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Joseph part 1 by bald K

Joseph walked out of the college exam room and waited for his friend Noah to join him before walking out of the building and down the path.
"Well that is the end of sixth form mate so you looking forward to going on your apprenticeship for car mechanics?" Noah inquired.
"Yeah mate I am are you still looking at the army?" Joseph replied.
"Yeah depending on exam results will determine what area I go into and you know they do mechanics like you want to." Noah said to Joseph.
"Maria would never let me join up mate." Joseph replied as he pushed his hair back.
"Yeah well you got anything planned for tomorrow night as my cousin is having a party for his 21st birthday?" Noah asked Joseph.
"Count me in mate it will get me out of going to Maria’s family wedding reception for her stuck up Cousin Wayne." Joseph replied. "I will get dad to buy us some beer."
"Great mate get over to mine about six mate and we can get the party started." Noah said as he put his crash helmet on. "You not seeing Maria tonight?"
"Going to make some excuse as she has family over mate see you tomorrow." Joseph grinned.
Joseph watched as Noah pulled out onto the road on his motor bike before getting his phone out and sending Maria a text saying he would not be round that evening as he was not feeling well and struggled to do his exam. "Joseph sighed when he got a message back from Maria reminding him of the wedding reception and on Sunday the family get together he was due to attend and that she was putting blond streaks in his hair the following Saturday. "S**t how am I going to get out of next Saturday as she will not let me cut my hair?" Joseph thought to himself as he got on the bus and headed home.

"Morning Josephine." Taylor said sarcastically as Joseph walked into the kitchen. "Looking forward to your new look next Saturday are we?"
"Shut up bro just as you have your haircut every three weeks so you look good on customer services at the supermarket." Joseph replied as he put some bread in the toaster.
"Thinking of going shorter next time Josephine maybe try a grade two." Taylor Told Joseph.
"Morning you two need a lift to work Taylor?" Gavin inquired.
"Please dad if you could and pick me up at six." Taylor replied.
"Could you drop me off in town please dad and also drop me at Noah’s when you pick Taylor up?" Joseph inquired.
"Of course I can Joseph." Gavin replied.
"Also if I give you some money can you get a couple of crates of Bud for me as I am at a party tonight and Noah said I can stop over." Joseph told Gavin.
"Does Maria know that her boyfriend is on the beer tonight?" Taylor laughed. "Surprised you are not at her family wedding."
"I have to attend the family gathering tomorrow afternoon." Joseph sighed as he ate his toast.
"Don’t know why you don’t finish it and find a decent girl." Taylor told Joseph. "The way she controls you."
"What are you doing in town this morning?" Gavin asked Joseph.
"Meeting up with Shane and probably go to extreme games and play some games." Joseph replied.

Joesph got out of the car and walked down the street where he saw Shane waiting for him.
"Hey mate how is the job hunting going?" Joseph asked Shane.
"Got an interview on Monday mate so I need to get a haircut first if that’s ok with you." Shane replied as they started walking down the street.
"Yeah mate no problem." Joseph replied as Shane pushed open the door to a Turkish barbers.
Joesph and Shane sat down on the waiting bench and watched the three barbers cutting hair. After a few minutes one of the barbers asked who was next and Shane got up and walked over to the chair and sat down as the barber took the money off the boy who he had just finished.
"How would you like it cut sir?" The barber asked Shane as he secured the cape round Shane’s neck.
"I would like the back and sides shaved really high and close to the parting with the top cut to about an inch." Shane replied.
"Is that razor shaved to about here then sir and blended in with the top?" The barber inquired as he ran his finger high up the side of Shane’s head.
Yeah prefect mate." Shane said smiling.
"You next sir?" A barber asked Joseph.
"No I am just here with my mate thank you." Joseph replied.
Joseph watched as Shane’s barber picked up the clippers and removed the guard that was on them and switched them on. Joseph watched as the barber ran the clippers up the right side of Shane’s head depositing three inches of light brown hair into the cape.
"Jesus mate that’s really short." Joseph thought to himself as the barber carried on shaving the side of Shane’s head before moving to the back and then the other side just leaving about six inches of hair on top of Shane’s head. Joseph carried on watching as the barber dampened the hair on top of Shane’s head before confirming that he wanted it taken down to about an inch. Shane nodded and the barber quickly cut the top down to an inch. The barber then wrapped a hot towel round Shan’s head leaving it for a few minutes as he worked up a lather in a shaving bowl. Removing the towel the barber spread the shaving soap around the back and sides of Shane’s head before inserting a new blade into his razor and started to shave the back and sides of Shane’s head leaving bare white skin.
The barber repeated the shaving before doing the final blending in of Shane’s hair before removing the cape and showing Shane the back and sides of his now shaved head.
"Perfect mate thanks a lot." Shane said to the barber as he stood up and rubbed the back of his head before paying the barber.
"Wow man you look so different mate!" Joseph said as he felt the back of Shane’s head.
"Yeah I wanted it like this for a while but now I have the perfect excuse as I am joining the army reserves mate." Shane Told Joseph. "Why not join up with me it would give you an excuse to crop the mop."
"Maria outdoor not allow it mate." Joseph replied thinking how good Shane’s haircut was. "Let’s go and do some gaming.

