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From bad to bald by Dave0000

Hello! This is my first time writing here after enjoying many stories.

To give context this was during the winter of my freshman year in high school so I was around 13 to 14 at the time. I've also had a hair fetish ever since I was a kid but never went through with it because I had school and was afraid of being picked on.

This all started when I realized I needed a haircut because my hair was getting too long. I looked at the amount I had and I decided to go to the barbershop and get my usual haircut which is a 2 on the sides and the top cut and combed to the side. I noticed however that my usual barber wasn't there that day but I decided to stay despite his absence. In fact the whole barbershop was me, a barber I have never seen before, and this guy getting a haircut when I walked in. When the barber called me up I told him how to cut my hair but he must have not understood me because when he was finished, I had way too much hair on the top. I said, "He usually uses the clippers on the top to-" and without warning he passed the clippers with a number 2 guard over the top of my head. While it was a bit on the side, there was no way I was getting my usual haircut. In my mind I was thinking "This is it, my dreams of getting shaved are coming true!" Quickly thinking I told him, "Just take it all off, but take off the guard, actually, just shave my head bald." And as he took off the guard my heart started pounding, and my hands were getting sweaty. I finally knew how it felt to have the clippers glide all over my head after so long of wanting to be bald. It felt so good as the hair I once had fell to the ground all while the only thing I could hear was buzzing around my head. After he was done with the clippers he took the cape off and went to get the straight razor and lather. As he was getting it I touched my head and I can't explain the amount of pleasure I got rubbing my sandpapery head. He finished shaving me with the razor and as I looked in the mirror I got my first look at my new head. I gave him a big tip just because he was able to do this for me. When I went to school the day after our break was over I just told everybody "Yeah it was some bet" all day people would rub my head and I wouldn't mind because of how much I loved it. I don't know when the next time I'll shave my head will be, but one thing I know is that I'm for sure doing it.

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