mustache and goatee had really darkened up yet, but he looked good.

Zachary stated, "Can I ask a favor Ray"?

"Sure Zachary. What is it?"

Zachary stated, "Last week, while my mom was home, we had a talk. After you shaved my head, it gave me a big confidence boost. I came out and told my mom that I was gay. She did not take it too well. We talked about it. She gave me a hug and said she would support whatever way I lived my life. So now I want to know if we can talk?"

"What do you want to talk about, Zachary?"

First, can I have a cigar with you? I have smoke a cigar one before and want to have one as we talk."

I went in and got a cigar for him. I watched as he clipped the end off. He lit it, taking a few puffs to get it going. Seeing that long cigar in his mouth got me hard.

Zachary said, "Can you shave my head again? This time, I want you to take your time so we can both enjoy it."

"Enjoy it? What do you mean, Zachary?"

Zachary said, "I could tell that when you shaved my head, you were really enjoying it as I could feel your boner rubbing against me as you rinsed my hair after buzzing it off. Also, when you started to shave me, it was more than obvious that you were enjoying it."

"It has been awhile since I had shaved someone. You were so hot looking with the clipper shaved head. Then after shaving your head, that did it. I loved rubbing the smooth skin and the look on your face of approval of my work."

Zachary continued smoking his cigar until it was down to a stub. We put them out. "So now what Zachary?"

He said, "I was hoping you could shave me smooth again."

We went into the house. As soon as we entered the house, Zachary turned around and planted a kiss to my lips. It caught me by surprise.

"What was that all about Zachary?"

He said, " Just want to show you how much I like you and want to thank you for helping shave my head and also making it a little easier to come out as gay to my mom."

'Well, you are welcome. What is with the mustache and goatee?"

He said, "It's something that I want to try and let grow. A change. I think it will look good after it grows out more and darkens in. I think it will also look good with my head shaved."

"So how do you want to do the shaving this time, Zachary?"

He said, "I was hoping you could wash my hair while we shower together. Then you can shave me smooth."

"Shower together? Well, I see that you have thought about this. You know that you have to be naked to take a shower."

He said, "I know. I want to see where it goes."

"Ok." We headed into the bathroom. Zachary helped me take my shirt off. I took off his shirt. He had very little chest hair. His underarms were very hair. There was a nice trail of hair leading from his belly button to his underwear. When he took off his underwear, his pubic hair was like a bush. What he did not have on his chest or face, he made up with pubic hair.

"Wow, Zachary. That's quite the bush you have."

He said, "Thanks. It started early in puberty for me."

Zachary assisted in removing my pants and underwear. He leaned in and gave me another kiss. The smell of cigar on his breath was hot.

He said, "You have no pubic hair."

"I have been shaving my pubes for over 20 years. I love the feel and look of being smooth."

He then noticed that my legs and underarms were also smooth. "You are really smooth. There is no hair to be found."

"That's the way I keep myself."

So we entered the shower. The water ran down both of us. I could tell that he was enjoying that shower and he was now hard. I started to wash his hair. My cock was rubbing against his ass as I scrubbed his head. I could hear him letting out loud sighs as I scrubbed that stubble that had grown. He then turned around and wanted to wash my head. His cock was rubbing against me as he washed my head. I can say that he gave a great wash and rubbing of my smooth head.

He asked, "When do you last shave your head?"

"I did it a couple days ago."

"It feels like sandpaper when I wash it."

"It has grown out to a shadow. I will probably shave it again in a couple days."

Zachary asked, "Can I shave it for you after you shave me?"

"If you want to, sure."

We got out of the shower. He dried me off, especially paying attention to my groin area. I dried him off. Dried off his head and pubic hair. I did manage to also dry his nice tight butt.

I went and got a chair and put it in the bathroom.

"Are you ready Zachary?" He came back and had started another cigar. He said that he wanted to enjoy a cigar as I shaved him.

He sat in the chair with no clothes on. He was still extremely hard as I put the shave gel on his head. He had closed his eyes to enjoy the feeling of me applying the shave gel to his head. As I started to shave his head, he just sat there, occasionally rubbing his hard cock as he enjoy the shaving. I did the back first. He had a beautiful head of smooth skin that was being left behind. I started on the left side of his head. His sideburns went from stubble to smooth skin. He slowly brought his hand up the inside of my thigh until he reached my cock.

Zachary said, "I see that you are also enjoying shaving me. I also like rubbing the smooth skin around your cock. Maybe I will let you do that to me too."

As I continued to shave the side of his head, I asked, "You want me to shave your bush too? I am more that willing to do that for you." He just smiled and sat still as I went to the right side of his head. He told me to stop.

He said, "I want to finish the rest if that is OK."

I handed him the razor. As I did, he pulled me down and we shared another kiss. This time, I could feel his goatee and mustache rub in my neck as he kissed me. Zachary was a great kisser. He left a nice little hickey behind to mark his spot.

"I loved the feel of your goatee and mustached in my neck." He just winked and continued to shave the rest of his head.

Once done, I rub gorgeous smooth shaved head to see if any spots were missed. He had done a great job shaving his head. He then said it was my turn. I sat in the chair and let him have his fun. He took another drag off the cigar he had going. He leaned in and kissed me again. This time, I let his tongue enter my mouth. He was a great kisser, exploring deeper into my mouth. We kissed for what seems like for several minutes.

As he shaved my head, he said that he was glad that we had gotten to know each other over the years after they moved in. He said that he was attracted to me as he loved that I shaved my head. He had always wanted to shave his head, but thought he was too young to be shaved. He said he decided to do it for his eighteenth birthday and hoped I would do it for him. He said again that it was a confidence builder for him. He said he knew he had to tell some one about being gay. He started with his mother. He said that it is a lifestyle that he wants to live, find a great guy to be with, spoil him and be together.

I asked, "Have you found that special guy yet?", as he passed the razor down the center of my head, leaving a smooth stretch of skin.

He said, as he continued to shave my head, "I hope so" and just smiled. The smile said it all....

He said, "I know you are several years older than me, but I hope we can get to know each other more and see where a relationship goes," as he made the last pass with the razor on my head.

He finished shaving my head. He started to rub my head to check to see if any stubble had ben missed. Rubbing my head got him just as hard as he got me while doing it. He did a great job. He took some after shave gel, rub his head first, and then applied some to my head. He accidentally rubbed his cock against my shoulder. Yup, Zachary was fully erect again.

Zachary said, "I really like the changes you have helped me go through." He leaned in and we kissed again. This time it was a long passionate kiss. He reached down and started to rub my cock. I did the same with his. He was huge, at least 8".

He lead me to the bedroom...…… (to be continued)

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