"Thanks for the lift dad I will see you tomorrow sometime." Joseph said as he got the beer out of the back of the car.
"No problem son just let me know if you need picking up." Gavin replied.
"Yeah I will dad thanks." Joseph said as he closed the door.
Joseph walked up the path and rang Noah’s doorbell and waited for Noah to answer the door.
"Hey hippy come on in I will be a couple of minutes and then we can go to Scott’s party." Noah said to Joseph.
"Very funny blondie." Joseph replied as he walked in and sat down in the lounge.
"Ready then hippy?" Noah said as he walked into the lounge a few minutes later.
"Wow that is not your usual party gear mate." Joseph said as he saw the polo shirt and braces Noah was wearing.
"Nah mate come on I got something to get done before the party hippy." Noah told Joseph.
"Oh ok then mate." Joseph replied as he picked up the case of beer and followed Noah.
Joseph and Noah walked the short distance to his cousins home and walked down the side of the house into the back garden where Scott his cousin was with a couple of young men. The one thing Joseph noticed was that the three of them had little or no hair on their heads.
"Hey cuz welcome to the party and you must be his mate Joseph." Scott said as he walked over.
"Thanks for the invite Scott." Joseph said handing him the crate of beer.
"Cheers for the beer mate now Noah you still going through with it?" Scott asked Noah.
"Yeah I am cuz it is a pity the boots have not arrived like amazon promised." Noah replied.
"What’s going on mate?" Joseph asked Noah with a confused look on his face.
"You will find out in a minute mate." Noah replied with a grin on his face.
"Take a seat then cuz." Scott said as he put a chair on the grass.
Noah sat down on the chair and Scott opened a metal box containing clippers and a plastic cape.
"S**t Noah is going to get a skinhead!" Joseph thought to himself as another skinhead rolled out an extension lead from the kitchen.
"All off then cuz or you chickening yo a s**t grade one?" Scott said as he plugged the clippers in.
"All off cuz make me smooth like you and Tommy." Noah replied confidently.
Joseph stood and watched as Scott placed the clippers at the centre of Noah’s head and pushed the clippers through Noah’s blond hair leaving a strip of stubble on Noah’s head.
"No going back now then cuz." Noah said to Scott with a smile on his face.
"Skinhead boy Noah." Scott laughed as he continued to shave Noah’s head.
"Jesus that is two of me mates who have had real short haircuts today." Joseph thought to myself as Scott shaved the back of Noah’s head.
A few minutes later Scott switched the clippers off and ran his hands over the minute stubble that was left on Noah’s head before picking up another machine.
"Got these now cuz it’s called a skull shaver and will finish off the shave real good." Scott told Noah as he switched them on and started to run them over Noah’s skull.
"Love the feeling of these cuz." Noah purred as he felt the last remnants of his hair being removed.
"You next in the chair mate?" Scott asked Joseph as he finished off shaving Noah’s head and switching the skull shaver off.
"No thanks Scott I love my hair to much." Joseph replied as he thought how good Noah looked with his shaved head.
"What he means is Maria his girl would not allow him to have short hair and she is putting blond streaks in it next weekend." Noah told Scott as he stood up rubbing his bald head.
"It’s what I want mate." Joseph lied wishing he had the guts to go behind Maria’s back and getting his haircut short.
"Yeah well let’s get on the beer now then mate." Noah said handing Joseph a bottle of beer. "Have a feel of my baldie mate."
"Shane had the back and sides of is head shaved like that this morning mate, it feels awesome." Joseph replied.
"Then go for it mate, Maria cannot stick hair back on you." Noah told Joseph.

"Mind if I sit next to you?" A young girl with cropped hair asked Joseph.
"Be nice to have somebody to talk to as Noah has gone AWOL." Joseph replied. "Like the cropped hair on you makes you look sexy."
"Thanks, I am Tina by the way and you should think about the cropped look with your facial features." Tina said to Joseph.
"My girl would not like it if I had a short haircut." Joseph sighed. "I am Joseph by the way.
"Nice to meet you Joseph." Tina said as she sat next to him and put her arms around him. "Man or mouse Joe? You should think of yourself more." Tina continued as she gave Joseph a kiss on the cheek.
"I know but well you know." Joseph sighed as he kissed Tina.
"Why not talk about it more in private at my place?" Tina suggested to Joseph. "It’s not like you would be missed."
"Yeah ok I would like that." Joseph replied as he finished his beer and stood up. "I will let Scott know so he can tell Noah."
"Ok Joe but be quick." Tina replied smiling.
"Hey Scott thanks for the evening but I am going to head off if you can let Noh know as he seems to have gone." Joseph said.
"No problem mate and the skull shaver will still be here for you when you decide to go skin." Scott replied.
"Yeah whatever." Joseph replied with a nervous grin before walking back over to Tina.
"My car is just outside Joe." Tina said. "I cannot drink due to an infection and I am on tablets and working tomorrow."
"Where do you work?" Joseph inquired.
"C21 tattoo studio I am a trainee tattooist." Tina told Joseph as they got in the car and drove off.
"I would love a tattoo when I am eighteen in a few weeks." Joseph said. "But Maria would not allow it.
"Sounds like this Maria is a control freak Joe you need to fight back." Tina told Joseph.
"Yeah but I guess I love her." Joseph sighed as they pulled up outside Tina’s house.
"Oh good my housemate is out so just me and you Joe." Tina smiled as she opened the front door.
Tina opened the front door and Joseph followed her in and up the stairs to her bedroom. Tina flicked the light switch and Joseph looked round and saw clippers on her dressing table with the grade two guard on it.
"You have a number two crop?" Joseph inquired as he looked at the clippers.
"Down to a one in summer." Tina replied as she took the clippers off Joseph and pulled him to her and started kissing him passionately.
To his surprise Joseph did pull away and put his arms round here and rubbed her cropped hair before falling onto the bed with her. Before Joe realised he started to strip off his shirt and trousers helping Tina strip off.
"Back in a minute my long haired lover." Tina winked. "Now close your eyes I got something for you."
Joseph laid back on the bed and closed his eyes and felt Tina climb on top of him pulling his arms above his head and snapping handcuffs on his wrist through the bedpost.
"WHAT THE!" Joseph shouted out as he pulled on the handcuffs.
"Oh come on sexy don’t say you don’t want me." Tina grinned as she removed her top revealing her breasts.
"It was just the shock of being cuffed you see when I was with Maria we had to have the door open and I was never allowed to stay." Joseph said as he felt his cock stiffen up.
"Time to break you then." Tina grinned as she got a beard trimmer out of a drawer. "I prefer my lovers to have smooth pubes Tina told Joseph as she started to shave his pubes off.
"Oh my god I am so in trouble." Joseph thought as he felt the shaver remove his pubes and his cock get harder.
Finishing his pubes Tian went to the drawer and got a condom out and removed the wrapper before sliding it over Joseph’s cock and positioned herself letting Joseph’s protected cock slide inside her.
"Oh yes!" Joseph shouted as he felt Tina slide up and down his cock. "I so want you Tina!" Joseph shouted.
Tian giggled as she felt Joseph climax and shoot his load into the condom. Withdrawing Tina removed the condom and went into the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet.
"Not a virgin now are you Joe." Tina laughed as he fell on top of him and started to kiss him passionately gain.
"I want you Tina I don’t want Maria anymore." Joseph said as Tina removed the cuffs and laid down next to him before turning the light out.

"Morning my long haired lover." Tina said as she kissed Joseph.
"Er yeah hi last night was great." Joseph replied sleepily rubbing his eyes.
"So was it the drink or do you want me now and not Maria?" Tina inquired as she slipped a dressing gown on.
"No I want you Tina I want to be a new me." Joseph replied as he sat up.
"A new boy Joe yes?" Tina asked Joseph as she got back on the bed and pushed him down and started kissing him.
"Yes a new Joe I want the old Joseph out of my life." Joseph replied kissing Tina.
"No going back new boy Joe?" Tina inquired as she ran her hands through his long hair
"No going back." Joseph replied feeling his cock getting hard again. "I have never felt so alive since meeting you even though it has only been one night."
"New start right here right now then Joe?" Tina asked Joe as she rolled over and got out of bed.
"Yes right here and now." Joseph replied as Tina pulled him out of the bed and over to the dressing table where she sat him down.
"Tell me to do it then Joe, tell me to buzz your hair down so it is like mine." Tina told Joseph as she picked up the clippers.
"Do it Tina give me a grade two crop like yours I have wanted it ever since I met you last night." Joseph replied feeling his heart pounding.
Tina ran a brush through Joseph’s long hair before flicking the switch on the clippers and pushed Josephs head down and placed the clippers at the base of Joseph’s neck.
"Do it Tina make me like you." Joseph said as he mouth went dry.
Joseph felt the clippers slide up the back of his head and felt his cock getting hard again as he saw over twelve inches of hair fall onto his cock.
"No going back now lover boy." Tina whispered in Joseph’s ear as she made a second pass up the back of Joseph’s head depositing more hair into his lap.
"No, no going back." Joseph replied as he picked up a pile of his hair and looked at it before putting it back on his lap.
Joseph watched as Tina removed the long hair from the right side of his head exposing his ear before moving round and doing the left side.
"First time I have seen all my ears exposed for a while." Joseph told Tina as she positioned the clippers at the centre of Joseph’s forehead.
Joseph watched as the clippers mowed a path down the centre of his forehead and a mound of hair fell to the floor. After a few more passes Tina switched the clippers off and tidied up round the ears and the back of Joseph’s head with the beard trimmer.
"Well Joe my new cropped lover how do you like you new haircut?" Tina inquired.
"I love it!" Joe exclaimed as he rubbed his head.
"Time to get you cleaned up then." Tina told Joseph as she led him to the bathroom.

Joseph dressed and dried his now cropped hairstyle before walking into the kitchen where Tina was cooking them some breakfast as Joseph’s phone bleeped saying there was a message waiting. Opening the message Joseph groaned when he saw it was from Maria reminding him to be at her place for two pm for the family get together.
"Everything ok Joe baby?" Tina inquired.
"Maria has just reminded me about this afternoon." Joe sighed.
"Want me to come with you?" Tina asked Joseph.
"No I better do this by myself." Joseph replied as he poured himself a glass of fruit juice. "You have work to go to as well."
"What time you got to be there?" Tina asked Joseph.
"Two this afternoon so I may go home first and get changed." Joseph replied.
"I will drop you off then and we can arrange our next date." Tina said as she handed Joseph a bacon sandwich. "You could borrow some of James’ gear if you wanted go looking skinhead?"
"Yeah, why not." Joseph replied with a grin.

To be continued

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